Skyland Ventures Co., Ltd. Skyland Ventures participates in the seed round of Kawaii AI, which aims to develop AI that does not lie using GPT x vector database

Skyland Ventures Co., Ltd.
Skyland Ventures Participates in Seed Round of Kawaii AI, Aiming to Develop AI That Can’t Lie Using GPT x Vector Database

Skyland Ventures (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Partner/CEO: Yoshihiko Kinoshita, hereinafter referred to as SV), a venture capital fund that mainly invests in seed startups, is Kawaii AI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo), which aims to develop AI that does not lie. Shinjuku Ward CEO: Riona Kawahara) invested a total of 10 million yen. Kawaii AI will announce “CATTI”, AI using GPT and vector database.

[Image 1:×540.png] CATTI is a prefix of “Comprehensive and Accurate Technology for Trustworthy Information”, and its core concept is to strive not to lie and to say that you don’t know what you don’t know. Kawaii AI Co., Ltd. aims to provide users with a highly reliable AI experience through CATTI, which pursues honesty and transparency.
Conventional AI models sometimes provide appropriate answers to specific questions, but CATTI not only provides the best answers for information requested by users, can be acknowledged. If there is something you don’t understand, CATTI will clearly answer “I don’t know”.
CATTI reads user-given datasets and answers questions about them. In the future, we aim to add a function that judges the authenticity of the data given by the user and recommends data that should be added.
[Image 2:×768.png] Click here for the waitlist CATTI is expected to be used for a wide range of applications. For example, it is expected to be useful in various fields such as support for writing papers, answering queries for expertise, customer support, learning support, and organizing information.
It is a product that can be used not only for individuals but also for corporate services and business support, so if you are considering AI operation, please contact us at the following.

Stakeholder comments
[Image 3:×1999.jpg] Kawaii AI CEO Riona Kawahara
Currently, various companies around the world, such as the United States and China, have announced large-scale LLM models, making AI more accessible to people. In addition, countries around the world are competing with each other for technological capabilities in the AI ​​field.
Kawaii AI Co., Ltd. aims to make Japan a pioneering country in AI that demonstrates international leadership in such a global situation. However, rather than the approach of focusing on how to create AI with large parameters, it is an AI that solves the social issues and problems that AI will create in the future and realizes the
coexistence of humans and AI. I think it is truly achievable with a product-by-product approach. Thank you for your support of Kawaii AI Co., Ltd.
[Image 4:×720.png] Skyland Ventures CEO Yoshihiko Kinoshita
At the first interview, I was impressed by how enthusiastically he said that he wanted to create his own AI because “ChatGPT would lie.” After the interview, they asked me if I could invest in KawaiiAI because they were going to start a business soon, and we decided to participate as the first investors in KawaiiAI. Let’s go through the product creation by writing code! I expected to have!
[Image 5:×1999.jpg] Skyland Ventures Capitalist Kimiya Nakamura
We will create something that surpasses OpenAI! I intuitively wanted to invest in her powerful words.
In addition, although he is fluent in English, he has a challenging spirit that wants to challenge overseas from Japan as a Japanese rather than going abroad.
Although he is an engineer, he has an outstanding ability to take action, and he is very suitable for startups, so I am confident that he will bring about a revolution in the AI ​​field.
About Skyland Ventures
Skyland Ventures (SV) is a venture capital (VC) fund that mainly invests in seed startups. With the mission of “The Seed Maker. & Unlearning.” So far, we have invested in about 150 companies, mainly startups in Japan. After 2022, we will focus on investing in Web3 (Crypto, NFT, Blockchain) startups.
Company name: Skyland Ventures (Representative: Yoshihiko Kinoshita) Location: Sakuragaoka Front Building II, 16-13 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo URL:
Press Kit: About Kawaii AI Co., Ltd.
Company name: Kawaii AI Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: May 2023
Location: Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

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