RoomClip Co., Ltd. RoomClip and Reform Sangyo Shimbun jointly launch a “Favorite Life x Renovation” projec t

Room Clip Co., Ltd.
RoomClip and the Reform Sangyo Shimbun jointly launch the “Favorite Life x Renovation” project
13 companies, including Panasonic, LIXIL, YKK AP, Sankyo Aluminum, and Daiken Kogyo Co., Ltd., will publish the first renovation proposal catalog in July 2023.

Room Clip Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masahiko Takashige) is one of Japan’s largest social platforms specializing in the area of ​​living and living, which is the service provided by RoomClip. , Reform Sangyo Shimbun (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Kojiro Karan, hereinafter referred to as Reform Sangyo Shimbun), a project to promote remodeling in collaboration with “Favorite Life x Renovation” (hereinafter referred to as this project). . As the first step, with the support of 13 companies, we will publish a catalog in July 2023 that proposes renovations based on examples of your favorite lifestyle.
[Image 1:×945.png] Background of the start of the project
The way people live is becoming more diverse due to changes in household composition, individual optimization of information distribution due to the rise of smartphones and SNS, and the establishment of the new normal due to the corona crisis.
Under our mission of “supporting creativity in everyday life,” we believe that remodeling will play an important role in supporting the diversifying lifestyles of consumers.
However, the renovation market, which had attracted attention as the center of the housing market, has remained flat for more than 10 years, and investment in renovation continues to be low
[Image 2:×720.jpg] We focused on the fact that the majority of current consumers’ renovations start with “repair”, and that the market has not been formed in the context of “making life better” from the consumer’s point of view.
[Image 3:×720.jpg] We thought that if we could get consumers to pay more attention to “improving their homes,” the remodeling market, which caters to a variety of living styles, would become more active.
Therefore, RoomClip, which has over 5 million actual photos of houses and 6 million monthly users who want to change their homes,
collaborated with the Reform Industry Newspaper, which publishes 1,000 housing companies annually. We thought that we could contribute to the revitalization of the renovation industry by doing activities, so we launched the “Favorite Life x Renovation” project.
By proceeding with this project from a long-term perspective, we aim to support a more diverse range of living styles and help many people realize their preferred lifestyle.
Favorite Life x Renovation Project Overview
This is a long-term cross-industry project that utilizes the resources of Reform Sangyo Shimbun and Room Clip. The key concept is to form a renovation market that starts with “making life better” rather than repairing.
1st edition: Favorite lifestyle x Renovation catalog overview ・Issue date: July 19, 2023 (planned)
・ Number of copies: 200,000 copies (planned)
・Distribution method
1. Distribution at the renovation industry fair (7/19-7/20)
2. Sending articles from the Reform Industry Fair and the Reform Industry Newspaper to desired companies
3. Sending to major housing companies, etc.
・ List of sponsoring companies (titles omitted, in no particular order)   Panasonic Corporation Electric Works Company, LIXIL Corporation, YKK AP Corporation,
Daiken Kogyo Co., Ltd., Sankyo Tateyama Co., Ltd., Sankyo Aluminum Co., Ltd., Rinnai Co., Ltd., Asahi Woodtech Co., Ltd.,
SFA Japan Co., Ltd., HEJ Co., Ltd., Daisen Co., Ltd., Takasho Co., Ltd., NCK Co., Ltd., Janis Industry Co., Ltd.
About Reform Sangyo Shimbun
The Reform Industry Newspaper is the only management newspaper in the housing remodeling market. Since its launch in 1987, it has been disseminating information that is useful for management, such as market trends, government and corporate trends, management strategies and know-how, and products.
About RoomClip
It is Japan’s largest social platform specializing in the area of ​​living, where you can post and view interior photos such as furniture, home appliances, and miscellaneous goods. We develop smartphone apps and Internet websites. Currently, the number of monthly users exceeds 6 million and the number of photos exceeds 5 million. RoomClip is a service that collects the most “photos and data of rooms where people actually live” in Japan. RoomClip users are introduced in more than 100 media such as magazines and TV every year. About Room Clip Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masahiko Takashige
Established: November 24, 2011
Location: 1-28-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Planning, development and operation of “RoomClip”, planning, manufacturing and sales of “KANADEMONO”, purchase and sales of interiors, other EC / D2C related businesses RoomClip (
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