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[Updated on 5/16 (Tue)] Fan Festival 2022-23 event details

[Image 1:×500.jpg] We would like to inform you that the details of “Fan Fest 2022-23” have been decided. We will invite fans and boosters to thank the players and team staff for their daily support.
This year’s event content was carefully selected based on the results of the questionnaire received from the booster club members after last season’s fan festival.
Saturday, May 20th
Wing Arena Kariya
Performers (tentative)
Super Girls
About absent players
The following players will not participate in “Fan Festival 2022-23”. We are very sorry to all of you who have been looking forward to it, but we appreciate your understanding.
#9 Anthony Lawrence II (for temporary return to Japan)
#13 Brandon Jawato (for national team activities)
#30 Quincy Miller (due to temporary return to Japan)
Takuichiro Kobayashi
2022-23 Season Booster Club members general customers (*only if there are remaining seats)
Entry fee
Message to HC Kimichi Suzuki
Head coach Kimichi Suzuki will retire at the end of the 2022-23 season. Therefore, we will set up a corner in the venue where you can write messages from fans and boosters.
We have prepared a message card, so please fill it out.
Venue map
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] time schedule
[Table 2: ]
*Schedule times are approximate and subject to change without notice. *It will take some time to complete the exit as it will be regulated. event
Players are divided into teams and compete in various events! Please enjoy the appearance of the players different from the time of the game and the booster participation event.
We will recruit participants in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Details will be sent to booster club members by email at a later date.
1st Q: Team competition! Questionnaire Showdown
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] Questionnaire to all the customers at the venue!? Look forward to what kind of questions will be asked!
2nd Q: MPB (Mikawa Posing Battle)
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] Player pose showdown! Don’t miss the photo opportunity♪
3rd Q: Micademy Award Who is the leading actor!?
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] The power to attract, the power to see through, the power to win. A showdown event where fun spreads!
4th Q: ~ Cooperate with players and grab victory! ~ MIKA WORLD CUP
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] Collaborative play between boosters and players! Don’t miss the moment when the winning team is decided!
division into teams
#3 Shinsuke Kashiwagi
[Image 7:×500.jpg] #4 Masashi Hosoya
[Image 8:×500.jpg] #19 Yuudai Nishida
[Image 9:×500.jpg] #32 Kouki Schaefer Avi
[Image 10:×500.jpg] #54 Davante Gardner
[Image 11:×500.jpg] Team WHITE
#1 Taiji Nakamura
[Image 12:×500.jpg] #7 Makoto Nagano
[Image 13:×500.jpg] #18 Ryogo Sumino
[Image 14:×500.jpg ]
#21 Kosuke Hashimoto
[Image 15:×500.jpg ]
YouTube live
The event will be streamed live on Seahorse Mikawa official YouTube channel. *There is a possibility that the distribution video may be disturbed or delayed depending on the radio wave conditions. Please note. Goods information
Design the basketball part with the names of all 2022-23 season roster players, SuperGirls, mascots, and boosters!
Price: ¥5,000
[Image 16:×1000.jpg ]

fan festival sports towel
A design with illustrations and signature data of all 2022-23 season roster players!
Price: ¥3,630
[Image 17:×1000.jpg ]
fan festival purse
All player illustration goods are only fan festival goods!
Price: ¥990
[Image 18: &s3=97825-168-78-7E24104D35CC46D73B91F72D3 9763-2120×2120.jpg]
[Image 19:×2120.jpg] Gourmet information
Sale time: 12:00-17:00
“SEAHORSE BACKERS KITCHEN” has a large selection of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and Seahorse Mikawa original products at home game venues.
Fish Burger: ¥450
Freshly baked French toast: ¥600
Drink: ¥150~
[Image 20:×1080.jpg] Challenge the lottery where you can win a player-produced gourmet for every 1000 yen purchase!
Oden-kun’s Hot Oden Shop (Noren)
#1 Taiji Nakamura Can Badge 1st Complete Set
Player-produced gourmet original stickers, etc.
Specialty! Good store for curry udon and fried chicken Sambino Curry udon specialty store that won first place overall in the 2020 Kariya gourmet general election. We offer a variety of menus, including the popular deep-fried chicken that rivals even specialty restaurants.
・Deep-fried chicken: ¥600
・Long potatoes: ¥600
・Ultimate raw frank: ¥ 600
“Jojo” is marked by a lantern. As a token of our gratitude for your patronage this season, we are offering a limited quantity of “Mikawa Isshiki Unagi-don” at a special appreciation price of 1,500 yen. Please give it a try!
・ Mikawa Isshiki charcoal-grilled eel bowl: ¥ 1,500
・Chita Beef Yakisoba: ¥500
・Deep-fried chicken from Nichinan: ¥600
Wing Arena Kariya
1 Arata, Tsukijicho, Kariya 448-0011
*Please note that there is no free shuttle bus service.
Take a bus from JR/Meitetsu Kariya Station
・Public facilities contact bus “Karimaru” (free)
・Meitetsu Bus
 Adult 220 yen Child 110 yen
Take a bus from Meitetsu Fujimatsu Station
・Public facilities contact bus “Karimaru” (free)
・Meitetsu Bus
 Adults 180 yen Children 90 yen Take the Aichi Kyoiku Daisen Line bound for Kariya Station and get off at “Kariya General Sports Park” By car
Please see Kariya City Comprehensive Athletic Park official website “Access”. Parking lot (548 cars, 11 large cars) Bicycle parking lot (440 cars) Temporary parking may be provided.
・This event conforms to the “watching rules” of the Seahorse Mikawa 2022-23 season.
・When handing over a gift to a player, we will keep it at the information desk. (Please refrain from handing it over directly.) I will)
・If you are a member of the booster club, please bring your membership card. ・The Fan Festival will be the last time points are exchanged at the venue window. After the fan festival ends, the exchange will be carried out at the online reception.
It’s a schedule. We will inform you as soon as the details are decided. About regulation exit
After the fan festival ends, the players will give a high five to everyone who came to the 1F lobby and see them off. In order to avoid crowding in the lobby and at the exit, we will implement a restricted exit, so please wait in your seat until there is an announcement in the hall.
Exit order
1.2F Unreserved seats End Team BLACK Bench side, 2F Wheelchair seats 2.2F Unreserved seats Player bench side 3.2F Unreserved seats End Team WHITE Bench side 4.2F Unreserved seats Opposite side of athlete bench 5.1F Unreserved seats Premium seat H side 6.1F unreserved seats Premium seat A side 7.1F unreserved seats Team BLACK bench side 8.1F unreserved seats Team WHITE bench side 9.1F reserved seats Premium seats H/A All seats 10.1F reserved seats Super seats H1/H2, 1F Wheelchair seat 11.1F reserved seat super seat A1・A2
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