Saga Tamaya Co Ltd. 12th! The Saga/Nagasaki Big Product Exhibition will be held at Saga Tamaya.

Saga Tamaya Co., Ltd.
12th time! The Saga/Nagasaki Big Product Exhibition will be held at Saga Tamaya. Please enjoy the popular “Champon” of Nagasaki Chinatown, which can be tasted at popular shops and eat-in corners selected by popular Instagrammers!

The 12th “Saga/Nagasaki Big Product Exhibition” will be held from May 17th (Wednesday) to 22nd (Monday) at the 6th floor of the Saga Tamaya Main Building.
A large product exhibition of Saga Tamaya where local specialties are gathered together.
This time, we will be demonstrating and selling special products from northern Kyushu, the local Saga Prefecture, and neighboring Nagasaki Prefecture.
[Image 1:×2556.jpg] Nagasaki Prefecture is located in a place rich in nature, blessed with the sea and mountains, with the Tsushima Straits to the west, the Goto Sea to the east, and the Ariake Sea to the south.
In addition, from around the 16th century, it has had exchanges with foreign cultures such as Portugal and the Netherlands. As a result, many Western-style buildings and culture remain, making it an attractive prefecture full of exoticism.
[Table 3: ]
[Image 2:×866.jpg] Nagasaki Chinatown Suzhou Hayashi Champon (eat-in)
[Image 3:×867.jpg] Goto demon mackerel stick sushi
[Image 4:×860.jpg] Kabutaya Omura Sushi
[Image 5:×1000.jpg] Iwasaki Honpo Nagasaki Kakuni Steamed Buns
[Table 4: ]
[Image 6:×956.jpg] Yobuko squid sashimi (frozen)
[Image 7:×975.jpg] Broiled Chicken Dashi Rolled Bento at Naoan
[Image 8:×681.jpg] Sweets Mizutaya Child Suzume Monaka
[Image 9:×953.jpg] Tsukekura Tazo Sake lees mirin pickles
There are also plenty of other gourmet dishes such as freshly grilled premium eel, bone-in chicken thighs, curry bread from a
long-established restaurant, and fried horse mackerel from Matsuura! In addition, there are plenty of sweets such as soft cheese, Crimean soft serve, chestnut zenzai and waffle sandwiches!
Of course, there are also handicrafts such as carpets, tortoiseshell, pearls, and camellia oil!
Demonstration sales full of live feeling, delicious gourmet food, and popular shops in Saga selected by popular Instagrammers will also be exhibited for a limited time.
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