Smooth summer skin with 5 types of clay and Japanese herbs! A new summer-only pack that absorbs pore dirt and sebum and removes summer stickiness and shine!

JIMOS Co., Ltd.
Smooth summer skin with 5 types of clay and Japanese herbs! A new summer-only pack that absorbs pore dirt and sebum and removes summer stickiness and shine!

Tofu Moritaya (JIMOS Co., Ltd., Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), which sells soymilk cosmetics and health foods, will release “Soymilk Yogurt Pack Tamanokoshi Doro & Herb” from the Tamanokoshi series, which has sold a total of 8.18 million units, on May 1. Newly released on Monday (Monday) for summer only. A wash-off clay pack containing 5 types of clay and domestically-produced Japanese herbs to absorb pore dirt and sebum, leading to clean skin. Please try it in the coming season when you are concerned about stickiness and shine.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] The two major skin concerns in summer are “pores” and “stickiness” Skin troubles such as “pore dirt” and “skin stickiness due to sebum” that many people have in summer. In the summer, sweating increases the amount of sebum secreted, which easily causes stickiness, shine, and clogged pores. Also, it feels like your skin is moistened with sweat, so skin care tends to be easy. If you don’t have enough skin care, the sebaceous glands will work due to dryness, and the stickiness will get worse. If sebum is left for a long period of time, indigenous bacteria that prefer sebum will proliferate, making it easier to cause skin problems such as acne and rough skin. Therefore, it is necessary to take care to remove excess sebum and dirt, especially in summer. Hot topic in Korean cosmetics! Mud pack that is attracting attention again now
[Image 2:×271.png] Tofu Moritaya has developed “Soymilk Yogurt Pack Tamanokoshi Doro & Herb” for such troubled skin in summer.
The “Tamanokoshi” series, which has sold a total of 8.18 million units*, is a popular pack series that supports beauty with
food-derived beauty ingredients such as soy milk and yogurt. In a survey of regular users of the Tamanokoshi series, a whopping 80% of the respondents said they would like to use a pack containing mud, which can be expected to be effective against pore dirt and sebum absorption. We have created a mud pack that has received a lot of attention from our regular users.
Mud packs are also on the market in many Korean cosmetics, and are attracting attention again. At Tofu no Moritaya, we have created a special care mud pack that responds to pinpoint concerns while maintaining the gentleness of the Tamanokoshi series.
* Compiled in-house from June 2005 to the end of July 2022
A blend of 5 types of clay that absorbs pore dirt and sebum. “Soymilk Yogurt Pack Tamanokoshi Doro & Herb” is a well-balanced blend of 5 clays with different properties. Adheres to every corner of the skin and absorbs pore dirt and sebum.
[Image 3:×411.png] ・Bentonite Clay for beautiful skin that Cleopatra loved. Dirt is sucked in like a magnet with the power of negative ions.・Clay produced only in Ghassoul Morocco. Rich in natural minerals, it absorbs sebum and dirt. It’s a clay that has a moisturizing effect.・White clay French clay that is less irritating to the skin. Rich in natural minerals, it gently purifies the skin and supports turnover.・Natural mineral mud Collected in high-quality hot spring areas in Germany, rich in natural minerals. Versatile clay that absorbs sebum and dirt.・Green clay Green clay from France. Highly absorbent of sebum, it is recommended for preventing shine and pimples.
5 domestic Japanese herbs to care for UV damage
[Image 4:×939.png] We have carefully selected and blended domestic raw materials derived from “Japanese herbs” that have been popular for a long time and are full of vitality. Moisturizes the skin damaged by UV rays and mask friction, and prevents skin troubles. When we hear the word “herb,” we tend to think of Western herbs, but in fact, herbs that grow in Japan are called “Japanese herbs.” Japanese herbs that grow in the climate of Japan are familiar to the Japanese body and have been incorporated into Japanese life since ancient times.
The secret of dense raw mud paste that adheres perfectly
[Image 5:×286.png] The pack contains plenty of 5 types of clay with high adsorption power, and has a sticky feel like “raw mud” and sticks to the skin as if it sticks to it. Absorbs pore dirt and sebum, leading to smooth, transparent skin without stickiness.
In addition, we adopted a “disintegrating scrub” that can be crushed with light force, and by breaking the scrub finely, we have achieved a gentle touch that minimizes the burden on the skin. Cleanly removes dirt and old keratin from the skin.
Only 1 minute to pack. Just massage and rinse
It is also recommended for face washing and body care.
After washing your face, apply an appropriate amount on lightly wiped dry skin for 1 minute.
Add a small amount of lukewarm water and gently massage with your fingertips. -Face wash-Add lukewarm water and lather lightly, you can also use it for daily face washing. Use a foaming net to create a denser foam. -Body Care- For summer body where exfoliation is a concern, after applying the pack, add water and massage while lathering.
Product Summary
[Image 6:×413.png] Product Name: Soymilk Yogurt Pack Tamanokoshi Doro & Herb Price: 2,420 yen (tax included) Contents: 100g Synthetic coloring, synthetic fragrance free, mineral oil free, paraben free, silicone free Patch tested *For everyone It does not mean that skin problems do not occur. Please see below for product details. [New release commemoration] 2nd half price campaign is underway!
[Image 7:×827.png] – About Tofu Moritaya – Tofu Moritaya started with one tofu. While making tofu and soy milk, the craftsmen’s hands became white and clean, so we started developing skin care products. We use our proprietary soymilk fermented liquid for our skin care products, and continue research to deliver the power of soybeans, including soy isoflavones, to the skin.
[Image 8:×500.png] In addition, we want to be closer to our customers’ lives through soybeans, which is the root of Moritaya tofu. I want you to easily incorporate the power of soybeans from the inside. With this in mind, we also sell processed soybean foods such as “Moritaya Soybean Noodles” and 100% domestic soybean soy protein “Kirei na Protein”.

[Image 9:×3900.jpg] – Moritaya long-selling product – “Soymilk Soap Shizen Seikatsu” has been on sale for 22 years. Click here for soy milk soap

[Image 10:×3900.jpg] The “Tamanokoshi” series, which has sold a total of 8.18 million units*, is a pack series that delivers beauty ingredients directly to bare skin with a short-time care of 5 minutes. Click here for the Soymilk Yogurt Pack Tamanokoshi series *Compiled from June 2005 to the end of July 2022
-Company profile-Company name: JIMOS Co., Ltd. Location: 2-1 Reisencho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0039 Inquiries: Tofu Moritaya Official SNS-LINE: m_ojigichanfFacebook:
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