Qualification Passed Clair FY2020 Certified Public Accountant Short-answer Examination Announcement of publication of solution bulletin

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[FY2020 Certified Public Accountant Short-answer Examination] Announcement of publication of solution bulletin
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Crear Co., Ltd., which develops web communication courses with the super-efficient learning method “Insane Passing Method” as a learning concept, announced the “Reiwa 5th Certified Public Accountant Examination (Second II short answer type)” is posted on the HP.
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[May 2023] Preliminary answer report for CPA short-answer exam  Crear Co., Ltd. has posted the answer bulletin for the 2020 Certified Public Accountant Examination (2nd short-answer type) on its website. You can check the answer bulletin on the PDF data for each subject. -Certified Public Accountant Exam Answer Bulletin-
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