REGIE Co., Ltd. New career & lifestyle magazine for nurses Crowdfunding will start on Friday, May 26, 2023

REGIE Co., Ltd.
New Career & Lifestyle Magazine for Nurses Crowdfunding will start on Friday, May 26, 2023
I want to prevent nurses’ career worries from being spurred by the classification of the new coronavirus as a class 5 infectious disease
REGIE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kazuki Fujimoto) will be working from May 26th (Friday) to June 10th (Saturday) for the publication of a career and lifestyle magazine for nurses. The project has started on the crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE”.
[Image 1:×800.jpg] ■ Background to publication of Career & Lifestyle magazine for nurses In 2019, a new type of coronavirus infection spread around the world, and the turnover of nurses became conspicuous. In addition, from May 8, 2023, related work will decrease due to the classification as a category 5 infectious disease. Nurses working in vaccines, medical hotels, call centers, etc. are increasingly worried about how to work and where to change jobs.
According to a nationwide survey of nurses conducted by the REGIE editorial department last year (total of 894 people), more than 30% of them felt uneasy about their careers, and only 30% of them dealt with it, which also affects the high turnover rate. It became clear. This time, the industry’s first career and lifestyle magazine for nurses will focus on nurses who have a “satisfactory career” in the medical industry while allocating a lot of time to work, and who have moved to other industries. A nurse influencer who has appeared, and has various projects based on their experiences. In addition to careers, we also have beauty plans and self-management plans that are close to the lifestyle of nurses, and there are many plans that nurses want to know.
■ Career & lifestyle magazine content for nurses (* excerpt) The concept is to broaden the perspective from “worrying vaguely” to “thinking concretely”, knowing the options, and creating a future for yourself.
☑ Career interview
☑ What is a nurse mom’s second career?
☑ Meal menus and exercise methods that can be incorporated into the irregular daily life of nurses
☑ Gift planning, etc.
■ Comment from editor-in-chief Miho Itokazu
[Image 2:×1109.jpg] “Take care of yourself first”
These are the values ​​we hold dear.
When I was a nurse, I had to endure a lot while telling myself that it was for the sake of the patient in front of me.
It was the same with my friends, colleagues, and seniors during my nursing school days.
I studied to get a nursing qualification, and then became a nurse as a matter of course.
“I’ve worked hard to become a nurse, so maybe I’m no good if I’m not a nurse.” “Even if I have an interest in an area, I don’t know what to do. “I want to gain experience in various places in order to grow as a nurse, but I’m afraid to go out.”
If you notice, I had a lot of such trouble consultation.
Because of the great sense of mission of the profession of a “nurse” who cares about patients,
I felt that the priority of working happily as a human being was lowered. “I want to work for myself first, rather than working for someone else.” With that in mind, I took the plunge and decided to change jobs as much as I could while making the most of my experience as a nurse. I started working at a company called REGIE Co., Ltd. to support the careers of nurses.
A person who cares for others “first” makes a choice that makes himself happy. I think that there is a patient’s smile ahead of it.
through this magazine
“Take care of yourself first”, then “What kind of career do you want to follow?” I want it to be an opportunity to think about.
■ Project overview
Project name: Change the way nurses work! A new career and lifestyle magazine created by 1,000 nurses
Period: Friday, May 26, 2023 to Saturday, June 10, 2023
URL: ■ Return contents
(1) “First in the medical industry! 1 New Career & Lifestyle Magazine + [Crowdfunding Limited] Clear File Set *We also have 5-volume and 10-volume sets. ¥1,000~
(2) [Invitation to publication commemorative event] Limited to 10 people Invited to a publication commemorative event held at a hotel in Tokyo!
(3) [For companies] Sponsorship of the June publication commemorative event ¥100,000
■ About REGIE Co., Ltd.
[Image 3:×320.png] Based on the corporate philosophy of “supporting the wishes of medical professionals”
“I want my loved ones to be themselves and smile.”
In order to fulfill the wishes of “everyone”, we continue to think about the happiness of those who are important to us above all else. We provide services that support the wishes of medical professionals more than anyone else.
[Business description]
A personal career training service specialized for nurses. Based on the concept of leading a “shining career” that only you can walk, we will conduct training to become an active nurse. The training is completely individualized and two types of courses are available. ・Kantama Note
Web media for nursing students by nursing students. For all students (university students, vocational school students, high school students) aiming to become a nurse nationwide, information that will give them an opportunity to think about their future careers so that they can experience various ways of living and working that make use of their qualifications. is sending
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