Sharefull, S.L. The world’s first * Web3 x word-of-mouth new service “EatnSmile” app that makes money by “eating” will be officially released worldwide and a total reward campaign of $ 2,500 will be held. GW special campaign too!

Sharefull, S.L.
The world’s first * Web3 x word-of-mouth new service “EatnSmile” app that makes money by “eating” will be officially released worldwide and a total reward campaign of $ 2,500 will be held. GW special campaign too!
“EatnSmile” GameFi x word-of-mouth app that earns by “eating”
“EatnSmile”, an Eat to Earn GameFi app developed by Spanish company Sharefull, S.L. was officially released at the restaurant.
“It’s natural to eat delicious food and smile. EatnSmile is one step ahead of that.”
“EatnSmile” is a Web3 application based on the concept of “earn by eating”. Usual lunch, cafe with friends, drink after work, anniversary dinner. To the shops I found on my Golden Week outings. After eating at a restaurant, anyone can earn token rewards simply by writing a review “for free”, and the tokens can be used at other restaurants or exchanged for existing virtual currency to be cashed. can also In other words, it is a groundbreaking service that allows you to earn money just by eating.
The background to the launch of the service dates back to the time when our CEO Morioka worked for the IT company Rakuten Group Co., Ltd. During his business trips to branches all over Japan, Morioka encountered many delicious foods that only locals know about. At the same time, I was aware of the problem that truly delicious products would be buried by fake reviews on e-commerce sites. Therefore, we started planning a system that allows users to evaluate reviews among themselves and report fraudulent reviews and malicious users. We launched “EatnSmile” to let people in Japan and around the world know about truly delicious food beyond regions. We are aiming for a new form of WEB 3.0 that is sustainable and leads to regional
revitalization, where information is transmitted by word of mouth and rewards are shared with those who have contributed.
With the expectation that smiles will spread all over the world, this time, we have started full-scale operation with simultaneous worldwide release.
○ Official app launch commemorative reward campaign
To commemorate the official app launch on May 5th, we will hold a reward campaign with a total prize of $2,500 for one month.
○ How to participate
Step 1.: Access the Gleam form at the link below
Step 2.: Follow EatnSmile on Twitter, Telegram and Discord on Gleam form Step 3.: Get Mint code on Gleam form
Step 4.: Create a restaurant page (NFT) from the app link below using Mint code [Application link]
[App link]
[How to create a restaurant page]
○ Prize money
Prizes are available for those who earn more contribution points during the period.
1st prize: 1 BNB (5 winners) 2nd prize: 1 AVAX (20 winners) 3rd prize: 10 BUSD (50 winners) * All participants will receive 10 STAR tokens. ○Period
May 5, 2023* (19:00 – GMT+9)* to June 6, 23:59* (23:59 – GMT+9)* The results of the campaign will be announced on June 8th.
[Image 1:×227.png] * GW period limited special project
“Post your EatnSmile experience and get a MINT code!”
The EatnSmile experience sharing campaign will be held at the same time. ■ Conditions
1. A photo of the meal you ate at the restaurant/cafe
2. Link to the restaurant/cafe on EatnSmile
3. Post the review link or any of 1, 2, or 3 on Twitter.
Mention “@EatnSmile_org” in the post.
You can post up to 3 stores per person per day!
Earn up to 18 MINT codes per person during the period.
■ Period
5/8 (Monday) until 6:59 a.m. (Japan time)
■ Precautions
If you meet the conditions, we will send you a link to the Google form that contains the contact information for obtaining the mint code via DM from the official Twitter, so please fill it out within 3 days. ○ How to enjoy EatnSmile There are two ways to acquire tokens. One is post-meal reviews.
The other is creating a restaurant page.
A restaurant page is a page where you can learn more about the restaurant with photos and reviews, and can be created by the owner of the restaurant or the user who is the customer.
Store pages will also be able to be bought and sold as NFTs. You can also earn money by managing the ad space on your pages.
In addition, we plan to implement management elements by community members through the DAO system according to payment, the amount of governance tokens held, and the degree of contribution to EatnSmile. Of course, it is also possible to use it only as a review site. Unlike other Play to Earn projects, there is no initial NFT purchase, etc., and you can write reviews for free and receive token rewards. In addition, if you have a mint code that is distributed for free, you can enjoy the Eat to Earn experience of “earning by” eating ” without incurring gas charges or initial costs when creating NFT pages for restaurants.
EatnSmile aims to be a good source of income for both users and shops by providing highly transparent reviews and Earn functions with blockchain technology.
○Features of EatnSmile
・ No need to purchase NFT & anyone can earn rewards for free by describing restaurant experience reviews (5 to 50 STAR tokens by lottery)
・No fees or GAS fees when minting NFTs
・You can earn rewards for advertising on restaurant pages
・Restaurant pages can be bought and sold as NFTs
・It adopts a dual token model, and it is possible to participate in operation using NARUTO tokens.
(*GAS fee = NFT mint and transaction fees, **STAR token = Utility token, ***NARUTO token = Governance token, please check the “White Paper” at the bottom of the page for details.)
Eatn Smile
【White Paper】
Available area
From May 5, 2023 (Friday), it can be used at restaurants, bars, cafes, and other restaurants around the world.
○About Sharefull, S.L.
[Image 2:×600.png] Led by Ippei Morioka, CEO of the IT company Rakuten, Masahiro Chaen, who runs multiple companies such as GameFi guild management and SNS marketing, and the UIUX manager of his own application at a
world-famous major crypto product company. , CEO of a CX consulting company who serves as an advisor to several companies related to Metaverse and NFT, and a development team that leads the blockchain industry.
○EatnSmile Business Inquiries
Person in charge: Sharefull, S.L. Hasegawa
*World’s first based on our research (as of April 2023)
Details about this release:

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