Sotas Co., Ltd. The community “2030 Neighboring Plastic Factory” will start to share IT that can be used f rom tomorrow at the site of plastic processing.

Sotas Inc.
The community “2030 Neighboring Plastic Factory” will start to share IT that can be used from tomorrow on the site of plastic processing. – Supporting the first step to DX with the theme of “IT x plastic factory” –
Sotas Co., Ltd. (Location: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Hiroki Yoshimoto; hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which develops services specializing in the chemical industry, together with Mr. Plataro, a special grade plastic molding technician who is our advisor, , A community to share IT that can be used in factories, such as introducing digital tools that can be used in business and sharing successful examples of DX in the field, for managers and engineers of plastic processing companies “2030 Neighboring Plastic Factory ” will start operating.
[Image 1:×1135.png] Background of the opening of the “2030 Neighboring Plastic Factory” From November 2022, we will develop and provide services specialized for the chemical industry. Before the release and after the release, we have continuously interviewed management and manufacturing sites of many plastic processing companies in order to add functions. Among them, we heard from many management that “the first step to DX is difficult.” Many plastic processing companies are long-established companies with a long history, and there is a high threshold for changing the business flow and management methods that have been cultivated so far. On the other hand, when thinking about improving operational efficiency and hiring young engineers who will succeed them, there is a sense of urgency that they need to take the next step now, but there are many voices saying that they are worried about where to start. I asked.
In addition, with the cooperation of Mr. Plataro, our advisor and operator of the injection molding community “PlasticFan”, we also asked PlasticFan members about the current improvements they feel from an engineer’s point of view, the so-called “there is a plastic factory”. After receiving your opinion, we understood that there were concerns about delays in the digitization of factories from an engineer’s perspective as well.
The “Plastic Factory Next to 2030” was conceived as one of the underpinnings for improving the current situation of plastic processing companies as described above. We would like to create a foundation for sharing and exchanging opinions as IT information that can be used in business by interweaving the unique perspectives of a plastic processing factory with themes such as “DX” and “improvement of work efficiency” that we hear a lot these days. We aim to create a community where ideas such as “We can use our factories in this way” for “DX” and “improvement of work efficiency” that have been left as someone else’s affairs so far.
The origin of the name “2030 Neighboring Plastic Factory” comes from a manager of a plastic processing company who told us during an interview with the factory, “Since there are many opportunities for collaboration, we have strong ties with other companies in the same industry and a relationship of trust. I got a hint from the word “connected by”. The “2030 Neighborhood Plastic Factory” also includes the desire to share information that can be used with each other, promote DX as the industry as a whole toward 2030, that is, the near future, and boost the plastic processing industry. I’m here.
[Image 2:×1017.png] In addition, in “2030 Neighborhood Plastic Factory”, we will use familiar graphic recordings and cartoons to make it easier to understand terms and concepts that are difficult to understand, and will be released to the community every week.
[Image 3:×847.jpg] Ichika Marui, a manga artist, will be in charge of drawing the graphics and manga. Mr. Marui has been active as a manga artist since 2022 after working as a teacher at a public high school and working at a theme park. In addition, he is engaged in LGBTQ enlightenment activities through his own SNS, lectures at public schools, and participation in the Rainbow Festa. Mr. Marui’s warm illustrations and easy-to-understand graphic recording techniques, as well as his accurate advice and high proposal ability, led him to be appointed this time. I met Mr. Marui through a Twitter recruiting event. We would like to inform the community about the expansion of such possibilities on SNS.
■ Target
It is intended for everyone involved in plastic processing.
■ How to participate
Please enter from here. After you have entered your information, we will send you an invitation email for Slack, so please follow the contents of the email to participate in the community. ■ 2030 Neighboring Plastic Factory note
Company Profile
Company name: Sotas Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hiroki Yoshimoto, President and CEO
Location: KBIC Main Building 236, 7-7 Shin-Kawasaki, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Established: March 2022
Business overview: Developing and providing “Sotas process
management”, an environmentally friendly production/inventory management and ordering system for the chemical industry, and the chemical industry database “Sotas database”
Details about this release:

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