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Ryoyo Electro Co., Ltd. Ryoyo Electro launches NVIDIA IGX Orin(TM) developer kit

Ryoyo Electro Co., Ltd.
Ryoyo Electro Releases NVIDIA IGX Orin(TM) Developer Kit
– Providing an AI platform that supports the use of robots in the medical and FA industries –

Electronics trading company Ryoyo Electro Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Moritaka Nakamura) has developed NVIDIA IGX Orin(TM), a new product provided by NVIDIA, the world leader in accelerated computing. We will start selling the “Engineer Kit” and provide a platform for the medical and FA (factory
automation) industries.
The “NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit” is equipped with the new “NVIDIA IGX Orin” module developed by NVIDIA for next-generation medical and FA equipment, and provides an ultra-high-speed development
In the medical industry, it is expected that the standard of medical care will improve through advanced image diagnosis using AI, the use of robots at the surgical site, and telemedicine. Realizing advanced diagnostic imaging and telemedicine requires rapid transmission of data with higher resolution. Since this product is equipped with high-performance computer and network processing capabilities, it can process data with higher resolution and increased capacity at high speed. Therefore, we will be able to develop AI logic that discovers cancer cells and pathogens, and implement AI functions in medical imaging diagnostic equipment.
In the FA industry, we will support the construction of safe autonomous factories by utilizing autonomous systems for robots. Ryoyo Electro will also provide a model in which a graphics card is installed in this product and software is set and embedded so that developers and data scientists can easily use AI in next-generation devices.
[Image 1:×1046.jpg] NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit
[Features of NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit]
1. AI development environment can be built quickly
 Because not only the hardware but also the software are packaged, there is no need for time-consuming settings
2. Seamless mass production is possible
 The logic cultivated in this product can be seamlessly transferred to mass production. Also available with 10-year support for the IGX software stack
3. Power saving and high performance
Provides a system built for high-performance applications that require low power consumption and real-time performance
4. High security
Equipped with the latest security chip that can be used safely even in medical settings where high confidentiality is required
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[About “NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit”]
The NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit is an industrial-grade platform that combines embedded-level hardware, software, and support. With AI performance of 248 TOPS (248 trillion calculations per second), it is equipped with an AI computer for low-power autonomous machines. Equipped with “NVIDIA (R) ConnectX-7 (R) Smart Network Interface Card (SmartNIC) * [1]” with a network speed of 200 Gb / s, it can safely handle high frame rate videos with large amounts of data. can be captured. The product also incorporates a security MCU*[2] into the board design, which can be programmed into the IGX software stack*[3]. *[1] Has a function to separate high-load packet processing from the server and offload (reduce the load)
*[2] A critical safety feature that uses several different techniques to prevent and detect random and systematic hardware errors
*[3] A stack of protocols (rules) and software that are interoperable with each other to realize a single system or function as a whole 【the next deployment】
Ryoyo Electro handles a large number of NVIDIA products, and has a track record of sales and support for customers in a wide range of fields, regardless of industry, such as medical, manufacturing, or construction. NVIDIA’s dedicated technical support staff will support medical professionals and researchers by utilizing the know-how that has been supported by customers for many years.
*NVIDIA and ConnectX are trademarks or registered trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation in the United States or other countries.
*The information contained in this release is current as of the date of the announcement. Therefore, please note that the contents may change due to the passage of time or various subsequent events. 【Product Specifications】
[Image 2:×1328.png] *Additional implementation of NVIDIA RTX A6000 is optional
About Ryoyo Electro Co., Ltd.
As an electronics trading company engaged in the semiconductor/device business and the ICT/solution business, we are focusing on business fields such as the introduction of IoT and AI by leveraging the strengths of developing both businesses. In the ICT/solutions business, in addition to selling existing ICT products, we offer services such as consulting, embedded device development,
installation, and operation and maintenance. We will continue to work on solving problems.

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