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Sanwa Company wins iF Design Award for ninth consecutive year

Sanwa Company Co., Ltd.
Sanwa Company wins iF Design Award for ninth consecutive year -The world design index is ranked in the top 25 in Japan-

Sanwa Company Co., Ltd. (Address: 19-19 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Taro Yamane), which sells housing equipment and building materials online, has won the iF Design Award 2023, one of the three major design awards in the world. ” was awarded. This is the ninth consecutive year that we have received this award. In addition, in the “World Design Index”, which is selected based on the accumulated points of award-winning companies over the past five years, we were ranked in the top 25 in Japan (out of 334 companies) and in the top 100 in Asia (out of 3033 companies) (individually). The ranking is not disclosed).
What is the iF DESIGN AWARD?
[Image 1:×247.jpg] The iF Design Award is one of the three major design awards in the world, along with the Reddot Design Award (Germany) and the IDSA (USA). Held annually by the Hannover Industrial Design Association in Germany, it selects and awards outstanding products from all over the world. 78 judges selected from all over the world judge not only the beauty of the appearance, but also the strict criteria of 12 items. ≪12 criteria≫ Design quality/practicality/finishing/innovation/ease of use/ergonomics/brand value/safety/environmental friendliness/customer satisfaction/spatial consideration/efficiency in manufacturing and delivery/precision
Award-winning product 1. Hookah (washbowl)
《Fucka》is a deep washbasin that is perfect for those who want to make their washroom space stylish, but do not want to compromise on practicality. With a sharp edge of 4mm thickness, a variety of colors incorporating trendy black and gray, and a matte texture that blends into the interior, it creates a stylish washroom space. The design is designed to prevent water splashes and drips, making daily care easier.
Color: White, Gray, Black
Size: W450/W600 x D450 x H270mm
Product page:
[Image 2:×768.jpg]
[Image 3:×768.jpg] Award-winning product 2. Earl mirror (mirror)
《Earl Mirror》is a mirror that features a soft and organic form. The thin frame creates sharpness, and the curved design on the four corners adds softness. The shelf part integrated with the frame is convenient for placing small items around the washbasin. Available in two colors inspired by the trend of aged metal (metal that has changed over time), it will harmonize with any space in your home.
Color: Gray/Bronze (baked paint matte blast finish)
Size: W300/400/500/600mm x D100mm x H700mm
Product page:
[Image 4:×768.jpg]
[Image 5:×768.jpg] Award-winning product 3. Wood custom counter (counter material) “Wood Custom Counter” is a counter material that allows you to order the width and depth in 1mm increments. The plantation tree “Acacia”, which is attracting attention as a wood that considers forest protection, is used, and you can enjoy the warmth of natural wood. Available in trendy shades of gray.
Color: Natural Taupe Warm Brown Charcoal
Size: W450-3000mm (1mm increments) x H30mm x D200-600mm (1mm increments) Product page:
[Image 6:×709.jpg]
[Image 7:×768.jpg] Award-winning product 4. Tehachi (wash basin)
“Tehachi” is a hand washing machine that pursues the world’s smallest class of compactness. The bowl, counter, and towel bar are integrated into a simple, linear design. Because it is slim with a depth of 120 mm and a width of 350 mm, it can be installed in small spaces such as houses, shops, and public facilities.
Color: white, black, silver
Size: W350 x D120 x H65mm
Product page:
[Image 8:×682.jpg]
[Image 9:×682.jpg]

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