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SIXPLUS TOKYO Co., Ltd. Care and storage of makeup brushes: Techniques and points

Care and storage of makeup brushes: Techniques and points
The makeup brushes you use every day, do you take good care of them? Makeup brushes that come in contact with your skin every day should be cleaned regularly and kept clean.

As a guideline for care, you should clean your makeup brushes once every 1-2 weeks. This time, we will introduce some maintenance methods to keep your makeup brushes clean so that you can use your precious makeup tools cleanly for a longer period of time.
How to clean your makeup brushes
[Image 1:×568.png] Clean your makeup brushes with a special brush cleaner, soap, and lukewarm water. First, moisten a makeup brush with water, then apply cleaner or soap and lightly rub out the dirt. After that, wash off the dirt thoroughly with lukewarm water and lightly wring out the water. Be careful not to let water get into the metal part between the makeup brush and the handle. If water gets in, there is a possibility that the adhesive part will become loose inside.
Dry in cool shade out of direct sunlight
Place damp makeup brushes on a towel to absorb excess moisture and dry on a flat surface. Make sure your makeup brushes are completely dry to prevent bacteria and mold buildup.
[Image 2:×363.png] classify and store
Store different types of makeup brushes in separate places so that they do not affect each other. You can use brush cases and brush holders to keep things organized. This makes it easier to clean and keep it cleaner.
[Image 3:×321.png] Replace your makeup brushes regularly
The makeup brushes also need to be replaced depending on how often they are used. If the bristles of the brush become deformed or come off, or if the feeling of use changes, consider replacing the brush to avoid straining your skin.
[Image 4:×385.png] You can protect the health of your skin by keeping your makeup brushes clean. By using makeup brushes, you can make your own makeup, everyone can have their own beauty, have confidence, live a healthy and confident life, and spend a happier life. I believe we can.
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