Renaissance Co., Ltd. “Gym & Studio HOTUS” supervised by Renaissance will open on May 28 in Koshimizu-cho, Hokkaido, with a population of about 4,500!

Renaissance Co., Ltd.
“Jim & Studio HOTUS” supervised by Renaissance will open on May 28 in Koshimizu-cho, Hokkaido, with a population of about 4,500!
~Over 250 pre-registrations~

Renaissance Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Toshiharu Okamoto, hereinafter “our company”), which has 210 sports clubs nationwide, has a disaster prevention base complex new government building in Koshimizu-cho, Hokkaido. I am participating in the opening of “Watashino” as a general planning supervisor. The fitness gym “Gym & Studio HOTUS”, which I supervised at the same time, will open on May 28, 2023 (Sunday) in the form of being attached to the lively space of “Watashino”. The number of advance applications has already exceeded about 250 people in a town with a population of about 4,500.
[Image 1:×365.jpg] [Further promotion of “public-private partnership” required of local governments]
In response to the major challenges facing Japan, such as rapid population decline and super-aging, many local governments are promoting further public-private partnerships so that each region can create an autonomous and sustainable society that makes the most of its own characteristics. We sought.
 Koshimizu Town, Hokkaido is located in the northeastern part of Hokkaido, and is surrounded by the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and Shiretoko, a World Natural Heritage site.

Koshimizu Town has pledged to “regenerate the community” and “regenerate regional ties” and is actively working on public-private partnerships. We are actively working to attract outdoor goods brand stores and convenience stores in the Hokkaido area to improve convenience for local residents.
In December 2020, we signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Koshimizu Town on community development that leads to the future, and through efforts such as dispatching specialists with knowledge of health promotion and exercise guidance, We have been working with public-private partnerships to support the control of medical expenses and the creation of communities.
[Supervision of a new fitness gym in Koshimizu-cho, Hokkaido, with a population of about 4,500, and the number of pre-registrants exceeded about 250]
Under such circumstances, we are participating as a partner company in the opening of a new project in Koshimizu Town, a new disaster prevention base complex government building “Watashino”. )” was supervised.

 Since April, when pre-registration was solicited, about 100 people have registered in a week, and as of May 19, about 250 people have registered, representing an application rate of about 5% of the population.

 Out of about 30 applicants for the management staff, 6 people are migrants to Koshimizu Town, and attention is increasing both inside and outside the town.
[Origin and characteristics of the facility name “HOTUS”]
The concept is “a place that makes us (users, townspeople, and Koshimizu-cho as a whole) feel warm and relieved.”
[Image 2:×520.png] With a full range of the latest machines, a wide variety of studio programs, and a hot studio introduced for the first time in the region, it is a facility that can be used in any way by anyone, whether they want to use it casually or those who want to train hard.
[Image 3:×433.png] image of studio program
[Image 4:×433.png] image of hot studio
In addition, the “Hottas” shower and exercise space can be used as a temporary evacuation site in the event of a disaster.
From the townspeople, “Such a wonderful facility in Koshimizu Town! It’s exciting just to come.” There are voices such as “The aerobic machine is connected to the Internet, so I want to come to Hottas and check the videos I want to watch while exercising.”
[Details of “Gym & Studio HOTUS”]
[Table 2: ]
[About Koshimizu Town Disaster Prevention Base Complex Government Building “Watashino”]
“Watashino” is a base for community revitalization and disaster prevention that works through public-private partnerships, aiming to “create a place to stay in times of daily life and disasters, and create a lively and sustainable town.”
 The concept of “phase-free*1” has been introduced, and it will also function as a disaster prevention base in the event of a disaster. The usual bustling place of relaxation transforms into a place where the townspeople can feel safe and secure in the event of a disaster.
[Image 5:×406.jpg]
[Image 6:×256.jpg] URL:
*1 Phase-free: Two phases, normal and emergency, are free. The idea that the things and services around us can be used not only in everyday life but also in emergencies (Source: Phase Free Association)
【the next deployment】
In preparation for the 2040 problem of an increase in the number of elderly people and a decrease in the labor force, it is necessary to take measures to extend healthy life expectancy in the future. There are also concerns about the difficulty of maintaining, managing, and renewing aging infrastructure, and it is expected that public-private partnerships will continue to advance.

 We will continue to understand the issues and needs of the region and support the creation of an attractive city centered on health. If you would like more detailed information on this matter, we are always accepting requests for interviews from the media, so please feel free to contact us.
【Company Profile】
Trade name: Renaissance Co., Ltd.
Location: Ryogoku City Core 3F, 2-10-14 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0026 URL:
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