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Shosen Co., Ltd. Where did you go after “Journey to the Middle Ages”, which became a hot topic that “the town bookstore bought and sold it”? And the announcement of the “Shosen and 10 books” project

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Where did you go after “Journey to the Middle Ages”, which became a hot topic that “the town bookstore bought it and sold it”? And the announcement of the “Shosen and 10 books” project

There was a sequel to “Journey to the Middle Ages: The Knight and the Castle,” which became a hot topic on some social media at the end of March, and sold over 12,000 copies in a week.
“Journey to the Middle Ages City and Common People”
“Journey to the Middle Ages: Peasants’ War and Mercenaries” ・・・ These two books. This time, in response to the hit of “Journey to the Middle Ages: The Knight and the Castle”, many fans who are looking for these books have said, “I definitely want to get the next two books.” After repeated consultations with Hakusuisha Co., Ltd., these two books were also published in the same “new book version” as “Journey to the Middle Ages Knights and Castles”. (Like the last time, this time is also a reprint by Shosen Co., Ltd.)
We have received more than 13,000 applications for the 3 “Journey to the Middle Ages” books by May 10th, and we have started delivering them to our customers from May 30th. This time, I hope that everyone has been looking forward to it by using SNS to show a part of the production of the new book version.
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[Image 3:×662.jpg] Even after the reservation deadline, we received inquiries and voices saying, “I forgot to make a reservation” or “I knew there was such a book, but I was late” on the store and SNS, so after June 1st, “Shosen” ” This release is also available at Horindo Bookstore stores and online stores.
And with this experience, I thought about what we can do again. Recently, many books that were published in the past on various internet services and cannot be found even if you look for them are being traded at exorbitant prices. At first glance, “paying the price that the person who wants it can pay” seems “obvious” in today’s world, but we think that it is “not so”.
We will take on the challenge of delivering that masterpiece that fans are eager for, and that masterpiece that we would like to recommend, at a “appropriate price”.
And it cannot be realized by us “bookstores” alone.
I believe that by cooperating with authors, publishers, fans, and other related people, we will be able to take on this challenge little by little.
I named this project “Shosen and 10 books”.
It is a project title with the wish of “10 books to be sent out to the world by people who have a connection with Shosen”.
First, 10 books. I’m going to deliver a book that I want to recommend again in this project.
The first book is the “Journey to the Middle Ages” series, and we will deliver the following books from Hakusuisha Co., Ltd.
[Image 4:×281.jpg] “Shosen and 10 books” project-Part 1.-
“Tetsuwan Getz’s Circumstances ~ Memoirs of a Thief Knight”
Author: Goetz von Berlichingen
Translated by Yoshiro Fujikawa
46 version 3,080 yen (tax included)
Publisher: Hakusuisha Co., Ltd.
With a strong recommendation from the person in charge who planned the last reprint of “Journey to the Middle Ages”, we will start with the autobiography of a knight who actually existed in the 16th century in the Middle Ages. It is a work that feels a connection in the sense of “challenging” a new project. Reservations will start from June 1st (Thursday) at “Shosen” and “Horindo Bookstore” and online stores. ( Reservation deadline is scheduled for June 26th (Monday).
In addition, we are already preparing for the realization of the second and subsequent works of this project with our collaborators. We will release information sequentially, so please continue to support us.
We are also looking forward to hearing from publishers and authors who agree with the project.
Shosen Co., Ltd.
We have opened two bookstores under the name of “Shosen” and “Horindo Bookstore”. We deal deeply with books and miscellaneous goods of various genres such as “railway”, “idol”, “pro wrestling”,
“mathematics” and “fortune telling”. Many book-related events are also held.
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