Rakuten Payment, Inc. Rakuten Payment Holds First Parent-Child Cashless Class for Lower Elementary School Students

Rakuten Payment, Inc.
Rakuten Payment Holds First Parent-Child Cashless Class for Lower Elementary School Students
~ Cashless experience is also implemented at the actual store! Some parents said, “The contents were easy for children to understand” and “I was satisfied with the fact that my children were able to think for themselves while shopping and paying.”

Rakuten Payment Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Rakuten Payment”) held a “Let’s Learn Cashless Classes for Parents and Children” on Sunday, April 16th.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/57042/338/resize/d57042-338-201bd0441120f9846b7a-0.jpg&s3=57042-338-cc1cbe9ce5a8f4af8d06ec1229a318ad-2190×1199.jpg] ■ About “Original Survey on Children’s Cashless Education”
Prior to holding this course, Rakuten Payment conducted an “original survey on children’s cashless education” online on January 18, 2023 (Wednesday). This survey was also conducted in 2020, and was surveyed along with the trends in responses over the past three years. As a result, we have come to understand the shift in awareness towards cashless education.
First, in response to the question, “Are you worried about letting your child use various cashless payment services?” 82%, down to 52% in this survey. It was found that the number of guardians who are worried has decreased to half, partly due to the topic of cashless payment. In addition, to the question, “Do you think your child understands the structure and management of money, including cashless payments?” % or more, in this survey, more than 70% of the respondents answered that they “understand”. I know it’s going up.
■ “Let’s learn about cashless payments for parents and children” on the day This class is aimed at 6- to 8-year-olds, with basic knowledge of “what is cashless?” and a simple quiz about familiar cashless payments. , Shopping experience using an actual convenience store, etc., along with various themes related to cashless.
On the day of the event, 13 pairs of parents and children
participated, and the children enthusiastically listened to the cashless explanation and actively raised their hands to answer the instructor’s questions, creating a lively atmosphere from beginning to end.
Also, in the actual convenience store shopping experience, the children experienced paying with the electronic money “Rakuten Edy” for the first time. When they saw how they could purchase products just by holding the Rakuten Edy card over the payment terminal, it was a big hit, with comments such as, “It’s fun to be able to shop just by touching it” and “It’s simple and easy.”
In addition, we held a cashless mini course for parents between cashless classes. Using Rakuten’s own survey data, he explained the convenience and safety of “Rakuten Edy”, “why cashless education is necessary now” and “how to improve children’s money literacy”. ■ Voices from parents who participated in the event (excerpt)
・I’m glad that you mentioned not only the advantages but also the disadvantages. ・It was easy for children to understand.
・It was easy to understand what cashless payment for children is like. ・Since my parents usually pay the bill, I was satisfied because I was able to think for myself while shopping and paying.
 Rakuten Payment will continue to improve its services and implement various initiatives in order to provide users with a more profitable and more convenient payment experience. [Summary of Survey on Cashless and Cashless Education] Survey area: Nationwide Survey target: Women with children aged 12 to 18 Collected sample: 1,000 samples Survey period: January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) Survey Executing agency: Rakuten Payment, Inc.
[Reference: “Survey on cashless and cashless education” *partial excerpt]
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/57042/338/resize/d57042-338-73ef96c3b1861e0b1df1-1.jpg&s3=57042-338-801d498fe82b72a36d726356a6ae25e2-1048×536.jpg]
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/57042/338/resize/d57042-338-2c24014a9e44293df00c-1.jpg&s3=57042-338-ea523fe5808eae07fafb58cd747f9501-1048×536.jpg]
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/57042/338/resize/d57042-338-4099de8194f537713c1f-3.jpg&s3=57042-338-d21a615e4afaf909e7d4f0044796e989-1048×536.jpg] [Overview of event]
■ Event name: “Let’s learn cashless classes for parents and children” sponsored by Rakuten Payment
Date: April 16, 2023 (Sun) 14:00-15:30
■Venue: Rakuten Crimson House ■Contents: Mini quiz for children, shopping experience, cashless mini course for parents [About Rakuten Payment Co., Ltd.] Rakuten Payment Co., Ltd. is a Rakuten Group company with a focus on payment and marketing. Established in April 2019 as a company that develops services. Currently, we operate services such as “Rakuten Pay (payment at physical stores)”, “Rakuten Pay (app payment)”, “Rakuten Point Card”, “Rakuten Edy”, and “Rakuten Check”. We provide friendly, convenient, and safe payment services to our customers, and offer a wide range of payment services tailored to the industry and business category of our merchants, as well as business support through marketing programs that utilize data. https://payment.rakuten.co.jp/
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