SoVa Co., Ltd. Completed patent application Patent application for AI tax accountant who learns specialized knowledge of tax and labor affairs and realizes high-quality consultation

SoVa Co., Ltd.
[Completed patent application] Patent application for AI tax accountant who learns specialized knowledge of tax and labor affairs and realizes high-quality consultation response
A combination of AI and professionalism enables the provision of higher quality services

SoVa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kentaro Yamamoto, hereinafter “our company”), which operates a new type of accounting office “SoVa” that combines technology and experts, is an accounting, tax, labor, etc. We are pleased to inform you that we have filed a patent application for a chat AI that can provide high-quality answers even for specialized content.
[Image 1:×702.png] Background of the patent application
With the advent of Chat GPT and others, it has become possible for AI to answer human questions in a more natural way than ever before. On the other hand, it is not always possible to obtain correct answers regarding specialized content such as accounting, taxation, labor and registration, and it is still difficult to use it in practice. Accurate information collection is necessary when carrying out procedures based on laws and regulations, and there is a great risk if you make a mistake.
Based on the above situation, we have developed a special technology that can provide high-quality answers even to technical questions from users. Utilizing this technology, we will proceed with development for practical use so that AI can immediately give correct answers to users’ specialized consultations. * At the time of posting this release, the release date for this service to the general public has not been decided.
Outline of patent application
[More Accurate, User-Situation-Based Answers] For technical questions, you can’t answer correctly unless you fully understand the user’s background information.
In addition, there is a lot of incorrect or insufficient information on the Internet about technical content.
The technology invented this time makes it possible to reply only with correct information in a form that matches the user’s situation. [AI recommendation function automatically distributes useful information to users] Subsidies, subsidies, and other systems change and update daily.
However, for busy managers, it is difficult to discover only those that are meaningful to their company from among various update information.
With the technology invented this time, AI will make timely
recommendations of necessary information for each user, making it possible to obtain meaningful information without burdening the user. Comment from Kentaro Yamamoto, CEO of SoVa Inc.
This time, we have succeeded in inventing a new technology of professional x AI and applied for a patent.
When I used Chat GPT for the first time, I felt that “what I used to ask tax accountants, may be solved by using AI in the near future…”. However, in reality, it is still difficult to provide answers that are inaccurate and that match the user’s situation, and it may be difficult to find alternatives in the near future. We proceeded with this development, believing that there is great potential for the future in such a situation.
The patented technology we filed does not mean that we will be able to provide accurate answers to all professional consultations
immediately, but in the future, by combining with human experts, we will develop high-value-added professionals that contribute to the growth of our customers’ businesses. We believe that the service can be realized.
We are not aiming to replace professional work with AI, but we are also a certified public accountant. We will also expand
What is SoVa, a next-generation accounting firm?
Official site:
[Image 2:×1080.png] “SoVa” is a one-stop accounting firm with a monthly fee of 9,800 yen. Until now, only specialists such as tax accountants and social workers had the knowledge and know-how that they had on an individual basis. We provide one-on-one support.
・Feature 1: Comprehensively grasp the procedures that must be performed in-house!
・Feature 2: Just enter your company information and the government office related procedures will be completed quickly!
・Feature 3: When you want to consult with a person, we introduce a matching expert!
As experts such as certified public accountants and tax accountants with practical experience supervise the report, we always provide updated and accurate information.
In addition, we also provide support for using accounting software, and it is possible to grasp the financial situation through efficient accounting software operation.
Company Profile
[Image 3:×394.png] SoVa Co., Ltd.’s mission is to “enhance the accessibility of specialized knowledge and create a society where people can take on challenges with peace of mind.” Doing.
We aim to make back-office operations easy to understand and familiar by systematizing our specialized knowledge of back-office operations using the power of technology and combining them with the power of design.
Head office location: 3rd floor, ARCCUBE Nihonbashi Honcho, 3-9-7 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: September 2019
Representative: Kentaro Yamamoto, Representative Director
Details about this release:

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