Spitz appeared on the cover of AERA’s 35th anniversary issue and in an interview “The early impulses of music that I felt in my 33rd year” / AERA on sale May 22nd

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Spitz appeared on the cover of AERA’s 35th anniversary issue and in an interview “The early impulses of music that I felt in my 33rd year” / AERA on sale May 22nd
The opening feature is “Talking about the future 35 years later” / Kohei Matsushita’s series is a special edition

AERA May 29th increased issue released on May 22nd is the 35th anniversary issue. Appearing on the cover are the Spitz members who are “almost in sync” with AERA. Celebrating 33 years since his debut, he talks about his feelings of returning to the origin of music. The opening feature is “Talking about the future 35 years from now”. We thought with experts about what kind of future would exist and what kind of society we should have if the years since the first issue of AERA passed. The popular series “Kohei Matsushita Junin to Iro” is a special edition. Since the start of the series, we will look back on conversations with a total of 10 guests and the “colors” that each imaged. There is also an article that has been independently investigated about corona subsidies. A study of 10 major medical colleges found significant increases in profits. I will also point out the problems of the subsidy system. There is also a project to look back on the AERA cover to commemorate the 35th anniversary. You can feel each “era” on the nostalgic cover. It is a book filled with various articles that are worth reading.
[Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/4702/1728/resize/d4702-1728-afe0952d74c1549546d3-0.jpg&s3=4702-1728-c96afe3fae244c0e39512fdae76f9d77-1653×2236.jpg] Cover & Interview: Spitz
Men and women of all ages are drawn to Spitz’s music on the cover. Masamune Kusano said, “I’m not aiming for old-fashioned or Evergreen songs, but I’m always trying to deliver the latest Spitz.” He says that there were times when he couldn’t do the activities he wanted during the corona crisis. After that time, “I feel like I was able to return to my roots in music” (Mr. Tatsuo Sakiyama), “I have revived the initial impulse when I started the band” (Akihiro Tamura). The album “Himitsu Studio” will be released on the 17th of this month, and a nationwide tour will begin in June. “We perform live, make songs, and from that cycle we can see the next music” (Tetsuya Miwa), “We want to deliver our music with the sound of the band. (Mr. Kusano), Spitz. Mika Ninagawa, of course, took pictures of the cover and gravure. A must-see photo with the soft and warm atmosphere of the four people in the background like the sea. Please check it out in the magazine.
Introductory feature “Talking about the future 35 years later” AERA celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. A world that was unimaginable at the time of its launch is now expanding. What kind of society will we have 35 years from now, and how should we live? An anatomist, Takeshi Yoro, said, “Only unanswerable and unsolvable problems remain.” Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa Ward, says, “Ordinary people should be in charge of politics. We want to create a society where people can feel happy.” Yuki Ota, an IOC Athletes Commission member, will talk about what is important in the sports world to prevent the shortage of human resources and the lack of interest in sports, and inventor Fumi Muraki will talk about how science and technology can change society. There is also a valuable discussion between monk Shokei Matsumoto and wheelchair gal Sashimi on how to create a society that accepts diversity. We will also analyze what kind of prospects the rapidly changing media will achieve in the future. It is a plan to think carefully about the future of society. Kohei Matsushita Junin to Iro Special Edition
This series, which started in July last year, has invited 10 guests so far. Therefore, this time, it is a “special edition” in which Mr. Matsushita looks back on the talks with these 10 people, with the title “Juni to Iro”. Starting with Arata Iura, the first guest, Mr. Matsushita talks while recalling talks with various guests such as Mr. Enon Kawatani, a musician who met for the first time, and Mr. Yuki Amami, who co-starred in the drama being aired. The “color” that Mr. Matsushita chose for each guest is also spectacular.
Corona subsidy original survey
When this magazine examined the financial situation of 10 major medical universities in the Kanto region, it was found that profits increased sharply at all universities due to the increase in subsidies for the new corona. Experts say, “It is believed that much of the corona subsidy is profitable.” In the corona crisis, securing medical workers and improving their treatment have become social issues, but he also points out that “management is rich and they are not on the scene.” In the first place, experts say that there is also a problem with the system design itself. He criticized, “We have created a foundation for applying for more beds than the actual capacity.” We have detailed information on these issues.
35th anniversary commemorative project “Face of the times” cut out While looking back at historical papers, we will follow the path that this magazine has traveled to convey the times and the breath of people. Eiichiro Sakata photographed the cover from the first issue to 2016. Mr. Akio Morita, former Sony chairman, Mr. Kiyoshiro Imawano, singer, and Mr. Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Senator I chose 10 covers and talked about my memories. Mr. Mika Ninagawa, who is also responsible for the current cover shoot, received Mr. Sakata’s baton. Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, author/monk Jakucho Setouchi, and figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu looked back on the covers of 10 magazines, saying, “I keep shooting while thinking that I have to create a place where people want to appear.” says. Please immerse yourself in the history of AERA together.
Francis Fukuyama “Liberalism is being eroded”
New NISA real question pile
May disease/June disease: How not to succumb to stress
Difficulties faced by “gifted” people Difficulty living in harmony with others Once you see the candidates with your own eyes, how to make the election “personal”
Sota Fujii six crowns defeat Akira Watanabe master “Is it not enough to read?” Matisse A painter of passion and conflict who continued to search for light Tawaman Literature Human Hymn of People Living in the City
Aya Yamamoto What I want to cherish is the ability to believe that “I can do it” Omiya Ellie’s University of Tokyo Futari Reunion Guest Naoko Yamazaki “I met you the other day” by Jane Hsu
Contemporary Portraits Akira Sato, President Koikeya
and other articles are posted.
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AERA May 29, 2023 increased issue
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