Sponsored by Hakuhodo BIZ GARAGE The key to the success of EC malls lies in the “foundation” – Hakuhodo EC mall consulting’s strategy –

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[Sponsored by Hakuhodo BIZ GARAGE] The key to the success of EC malls lies in the “foundation” – Hakuhodo EC mall consulting’s strategy – 5/25 (Tuesday) Held online: For those in charge of EC mall sales, operation, and management, and those who are considering opening a new store

BIZ GARAGE, a business portal operated by Hakuhodo, delivers a wide range of information, including solutions and case studies that implement full-funnel marketing. We also hold free Hakuhodo BIZ GARAGE webinars where experts and business leaders explain in detail the latest topics and themes of great interest to companies.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/8062/713/resize/d8062-713-eb499290c3fc9063914d-0.jpg&s3=8062-713-5cf4b900861e9301347a81e53e0c56ac-1920×1080.jpg] The theme of this webinar is “The key to the success of the EC mall lies in the ‘foundation’ – Hakuhodo EC mall consulting’s strategy -“. Due to the corona crisis, the purchasing environment has further shifted from real to EC, and the market size is expanding. Among them, major e-commerce malls are driving the market expansion, and they have become an “indispensable channel” due to their convenience and high searchability. In order to increase sales in the major EC mall market, which is becoming increasingly important for companies and consumers, and competition is intensifying, it is necessary to understand and adapt to the ecosystem and business characteristics of “EC malls” as well as appropriate advertising investment. The key is to do. In order to provide one-stop support for the promotion of value creation DX by EC-based companies, Hakuhodo DY Group companies and affiliated companies have gathered their knowledge and skills and launched the “HAKUHODO EC+” project, which specializes in the EC area, to provide all kinds of value. We provide full-funnel support for corporate marketing DX and business growth in chains.
In this webinar, HAKUHODO EC+ consultants will explain tips that can be used as a reference in actual work, and common problems and solutions when opening stores in EC malls.
■ Event overview
Title: “The key to the success of the EC mall lies in the
“foundation”-Hakuhodo EC mall consulting’s strategy-”
Organizer: Hakuhodo BIZ GARAGE
Date: May 25, 2023 (Thursday) 15:00-16:00 *Archive distribution available Form: Online event/Zoom live distribution
Fee: Free
Participation method: Pre-registration required
Details: https://www.bizgarage.jp/webinar/20230525
Application deadline: May 22, 2023 (Monday) 15:00
Please apply from the URL above.
A viewing URL will be sent to the registered email address at a later date. *You may not be able to watch the video depending on your security settings or operating environment.
* Depending on the number of applications, a lottery may be held. ■ Program *The contents of this program are subject to change. ・Introduction of HAKUHODO EC+
・ Basic overview of the sales floor called EC mall
・ How to grow the EC mall business: Know the “dynamics” common to malls ・ 3 common problems in EC malls and solution approaches
■ Speakers
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/8062/713/resize/d8062-713-a8f8a1feeeb6a25d1289-1.jpg&s3=8062-713-95b367d4d5ddc0928dc328b5f9819222-320×320.jpg] Rui Oda
Hakuhodo Inc. Shopper Marketing Division
Joined Hakuhodo in 2019. Engaged in full-funnel consultation from EC business strategy formulation to implementation of measures for various companies based on data-driven business support experience in a career at a marketing research company and a major EC mall. As a member of “HAKUHODO EC+”, he promotes EC business support and solution development across the group.

[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/8062/713/resize/d8062-713-32ace078c44f16d1468b-2.jpg&s3=8062-713-e6646b7c9d4e18c42081ee2ed619c53e-896×897.jpg] Wataru Kawaguchi
Hakuhodo Inc. Shopper Marketing Division
Joined Hakuhodo in 2022. Experienced alliance, CRM, marketing, and EC business management at two credit card companies. After changing jobs to a foreign-affiliated EC mall, he was involved in consulting for manufacturers and business development work. Currently, he is engaged in consulting work that utilizes his knowledge of EC management, CRM, and payment.

[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/8062/713/resize/d8062-713-650599d56001264fedeb-3.jpg&s3=8062-713-88ecf55e16e2339a5b47de45facc8fad-1773×1773.jpg] Yuta Mizuho
Hakuhodo Inc. Shopper Marketing Division
Joined Hakuhodo in 2022. Based on his experience as an EC consultant at a major EC mall, he is in charge of business design and strategy formulation for the entire EC area. He has a wide range of consulting achievements from newly opened companies to clients with monthly sales of billions of yen. He also belongs to “HAKUHODO EC+”, which specializes in the EC area, and is also working on the development of new solutions.

“HAKUHODO EC+” is a new commerce initiative under the umbrella of the strategic organization “Shopper Marketing Initiative (R)” that provides new shopping experiences to consumers in the online / offline area promoted by nine group companies including Hakuhodo. , quickly catch the potential of new e-commerce, from market analysis, problem discovery, strategic conception to system development, e-commerce site construction, implementation, customer attraction, CRM, and even fulfillment and contact center operations, etc. We will provide full-funnel support for corporate marketing DX and business growth. Service details:
https://www.bizgarage.jp/solution/e-commerce-mall-consulting-operation ■ About BIZ GARAGE
Hakuhodo Inc. operates the business portal “BIZ GARAGE”
(https://www.bizgarage.jp/), which provides various solution information and useful information for practicing full-funnel marketing for clients.
In addition to the advertising and sales promotion areas that promote awareness and interest in our clients’ products and services, we also offer full-funnel support from customer conversion through purchases and repeat purchases to fan-making. We are transmitting related practical solution information such as “OMO area”.
▼Inquiries about the webinar▼
BIZ GARAGE Management Office: info.bizgarage@hakuhodo.co.jp
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