Snoring care pillow “Nitetronic Z6” in pursuit of a comfortable sleep

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Snoring care pillow “Nitetronic Z6” in pursuit of a comfortable sleep Sleep monitoring is possible with manual control and dedicated app.
Gathertech Co., Ltd. will release a support purchase project for the snoring care pillow “Nitetronic Z6” at GREENFUNDING from April 28, 2023 (Friday) to June 15, 2023 (Thursday).
Product page:
[Image 1:×386.png] People spend one-third of their lives sleeping. Sleep is a great time to let your body recover and relax your neck muscles.
Unfortunately, in modern society, many sleep disorders keep us from getting the rest we need. One of the most common sleep disorders is snoring.
Inadequate or poor quality sleep can lead to serious health conditions and impair mental health, yet many snoring sufferers struggle to find a cure.
[Image 2:×333.png] ~Are you a perpetrator or a victim? ~
World-renowned snoring researcher Johns Hopkins estimates that nearly half of the population snores occasionally and 25% snore regularly. Take appropriate care measures for snoring
[Image 3:×290.png] The root cause of snoring is the pressure on the upper airway during sleep, which narrows the airway. Especially when you sleep on your back, the muscles that support your throat relax, narrowing your throat and making it easier to snore.
Therefore, turning the snorer’s head to the side is the best way to reduce airway pressure.
[Image 4:×449.png] Common anti-snoring treatments include anti-snoring mouthpieces, mouth tape, nasal dilators, and anti-snoring devices, tools that can make sleep uncomfortable. You may experience increased discomfort or damage to certain parts of your body.
[Image 5:×373.png] The Nitetronic Z6 Sleep Support Pillow is easy to incorporate into your sleep routine without straining you while creating a relaxing and soothing sleep experience.
[Image 6:×444.png]
[Image 7:×383.gif] Above is a video showing how it works.
What are the benefits of the Nitetronic Z6?
1. Snoring Detection Nitetronic Z6 is equipped with high-precision MEMS sensor and AI sound identification technology, which detects the sound and vibration of snoring in just a few seconds after the snoring starts. * A MEMS sensor is a micro-electromechanical system. It is used in various fields such as automobiles and smart fans.
[Image 8:×383.gif] 2. Turn your head sideways The sensor built into the pillow accurately recognizes the position of your head. When the sensor detects the sound and vibration of snoring, the airbag inflates and tilts the pillow to tilt the head to stop snoring.
[Image 9:×383.gif] 3. Equipped with a dedicated smart app The user’s sleep and snoring data is analyzed by AI, and reports such as sleep time, breath sounds during sleep, and intervention effects can be generated to check your own condition. It scientifically evaluates and comprehensively analyzes sleep patterns and sleep conditions, provides advice from the viewpoint of exercise, diet, sleep habits, etc., and supports sleep improvement.
[Image 10:×368.jpg ]
[Image 11:×453.png ]
4. Equipped with a manual operation button
While configurable via the app, the Nitetronic Z6 also offers manual control, allowing you to adjust the sensitivity of detection and intensity of intervention in 5 steps. The operation method is very simple, and it is a function that even elderly people can easily use.
[Image 12:×632.png] There are many other points that we can recommend.
1. Based on scientific research and reports
After years of research and development, our pillow is the first anti-snoring pillow to be scientifically researched and reported. You can definitely trust it!
Research report: The most effective way to reduce snoring is to change the position of the head.
Authors: D. Cazan1, U. Mehrmann2, A. Freuschle1, J.T. Maurer1
[Image 13:×471.jpg] 2. Comfortable high resilience pillow
Pillows made of high resilience urethane material are a little stiff, but they are also very resilient. The firmness makes it easy to toss and turn and holds your head firmly. Therefore, you can roll over with minimal force.
[Image 14:×360.gif] 3. Attention to detail
[Image 15:×436.png]
[Image 16:×425.png ]
Why Choose Nitetronic Z6?
[Image 17:×464.png ]
You can’t put a price on good sleep, but this pillow costs just under $65 a day for three years. Your partner and you can enjoy a restful sleep without snoring.
[Image 18:×541.jpg] Product page: * The project is open until 23:59 on Wednesday, May 31st.
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