Sangetsu Co., Ltd. Disney and Fraum debut in the “Select Order” series

Sangetsu Co., Ltd.
Disney and Fraum debut in the “Select Order” series
Make your living space a “special” place with digital printed wallpaper
Sangetsu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; President and CEO: Shosuke Yasuda) announced on June 15, 2023 (Thursday) that the digital print wallpaper HIGH GRAFICA will be available in the “Select Order” series. We have greatly expanded our lineup of 136 new products in 85 patterns, including Disney.
[Image 1:×744.jpg]                 HZ-9001 Mickey & Friends Design
Various new character designs including Mickey & Friends
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・Published exciting wallpaper sample book “2023-2026 Fine” on June 15 “Select Order” is a series that allows you to easily order digital print wallpaper by simply selecting a design from among the high graphica digital print products. It is popular because it can produce a space full of originality that makes use of large patterns and various color expressions without the hassle of estimates and meetings, and has been adopted in a wide range of properties since its launch in 2021.
With the publication of the residential wallpaper sample book “2023-2026 FINE”, we have greatly expanded the lineup of the select order series. The newly licensed “Disney” series includes many designs that dynamically express characters such as Mickey and Pooh. In addition, the art calligraphy unit * “Fraum” series by art
calligrapher Yoko Fracouture and space designer and art director Issen Kumono, and the “Abstract landscape” series that abstracts natural scenery and blends easily into interiors. has been added, resulting in a lineup of more than 450 items that expands the range of space proposals.
* A design and art unit that uses letters. Fraum explores the essential value and possibilities of art calligraphy based on the concepts of “character x space”, “art x design”, and “handwork x advanced technology”, and develops it in a wide range of fields from space to fashion, interior and products. ing.
“Select order” site URL [Main new series]
“Disney” Characters loved all over the world produce a favorite space Disney characters are newly added to the select order wallpaper. We will release 40 pieces of 37 patterns that create your favorite space with a rich lineup of variety, such as a dynamic and colorful character design with a width of 3,600 mm and a 900 mm width size Winnie the Pooh that is easy to incorporate as an accent in your room.
[Image 2:×695.jpg] HZ-9401 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Design
Create your favorite space with a one-width size design that is easy to use as an accent.
[Image 3:×695.jpg] HZ-9462 Little Mermaid Design
A popular princess appears as a wallpaper.
Fraum art calligraphy creates a chic and sophisticated personality Art calligrapher Yoko Fracouture and space designer and art director Issen Kumono create new works by the design and art unit Fraum. The design, which sublimates calligraphy, a method of writing letters beautifully, into art, has been finished to become the main character of the space while blending in with the furniture and interior. With a lineup of 21 items in 7 patterns, you can create a chic and
sophisticated personality.
[Image 4:×309.png]

[Image 5:×695.jpg] HZ-8201 Cheerful Teddy Bear
Each part has a complete sentence, and when all parts are sewn together, it becomes a story of the British and American fairy tale “Three Bears”. A work that is popular with men and women of all ages. Established new exhibition area in Shinagawa Showroom
From June 15th (Thursday), we will start exhibiting select order wallpaper at the Pick Up PRODUCT corner that introduces popular and recommended products. In the exhibition area, we will set up two types of booths: a Disney-designed image booth and an abstract landscape design space proposal booth.
[Image 6:×879.jpg] Shinagawa Showroom Product display area image
◆ About Sangetsu Co., Ltd.
From residential to non-residential fields, we plan, develop, and sell products in-house, centered on wall covering materials (approximately 50% of the domestic market share), flooring materials, and fabrics (curtains and chair fabrics) that are used in people’s lives. going. With the brand statement “Joy of Design”, we provide the joy of design to people who create new spaces.
Company name: Sangetsu Corporation
Representative: Shosuke Yasuda, Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
Net sales (consolidated): 176 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2023) Head office location: 1-4-1 Habashita, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

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