Sprocket Co., Ltd. Started linking the audience data of Intimate Merger’s data utilization platform “IM-DMP” to “Sprocket”

Sprocket Inc.
Started linking the audience data of Intimate Merger’s data
utilization platform “IM-DMP” to “Sprocket”
Enabling personalized measures using demographic data and psychographic data
Sprocket Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koji Fukada) provides a platform for CRO (conversion rate optimization) with the mission of “creating mutually beneficial relationships between people and companies through technology.” has started linking with the audience data of the data utilization platform “IM-DMP” provided by Intimate Merger Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Ryoji Yanashima).
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/32195/68/resize/d32195-68-feda30520f9a78ebe334-0.png&s3=32195-68-f97e45a233be8184b7148867d41b4e07-1200×630.png] Intimate Merger is a data platform “IM-DMP” that holds audience data consisting of more than 5,000 demographic information such as gender and age linked to about 470 million unique browsers and psychographic information such as interests. offers. In addition, a common ID solution that does not rely on 3rd party cookies, “IM We also offer post-cookie services such as “-UID”.
Sprocket provides web hospitality tools and site improvement services to maximize conversions and improve the customer experience. By linking the audience data of “IM-DMP” with “Sprocket”, it will be possible to use the data held by “IM-DMP” to serve web customers, distribute site content, and analyze site users. . In addition, it is possible to respond to data utilization after cookie regulation. Realize more precise segment creation and analysis by linking with “IM-DMP” The features of “IM-DMP” linkage are as follows.
・It is possible to use audience data linked from “IM-DMP” for Web customer service and site content distribution conditions.
・It is possible to specify audience data linked from “IM-DMP” as an analysis axis of the site itself and site visitors ・”IM-DMP” will be updated in October 2021, and data can be used after the cookie regulation It is also possible to correspond
Sprocket has traditionally used “behavior on the site” and “first party data linked from the site” to distribute measures and analyze site users. By linking with “IM-DMP”, “3rd party data” held by “IM-DMP” can also be used, enabling more precise segment creation and analysis.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/32195/68/resize/d32195-68-decc413c8667d9f54e0d-1.png&s3=32195-68-9eff26cfeea19d0b55c9116e44333caf-1001×630.png] Usage example of “IM-DMP” linkage
・ Comprehensive EC site targeting users of a wide range of age groups By linking data related to the user’s hobbies and preferences from “IM-DMP” and appealing content of related product genres, the first purchase rate will be increased.
・Sites that introduce financial and insurance products
The user’s age, presence or absence of children, and annual income data are linked from “IM-DMP”, and the application rate for
examination is increased by appealing the content of financial and insurance products with affinity.
Tool linkage requires the introduction of both “IM-DMP” and “Sprocket” products. Please contact our consultants for the terms and conditions of the collaboration.
By maximizing conversion from user behavior, Sprocket helps build long-term relationships by improving client business outcomes and providing end-users with a quality experience. We will continue to strive to form the ideal engagement between companies and end users. Intimate Merger Co., Ltd. Company Profile
A data marketing company that has the mission of “improving efficiency using data in various areas of the world” and owns the data
utilization platform “IM-DMP”, which has the No. 1 (*1) share of the domestic DMP market introduction. We provide the data utilization platform “IM-DMP”, which combines approximately 470 million audience data (*2) and advanced analysis technology, and provide construction support and consulting services related to data utilization. In addition, as an initiative to protect privacy, we support the “Management Declaration for Appropriate Use of Personal Data” advocated by the Japan Business Federation. In the future, we will develop business in the X-Tech area such as Sales Tech, Fin Tech, and Privacy Tech, aiming to be a “data business producer group”. *1 Source: “DataSign Web Service Survey Report 2021.2”
*2 Indicates the number of unique browsers measured within a certain period of time. In many cases, cookies are used to identify browsers, and indicate the number of unique cookies measured within a certain period of time.
Name: Intimate Merger Co., Ltd.
Location: Roppongi Yamada Building 4F, 3-5-27 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Representative: Ryoji Yanajima, President and Representative Director URL: https://corp.intimatemerger.com/
About CRO platform “Sprocket”
Sprocket is a CRO (conversion rate optimization) platform that analyzes online user behavior in real time and delivers the optimal content for each user at the optimal timing. We have a full set of functions that allow you to cycle the PDCA cycle, from discovering issues in sites and apps to implementing measures and analyzing them. https://www.sprocket.bz
Sprocket Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Sprocket Co., Ltd. is a company that provides users with the ideal customer experience through consulting using a platform that maximizes conversions and methods cultivated from many years of practical data. We will contribute to business growth with the mission of “creating mutually beneficial relationships between people and companies through technology.”
Name: Sprocket Inc. (English company name: Sprocket Inc.)
Established: April 2014
Location: 〒153-0043 1-2-7 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 44th Kowa Building 2F Business description: Development, sales and operation of conversion optimization platform “Sprocket”
Representative: Hiroshi Fukada
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