Rakuten Shopping Marathon 50% off campaign for 374 Discover e-book titles

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd.
[Rakuten Shopping Marathon] 50% off campaign for 374 Discover e-book titles
Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Naomi Taniguchi) will sell 374 Discover e-book titles on Rakuten Kobo from May 5 to May 16, 2022 at 50%. We are holding a discount campaign that will be off.
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Rakuten shopping marathon now being held!
From May 5th, we are holding a discount campaign where 374 Discover e-book titles are 50% off at the shopping marathon being held at Rakuten kobo. It covers a wide range of genres, from classic business books to practical books and novels.
[Campaign overview]
Bookstore: Rakuten Kobo
Period: Friday, May 5, 2022 to Tuesday, May 16, 2022
Discount rate: 50%
Target score: 374 points
Pick up recommended books!
1. “Super translation self-reflection essential version to live better”
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/18193/1093/resize/d18193-1093-e01bff20929de0a70d3b-1.png&s3=18193-1093-0dcf4abafc24db0fe449a56cc584b0b8-970×600.png] It is a topic even in that drama decided to be made into a movie! The masterpiece “Self-reflection” that has been read by leaders around the world for 2000 years
“Self-reflection” has been loved by top leaders around the world. It is said that Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned in South Africa fighting racist apartheid, repeatedly read the “self-reflections” that were placed in prison.
Former US President Bill Clinton was also a favorite reader. In an interview, he said that he rereads the book at least once a year even after he leaves office.
In addition, the Stoic philosophy including “Self-reviews”
・ Attitude to concentrate on oneself without being swayed by others ・The habit of creating a self-control mindset toward a goal
is popular with entrepreneurs and athletes in Silicon Valley, and beyond the time of 2000, the life lesson of Marcus Aurelius, a philosopher and Roman emperor, continues to resonate in the hearts of today’s leaders. increase.
We will deliver a super translation of the life lesson
“self-reflection” by the Roman emperor, which is loved by leaders of such countries and is also attracting the attention of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.
▼ Click here to purchase
https://books.rakuten.co.jp/rk/0fdeebf413e536dca696672748aa1cc1/ 2. “One per week. The habit of moving the body of people who are always in good shape The habit of resting”
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/18193/1093/resize/d18193-1093-7121c5e0379ae5811be2-2.png&s3=18193-1093-e54e980a9a54902f189ae6bd6b800d9a-970×600.png] In this book, we will talk in detail about the state of the body for each season and month, and introduce one recommended habit of “exercising” and “resting” each week.
The author, Tomoyo Suzuki, is an oriental medicine researcher and director of an acupuncture and moxibustion clinic that receives more than 3,000 patients annually.
Based on the theory of oriental medicine and what the author usually talks to patients, this book focuses on the balance between “moving” and “resting” the body, and proposes the best way to spend each season, month, and week. To do.
In this book, the habit of “moving” the body is not only exercise and stretching, but also eating, pushing points, and spending tips to make it easier to move the body and perform daily activities. Habits to “rest” the body are sleep and relaxation, as well as diet, pressure points, and tips on how to spend time to calm the mind and calm the troubles of the body.
This is a book that helps you build a healthy body with a little ingenuity such as daily meals, light stretching, and pressure points. ▼ Click here to purchase

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