Ryuki Design Co., Ltd. Designs and produces a knit specialty online store for client “you-ICHI” – official site at makeshop

Ryuki Design Inc.
Ryuki Design Co., Ltd. Designs and produces a knit specialty online store for client “you-ICHI” – official site at makeshop
Responsible for all aspects of photography, design production, and reflection in makeshop

Ryuki Design Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Ryuki Design) has opened a new online store for the client “you-ICHI”, which specializes in knitting. Through this new project, Ryuki Design brings the client’s vision to life and proposes a new standard for online shopping experience. https://www.you-ichi.shop/
[Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/88842/46/resize/d88842-46-832d3a5be320e743f291-0.jpg&s3=88842-46-2dbae840b83dcfc3cbd013ed8d150ffb-1578×822.jpg] https://www.you-ichi.shop/
Ryuki Design is known as a design production company that uses a wide range of design elements to turn clients’ visions into reality. This time, I was in charge of all the design elements of the new online store of “you-ICHI”, which specializes in knitwear. This includes photography and design creation from the top page to the product LP, and reflection of those designs on makeshop.
The opening of the new “you-ICHI” online store reflects Ryuki Design’s technical and design capabilities, as well as close collaboration with clients. Through this project, Ryuki Design has provided a design that maximizes the attractiveness of knitwear products, renewing the online shopping experience for customers. Furthermore, the design provided by Ryuki Design has succeeded in clarifying the brand image of “you-ICHI” and emphasizing its characteristics.
Going forward, Ryuki Design will continue to propose new standards for online shopping experiences by transforming clients’ visions into reality. And we aim to create a stronger connection between clients and consumers.
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