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Radiotalk, a character “Comment AI” that excites live distribution appears only on May 5th

Radiotalk/Radio Talk Co., Ltd.
Radiotalk, a character “Comment AI” that excites live distribution appears only on May 5th
-Making the chat entertainment space even more comfortable by “playing with comments” in line with the flow of the story-

Radiotalk Co., Ltd. will release a “comment AI” that will grasp the flow of the talk and comment on “Radiotalk”, which allows anyone to start broadcasting “audio only” right now, only on May 5th. . The first character adopted for the “Comment AI” that will be installed on May 5th is an innocent and kind “AI child” who loves the streamer. You can make small talk with him, or use him as your playmate.
Development background
Radiotalk is a smartphone app that allows anyone to start their own “radio program” right now. You can broadcast live in real time while reading comments and news from listeners. Two-way distribution involving listeners is popular because listeners can be invited as guests and multiple people can talk.
In response to this trend, people began to enjoy “talks that read out listeners’ comments and make them interesting”. After interviewing various broadcasters on Radiotalk, handling comments is one of the pleasures of broadcasting. We are continuing to consider a mechanism that will make it easier for listeners to comment.
On the other hand, even if the amount of comments increases, the proliferation of “copy and paste sentences (character strings copied from somewhere)” can make it difficult to read out the comments you want to read. There is also the problem that simple “comment bots” consisting of prepared answers change the course of the story unnecessarily.
Therefore, at Radiotalk, we focused on increasing “comments that follow the flow of the story” and decided to introduce “AI that listens to the story and comments in context”. “AI child” commented as the first beta version has the following two purposes. ■ Let people who have just started streaming and have few listeners know the fun of handling comments and talking.
■ For those who are accustomed to distribution, enjoy interacting with AI, which is different from human listeners.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] How to publish the beta version of “Comment AI”
■ How to use “Comment AI” On May 5, 2023 (Children’s Day), on the app Radiotalk, live streaming with a distribution title that includes “AI Children” somewhere will create a character that uses comment AI. One “AI child” will appear in the comment section.
Click here to download the app “Radiotalk” (
[Image 2:×240.png] ■ Characters equipped with “Comment AI” The first beta version is a “AI child” with a gentle personality who is loved by Radiotalk broadcasters and listeners. He often innocently asks questions about things that interest him. I’m studying how to read the atmosphere. About Radiotalk
Radiotalk’s mission is to make talking fun, and we will continue to make use of AI and other technological advances to make talking fun for everyone. This time, by conducting a beta version, we will analyze usage trends and actively introduce a mechanism that accelerates talk as entertainment.