Sponsorship Recruitment The video production competition “Video Competition for Z” will be held to express the future created by Generation Z! Collaboration with “MovieInfluence ~Creating new stories with people involved in video~”

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[Sponsorship Recruitment] The video production competition “Video Competition for Z” will be held to express the future created by Generation Z! Collaboration with “MovieInfluence ~Creating new stories with people involved in video~”
Collaboration with influencers familiar with video
On May 4, 2023 (Wednesday), Media Incubate Co., Ltd. is looking for a team centered on active Generation Z, aiming to develop business for Generation Z. As part of this, we have decided to hold a video production competition “Video Competition for Z” by Generation Z. In this competition, we are looking for video works that express the future created by Generation Z, and excellent works will be awarded with luxurious prizes. In addition, we have also started collaborating with “MovieInfluence ~Creating new stories with people involved in video~”, which aims to create new stories in cooperation with influencers who are familiar with video production.
“Video Competition for Z” is a competition aimed at drawing out the creativity and expressiveness of Generation Z and creating new business opportunities. Participants use their free ideas to visualize the future and social issues they perceive, and then submit their works. Outstanding works will be selected by the judges and announced at the awards ceremony.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/18590/677/resize/d18590-677-7aa702c53bdece374ab7-0.png&s3=18590-677-1d020c3b019150f9b967865d06cab6de-1864×984.png] We are looking for support from sponsor companies and people involved in video production for the “Video Competition for Z”. Sponsoring companies offer a variety of services such as cooperation and support for video production, co-hosting of events and seminars, introduction and provision of influencers and human resources involved in video production, provision of technology and know-how related to video production, and sponsorship of video production. We have a sponsorship menu.
Sponsorships have the following benefits:
Excellent works are selected in the competition, and the names of the sponsoring companies are introduced at the awards ceremony.
Opportunities to interact with the creators who submitted the work, and communication with young creators
Gain knowledge and know-how about video production and marketing Opportunities for discovering and hiring young creators are created In video production, the power of expression and creativity possessed by Generation Z is a very important factor. Through “Video Competition for Z”, we aim to further increase the influence of Generation Z on society and create new business opportunities. Media Incubate Co., Ltd. will continue to develop services and businesses that meet the rapidly changing times and contribute to the development of society.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/18590/677/resize/d18590-677-4b9b80efcf6af9afc696-1.png&s3=18590-677-ed8e50e5c895da79c571628e082c2241-1988×696.png] Through this competition, we aim to bring out the creativity and expressive power of Generation Z and connect it to business
opportunities. In addition, we believe that it will not only create new business opportunities for our sponsoring companies, but also allow us to understand their opinions and values ​​through interaction and communication with Generation Z.
Our strength is that we have the equipment and technology necessary for video production, as well as staff with a wealth of experience and know-how. In addition to always pursuing the highest quality, we respond sensitively to current trends and the latest technology, and constantly provide new value.
In addition, we use our video production service “Video Competition” and influencer support service “MovieInfluence” to help improve the quality of the competition participants’ productions. Utilizing our past achievements and knowledge, we will work on business development for Generation Z.
Participants must be Generation Z and are expected to come from a variety of industries and fields. Since the team consists of active Generation Z members, it is expected that original ideas that incorporate the thinking and sensibilities of Generation Z will be born.
Our goal is to bring out the creativity and expressiveness of Generation Z and connect it to business opportunities. We will continue to create new value for the world by providing meaningful projects for Generation Z.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/18590/677/resize/d18590-677-3a793d0f15650a23bdd6-2.png&s3=18590-677-8e66ecf59ec1342ed9d0ddb5a936e862-768×1078.png] Media Incubate Co., Ltd. is a company that realizes business creation by creating a place where support gathers and media creation where support gathers. We are developing various businesses with the theme of the future of children, the future of media, and the future of sports through careers.
B2B influencer support service “MovieInfluence” is one of the representative services we provide. We specialize in influencer marketing, and have received support from many domestic and
international clients. “MovieInfluence” is a B2B influencer support service that specializes in advertising and marketing, with a focus on video, and provides customized promotion plans that meet the business challenges of our clients.
We are also developing a business that specializes in sports-related influencer marketing called “SportsInfluence”. Influencers are also attracting attention in the sports world, and we are creating new business opportunities in the sports market by providing promotional support and product promotions for athletes, trainers, and athletes. In addition, we have introduced the “Children’s Future Supporter System” and are working to support the healthy growth and education of children. It is a system that allows individuals and corporations who sympathize with our services and businesses to make donations to support the future of children.
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/18590/677/resize/d18590-677-7f16b925a4124961d448-3.png&s3=18590-677-9d564cbfec78c2702f22924ab7c5f43b-768×1078.png] As an incubation company specializing in media, we aim to create places and media to gather support and create new business
opportunities through them. We will continue to contribute to the development of society by developing services and businesses that meet the rapidly changing times.
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/18590/677/resize/d18590-677-5f8e7cba0ee84c0ae47b-4.png&s3=18590-677-8e73e1df5972c39dbef7486ba6af09cc-768×1078.png] Please feel free to contact us by any of the following methods, which is convenient for you. ■LINE: https://page.line.me/wix9230g■E-mail: masaki.hamasaki@media-incubate.com We would like to have interviews and exchanges as needed to find out what is good about each other. It’s just a start, and I’d be happy if we could do something together. I would like to support the activities that everyone has in mind, gather friends, collect money, and expand activities.
・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ [Company Profile: Inquiries regarding this matter] Company name: Media Incubate Co., Ltd. Location: 3-4 Sadohara-cho, Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo -1 Established: March 30, 2016 (Established on the 10,000th day after the birth of
representative Hamasaki) Representative Director: Masaki Hamasaki (https://twitter.com/masaki_hamasaki) Email:
masaki.hamasaki@media-incubate .com Business description: Investment / Business development / Accelerator:
https://media-innovation.jp/2023/01/05/2023-outlook-mediaincubate/URL: http://media-incubate.com/
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