Shueisha Co., Ltd. For elementary school students all over Japan, a basketball clinic that leads to a dream stage will be held in collaboration with Slam Dunk Scholarship and B.LEAGUE. B.DUNK KIDS PROJECT started

Shueisha Co., Ltd.
The Slam Dunk Scholarship and B.LEAGUE collaborated to hold a basketball clinic for elementary school students all over Japan that leads to a dream stage. B.DUNK KIDS PROJECT started
B.DUNK KIDS PROJECT detailed web page is here ⇒ URL:

The “Slam Dunk Scholarship” (Chiyoda Ward, Shueisha), jointly operated by manga artist Takehiko Inoue and Shueisha, is a public interest incorporated association Japan Professional Basketball League (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, Chairman: Shinji Shimada, hereinafter “B .LEAGUE”), and from this summer, we will support the “B.DUNK KIDS PROJECT”, which conducts lessons (clinics) to develop future basketball players for elementary school students nationwide.
[Image 1:×1334.jpg] (C) Inoue Takehiko, IT Planning, Inc.
The “Slam Dunk Scholarship” was started in 2006 by Takehiko Inoue, the creator of “SLAM DUNK,” and is aimed at high school students who play basketball. system.
In order to expand the possibilities of children who play basketball or children who are new to the game, with the cooperation of each club from Hokkaido to Okinawa, clinics are scheduled to be held at several locations nationwide. Scholarship students who have gained overseas experience through the Slam Dunk Scholarship and active B.LEAGUE players participate. We will convey the appeal of basketball to children through programs that teach basketball techniques and the fun of playing basketball.
The holding of this project will be announced for the first time at “Nippon Life B.LEAGUE FINALS 2022-23” to be held on Saturday, May 27, 2023.

[Image 2:×2700.jpg] (C) Inoue Takehiko, IT Planning, Inc.
ž Organizer: B.LEAGUE
ž Co-organizer: Shueisha/Slam Dunk Scholarship
ž Sponsor: SoftBank Corp., Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
ž Overview: B.LEAGUE team (players/staff),
Program by Slam Dunk Scholar
▶Clinic (Improvement of play and technique)
▶Talk show/Q&A (noticing/learning about future options)
ž Target: 1st to 6th grade elementary school students nationwide ž Participation fee: Free
ž Held: 1. July 2023 Nationwide (B.LEAGUE hosting clubs)
2. Coordinating in Tokyo in August 2023
ž URL:
*The schedule and application requirements for each club will be announced on the website in the future.

B.LEAGUE holding club
● Levanga Hokkaido (Hokkaido)
● Gunma Crane Thunders (Gunma Prefecture)
● Chiba Jets (Chiba Prefecture)
● Shimane Susanoo Magic (Shimane Prefecture)
●Hiroshima Dragonflies (Hiroshima Prefecture)
● Nagasaki Verca (Nagasaki Prefecture)
●Ryukyu Golden Kings (Okinawa Prefecture)
*Additional clubs will be added in the future. We will inform you later on the HP and B.LEAGUE official SNS.
● Levanga Hokkaido (Hokkaido)
[Image 3:×799.png] ● Gunma Crane Thunders (Gunma Prefecture)
[Image 4:×1039.png] ● Chiba Jets (Chiba Prefecture)
[Image 5:×1367.png] ● Shimane Susanoo Magic (Shimane Prefecture)
[Image 6:×711.png] ●Hiroshima Dragonflies (Hiroshima Prefecture)
[Image 7:×1393.png] ● Nagasaki Verca (Nagasaki Prefecture)
[Image 8:×1698.png] ●Ryukyu Golden Kings (Okinawa Prefecture)
[Image 9:×904.png]

[Slam Dunk Scholarship Outline)
[Image 10:×266.jpg] The “SLAM DUNK Scholarship” was started by Mr. Takehiko Inoue, the author of “SLAM DUNK”, who wanted to give something back to the readers who loved this work so much and to the sport of basketball. rice field. Established in 2006 with the aim of supporting young athletes who, after graduating from high school, have the will and ability to continue competing in the United States with the aim of becoming a university or a professional, but for various reasons are unable to fulfill their dreams.
Scholarship students who have passed the examination will study abroad at a prep school in the United States (a school that prepares them for entering university), where they will devote themselves to their studies and basketball training for 14 months. 15 students will study abroad by 2022.
Successive scholarship students are active in Japan’s B.LEAGUE, and are currently enrolled in four-year colleges and graduate schools in the United States. Most recently, Ryo Kobayashi, a member of the 11th class, achieved excellent academic results and graduated from the University of Bridgeport at the top of his class in three years. He went on to graduate school at the same university and continues to play. In addition, Tyrell Taku Sudo, a 13th class student who has been dispatched since 2020, will enter NCAA Division 1 Northern Illinois University on a full scholarship. It was the first time in the history of the Slam Dunk Scholarship that I went on to a university belonging to Division 1 with a full scholarship.
In addition, due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection from 2020, the implementation of the 14th and 15th dispatch was postponed, but the 16th recruitment, which is the first recruitment in two years, will be implemented. As a result of the selection conducted from February to July 2022, Mr. Roy Hideki Ikue was selected and will travel to the United States for nine months from September 2023. The selection results for the 17th recruitment will be announced this summer.
*You can see the introduction and recent status of successive scholarship students on the official website of “Slam Dunk
 Official site:

[Overview of B.LEAGUE]

[Image 11:×1705.jpg] The popular name for the Japanese Men’s Professional Basketball League, which started on September 22, 2016. “Nippon Life Insurance B.LEAGUE FINALS 2022-23” is being held from May 27th to 30th, 2023. In addition, he was appointed as the first Japanese local ambassador for the “FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023”. In preparation for the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023, we will play a role in deepening ties with fans by communicating the appeal of the tournament, etc., and supporting the momentum for the tournament, mainly in Japan. I’m here. Official website:

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