Review of personnel strategy A management consultant from Funai Soken Logistics will give a lecture at a personnel strategy seminar for transportation and logistics companies (sponsored by Busicon Next Co., Ltd.)

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[Review of personnel strategy] A management consultant from Funai Soken Logistics will give a lecture at a personnel strategy seminar for transportation and logistics companies (sponsored by Busicon Next Co., Ltd.)

Management consultant lecture information of Funai Soken Logistics Co., Ltd. (Tokyo head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Shigehiro Suga, hereinafter “Funai Soken Logistics”), which provides logistics and logistics consulting services.
On May 25, 2023 (Thursday), at the “Logistics Company Personnel Strategy Seminar” hosted by Busicon Next Co., Ltd., we will tell you about the personnel strategy of a transportation and logistics company that solves the shortage of human resources.
[Image:×1326.jpg] The logistics industry is now busy dealing with the “2024 problem”. 2019: Obligation to take five days off per year
2020: The statute of limitations for claiming unpaid wages will be extended from 2 years to 3 years (scheduled to be extended to 5 years in 2025)
2023: SMEs will also raise the overtime premium rate for more than 60 hours per month from 25% to 50%
2024: Upper limit of overtime work for automobile driving (960 hours per year) Revisions to various labor standards laws are accelerating work style reforms. In the logistics industry, which is a labor-intensive industry, the impact on management is enormous, and there is a clear distinction between companies that can respond and those that cannot. In addition to strengthening labor management, increase
recruitment/development/retention rate of human resources, negotiate with shippers (increase freight rates/improve conditions), strengthen marketing/sales, strengthen external operations such as cooperating companies/transportation network, improve productivity by promoting digitalization, etc. However, the highest priority is to secure excellent human resources.
In this seminar, we will tell you about how to recruit, develop and retain excellent human resources, and the personnel strategy of logistics companies.
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Recommended for managers who have such troubles
・If long working hours are corrected, sales and salaries will decrease, and employees will quit their jobs!・People don’t gather even if you recruit! Even if you hire me, I will quit immediately!・But I can’t raise my salary, so I can’t collect applications!・The average age of employees is high, and I’m worried about the next few years! I want young people to come, but I don’t think our company has that kind of appeal!・I want to get rid of the 3K image and create a company where employees can work lively.
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Course content
● Lecture 1: “Personnel Strategy of a Logistics Company to Solve the Shortage of Human Resources” Lecturer: Nobuaki Mimura Team Leader, Funai Soken Logistics Co., Ltd.
●Second lecture: “How to increase employee retention rate and loyalty” Lecturer: Mr. Mitsuru Ishii, Business Consulting Team, BusinessConnext Co., Ltd.
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Overview of the event
[Table 2: ]
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Company introduction
About Funai Soken Logistics One of Japan’s largest comprehensive logistics consulting companies that consistently supports the formulation and execution of strategies and tactics in the field of logistics and logistics. Based on a wealth of experience in supporting both shippers and logistics companies, we provide practical consulting that solves customer issues at the essential level. We provide one-stop “logistics solutions” that customers need, based on four axes: consulting, community, network, and database. Company Profile Headquarters: 22nd Floor, Nippon Life Marunouchi Building, 1-6-6 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 (Tokyo Headquarters)
Representative: Shigehiro Suga, Representative Director Established: May 10, 2000 Capital: 98 million yen TEL: 0120-659-456 MAIL: WEB:
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