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Skin measures for summer ♪ A must-see for salon owners! Free online seminar

Eslab Co., Ltd.
Skin measures for summer ♪ A must-see for salon owners! Free online seminar
Estrabo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitomi Kubo), which manufactures and sells cosmetics and beauty equipment with the aim of providing “beauty” and “health” to everyone, holds regular events. We would like to inform you that we have released information about the free online seminar for beauty salons in May 2023.
[Image 1:×1005.jpg] This seminar is a free online seminar where sales consultants and instructors with numerous achievements propose solutions on various themes in order to respond to the “problems” received from many beauty salons. “What should I do to increase profits?” “I want to improve my technical skills!” “How should I deal with situations like this?” We will deliver it in a program that you can use. We will mainly deliver on Instagram Live and YouTube so that you can watch in your spare time and answer questions in a timely manner. Please take this opportunity to collect information for free.
May delivery lineup
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] ■Delivery date: Monday, May 8, 2023, from 11:00 ■Theme Solve skin troubles in early summer by looking at this! ■ Responsible sales consultant: Matsushima, Sato
■ Distribution media
Instagram (@estlab_official)
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] ■ Delivery date: May 10, 2023 (Wednesday) 13:00 ~ ■ Just before the theme BWJ Tokyo!
Showing off the charm of the LUMIX-A9X equipped with an explosion mode!? Instructor: Nakanishi Distribution media Instagram (@estlab.instructor)
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] ■Delivery date and time: May 24, 2023 (Wednesday) 13:00-■Hiding with theme masks is over!
In charge of making smooth, poreless skin
Instructor: Nakanishi Distribution media Instagram (@estlab.instructor)
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] ■Delivery date and time: May 29, 2023 (Monday) 13:00-■No.
Make the most of the reservation site and increase the number of reservations ♪ Attractive page making seminar
■ Responsible
Sales consultants: Takemiya, Sato
■ Distribution media
Instagram (@estlab_official)
How to watch the online seminar
◆ Instagram live (5/8・5/29) Follow “@estlab_official” and watch. ◆ Instagram live (5/10・5/24) Follow
“@estlab.instructor” and watch.
Eslab Management Support Service
At estlab, we provide management support free of charge to salons that introduce our products. Based on the rich track record of success that we are proud of, we will provide the following support. <

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