Setagaya Natural Foods has released a useful app. Make shopping more fun and convenient!

Setagaya Natural Foods
Setagaya Natural Foods has released a useful app. Make shopping more fun and convenient!

Setagaya Natural Foods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President: Eiji Kawanishi) has developed and released an app for its own members.
In addition to advantageous information and fun content, the app is also full of useful functions such as changing the delivery date.
[Image 1:×628.jpg] App development background
Since December 2021, we have been developing a subscription service “Carefully Selected Gourmet Special Service” that delivers different ingredients and dishes every month, and has been well received by many customers.
(Carefully selected gourmet special flight:
In light of the steady increase in the number of users, we thought it necessary to devise ways to make it more convenient and enjoyable to continue.
From the perspective of “convenience”, the issues raised were to reduce the time and effort required to search and log in to the website, and to reduce the stress involved in finding the desired information on the site, which has a lot of product information for other businesses.
From the perspective of “enjoyment”, we adopted the idea of ​​creating reading materials that arranged trivia articles on food and health, which were originally popular with customers on our website and catalogs, and new diagnostic content.
In this way, we took into consideration the voices of our customers that we receive every day, and as a result of repeated discussions, we developed a dedicated app.
App overview
[Image 2:×437.png] 1. Information on the next product to be delivered!
Carefully selected gourmet special delivery is a service that delivers different products every month.
You can check detailed information from the app, such as the content and commitment of the next product to be delivered, and how to eat it deliciously.
2. Easy to skip or change the delivery date!
You can immediately check and change the delivery interval, delivery date, payment method, etc. You can also change your customer information within the app.
3. Get deals and delicious information!
We have prepared content that allows you to enjoy more carefully selected gourmet special flights, such as arranged recipes and product commitments. Fun articles such as trivia about ingredients and menus are also being updated regularly.
4. May I receive special information?
You can check the advantageous campaign information for yourself at once. 5. Deliver campaigns and new information by push notification! We will notify you even when the app is not open so that you do not miss new product or campaign information.
Please turn on the “push notification” (the function that the app automatically displays notifications) on your smartphone.
* It is also possible not to receive notifications by turning off push notifications.
Download (iOS): Download (Android): From the person in charge of web division application release Setagaya Natural Foods’ “Carefully Selected Gourmet Special Delivery” is a service that delivers various products from various regions to your home. This app has been developed with the hope that customers who use the “Carefully Selected Gourmet Special Flight” will feel the service more convenient and familiar.
In addition to functions such as confirming and changing the estimated delivery date, we have discussed many times with the person in charge of product development, detailed information on the next product to be delivered, trivia about ingredients and menus, etc. Customers who use the service However, we have created content that allows you to enjoy the products we deliver even more.
Through this app, we will continue to make improvements so that Setagaya Natural Foods’ “selected gourmet special flights” will be patronized for a long time.
About Setagaya Natural Foods
Setagaya Natural Foods is a mail-order company that handles
supplements, foods, and cosmetics. Popular products such as
glucosamine + chondroitin, green juice with lactic acid bacteria, 16 kinds of vegetables, rich and thick vegetables, and miso soup are widely known from TV commercials. Since our establishment in 2001, we have valued the creation of products that utilize the power of nature. In recent years, with the aim of becoming a company that is loved by people of all generations, we have been launching a succession of products such as Irodori Gozen (frozen home delivery food), products delivered directly from production areas, and sweets, and are also focusing on online sales. In the future, we would like to continue to provide products that are not only safe and secure, but also delicious and enriching, and we would like to be close to our customers in various aspects of their lives. -Setagaya Natural Foods Company Profile- Company name: Setagaya Natural Foods Co., Ltd. Established: July 2001 Headquarters: 4-10-1 Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0097 Representative: Eiji Kasai, President Capital: 50 million yen Business description: Mail order sales of health supplements, natural cosmetics, and natural foods Setagaya Natural Foods Corporate Site Setagaya Natural Foods Official Mail Order Site : /user/shizensyokuhin
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