Satisfaction rate of over 85%* A free webinar to understand drone laser surveying from scratch, decided to be held in May due to its popularity!

[Satisfaction rate of over 85%*] A free webinar to understand drone laser surveying from scratch, decided to be held in May due to its popularity!
Very popular! We will be holding a popular webinar on May 12th where you can learn from professionals the basics that you can’t hear anymore.

The free webinar, which has already been held four times this year and has been very well received, will be held on May 12th at 16:00. This is a “basic edition” for those who are hesitant about introducing drone laser surveying, and those who are even slightly interested. Take this one hour free webinar to learn the basics and consider future deployments.
FLIGHTS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shuhei Togeshita) will hold a “Drone Laser Survey Free Webinar [Basics]” on Friday, May 12th.
In this free webinar, a lecturer who knows the site of drone surveying thoroughly explains “basic knowledge of drone laser surveying”. It is also possible to ask the lecturer directly for trivial questions. This is a very popular webinar, with more than 85%* of respondents in past post-event surveys answering that the content was as or more than expected. Please join us.
[Image 1:×675.jpg] Overview of the event
■Date and time: Friday, May 12, 2023, 1 hour from 16:00 to 17:00 ■Participation fee: Free ■Viewing method: Online via zoom ■Target: Experienced drone photogrammetry, drone laser Companies and
organizations interested in surveying Capacity: ends as soon as capacity is reached *Early deadline if there are a large number of participants For more details and to apply: webinar-basic/
Contents of Drone Laser Surveying Webinar Fundamentals
・What is LiDAR? ・Configuration of LiDAR system ・About scanning method ・Benefits of introducing LiDAR equipped with drone ・Workflow ・3 reasons to recommend introduction now
Lecturer introduction / Kohei Oishi
[Image 2:×260.jpg] He started his career by producing 360° panoramas (aerial photography, ground) and virtual tours. Based on this experience, I have been mainly in charge of surveying (photography / LiDAR) projects since 2019. Utilizing our extensive field experience, we also handle solar panel inspections and bridge inspections.
Qualifications: DJI Instructor, Class 3 Land Special Radio
Why we host free webinars
Recently, in the domestic civil engineering surveying industry, i-Construction using ICT is being promoted, and drone laser surveying is becoming one of the options. Under such circumstances, last year, our company succeeded in developing a LiDAR “FLIGHTS SCAN” for “aerial survey” for surveying professionals. We are holding a webinar like this one to promote the spread and sales expansion of drone laser surveying in the midst of changes in the industry.
* Satisfaction rate of over 85%: A survey with bonus materials conducted to participants after the webinar in April 2023, asking, “Did the content of this seminar exceed your pre-participation expectations?” ? (single answer)”, 85.71% of the respondents answered that it was “as expected”, “exceeded expectations”, or “fully exceeded expectations”. based on.
Company Profile
With the vision of “becoming a company that contributes most to the creation of a society based on drones and robotics”, we develop products and support their introduction in industrial fields such as surveying, infrastructure inspection, and agriculture. Utilizing the operational know-how and achievements of drones and related products that we have accumulated since the company was established, we will collaborate with partner companies that have knowledge in various industries to develop our business. Company name: FLIGHTS Co., Ltd. Location: 6F Dogenzaka Imai Building, 1-19-12 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 Representative: Shuhei Togeshita, Representative Director Established: March 4, 2016 URL: / [Contact] FLIGHTS Co., Ltd. LiDAR Division Marketing Team Email:
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