Sangi Co., Ltd. “Bride Beauty Awards 2022” selected by approximately 1,000 brides in real life. Whitening toothpaste “Apaguard Premio” won first place in the oral care category for five consecutive years!

Sangi Co., Ltd.
“Bride Beauty Award 2022”, selected by about 1,000 brides in real life, whitening toothpaste “Apagard Premio” won first place in the oral care category for the fifth consecutive year!

Sangi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Roslyn Heyman)’s whitening high-performance toothpaste * “Apagard Premio” is supported by many brides. Web media “Wedding Sommelier” “Bride Beauty” Award 2022” won first place in the “Oral Care Category” for the fifth consecutive year.
[Image 1:×1200.png] In recent years, with Corona has given birth to a variety of wedding styles such as family weddings, online weddings, and dinner parties. Recently, with the transition to the new corona type 5, there are concerns about the spread of infection, but expectations for the recovery of the wedding industry as a whole are increasing.
The “Bride Beauty Award 2022” by a wedding sommelier is the results of a survey of beauty items conducted for about 1,000 people, consisting of pre-wedding brides and graduate brides who have completed their wedding within a year and a half. in a ranking format.
“Apagard Premio”, which won first place in the oral care category for five consecutive years, is a premium whitening toothpaste that brings out the natural whiteness of teeth. The Apagard series celebrates its 38th anniversary this year, and is a long-selling brand that is loved by people of all ages as a care item for beautiful white teeth that is indispensable for a beautiful smile. Apagard’s proposal, which regards oral care as part of beauty in the same way that you can easily take care of whitening with daily tooth brushing habits and skin care and hair care for weddings, is supported by pre-brides and graduate brides. I’m assuming that you got
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Wedding Sommelier Bride Beauty Awards 2022 [Oral/Inner Care Category] Ranking
wedding sommelier
[Image 2:×677.png] “Make brides happier!” A media that provides special experiences that can only be had at that time in life. In 2015, we organized
“pre-bride/graduation bride” for the first time in the wedding industry. Currently, it has a network of more than 10,000 bride Instagrammers nationwide. Boasting tremendous support from brides, “wedding sommelier ambassador” is now a longing existence for brides.
Bride Beauty Awards 2022 Survey Details
Name: Wedding Sommelier Bride Beauty Survey 2022
Survey period: October 21, 2022 to November 25, 2022
Target: Wedding sommelier ambassadors/members
Number/Method: 983 people/Internet survey
Apagard brand
[Image 3:×600.jpg] At Apagard, we consider oral care to be a part of “beauty” that keeps teeth beautiful and healthy, just like skin care and hair care. True “beauty” is not just the appearance of a face or style, but also the way of life, the way of thinking, and the charm that overflows from the inside. The charm of living naturally and in your own way is shown in your “smile”.
A glimpse of white teeth from the mouth.
Apagard enhances your smile by leading to the healthy whiteness of your teeth. An oral care brand that adds color to brushing time, which tends to be boring.
● Apagard brand site
● Apagard Official Instagram ● Apagard Official Twitter:
[Image 4:×1485.png] Product details (partial)
Formulated with medicinal hydroxyapatite, a medicinal ingredient developed by Sangi that prepares the enamel on the surface of the teeth, which is the key to beautiful teeth, and prevents tooth decay. Apagard brings out the natural whiteness and beauty of your teeth, making your smile even brighter.
[Image 5:×720.png] [Product name] Apagard Premio [Type] Premium type [Sales name] Sangi XLC2 [Suggested retail price (tax included)] 53 g ¥957 / 105 g ¥1,683 [Flavor] Light mint [Features] Modest mint, rich feel, premium care To bright white teeth
[Image 6:×720.png] [Product name] Apagard Serena [Type] Stain care type [Brand name] Sangi MSR [Suggested retail price (tax included)] 53 g 847 yen / 105 g 1,463 yen [Flavor] Jasmine mint Bright white teeth
●Available at drugstores, supermarkets, home centers, variety shops, Sangi official mail order “SANGI SHOP”, etc. nationwide. (Some items may not be available.) All
quasi-drugs/medicated toothpaste
“Medicinal hydroxyapatite”, a caries-preventing ingredient developed by Sangi A unique medicinal ingredient developed by Sangi by applying hydroxyapatite, the main component of teeth and bones.
This ingredient is not only used in Apagard, but also in Sangi’s own products and OEM products. This “medicinal hydroxyapatite” works directly on tooth enamel, unlike general hydroxyapatite that is used as a base or abrasive, and has three actions to prevent tooth decay.
[Image 7:×783.png] ▼ Video “Mineral supplementation for teeth: medicated hydroxyapatite” (2 minutes 11 seconds)
[Video 2:] ▼ What is medicinal hydroxyapatite?
Sangi Co., Ltd.
[Image 8:×300.jpg] Established in 1974. Developed the world’s first toothpaste containing medicated hydroxyapatite. 1980 “Apadent”, 1985 “Apagard” released, 1995 “Entertainers are teeth life” TV commercial aired. Since 2011, we have been exporting and OEM to 20 overseas countries such as Russia, Canada, China, and the EU. In 2018, the skin care product “Hap Earl” was released. The name of the company is derived from the Sangi (the time of heaven, the advantage of the land, and the harmony of people) advocated by Mencius.
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customers- from the press-Sangi Public Relations Co., Ltd. Person in charge E-mail: Tsukiji Square Building, 3-11-6 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8440 * INTAGE SRI + Data Segment
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