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Started service development support for company-specific themes using ChatGPT API

Orange moon Co., Ltd.
Started service development support for company-specific themes using ChatGPT API
Based on the experience of introducing ChatGPT API to ManualForce provided by Orange Moon Co., Ltd., started supporting companies considering using ChatGPT API.

Orange Moon Co., Ltd., which has a track record of implementing ChatGPT API in its own service ManualForce (manual force) and has been adopted by Microsoft for Startups, will start service development for company-specific themes using ChatGPT API from May 31, 2023. started to support.
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Background of service launch
Orange Moon Co., Ltd. provides a function using the ChatGPT API in its own automatic manual creation service ManualForce. In order to develop the utilization know-how cultivated in the above services as a business, we have decided to undertake a contract service development business for companies that are considering utilizing the ChatGPT API. Service features
We will develop a dedicated chatbot service by developing prompts that correspond to unique themes found in companies. As a partner that accelerates brainstorming and discussions within companies, we will improve the speed of problem solving by using the developed service. It is expected to be an effective service for companies that have begun to consider using ChatGPT and companies that have unique internal discussion themes on a daily basis.
Service flow
1. Inquiry from the form*
2. Video conference meeting/hearing
3. Development estimate/scheduling
4. Order
5. Specification design
6. dev/test
7. delivery of materials
* Contact form:
About ManualForce
ManualForce is a service that automatically records the operations on the web browser and makes it a manual and shares it. The “AI Suggest” implemented in ManualForce is a function that utilizes the ChatGPT API, and is a function that automatically generates the title and description of the created manual. As a result, ManualForce has further strengthened the man-hour reduction of manual creation that has been provided so far.
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Free plan application:
Company Profile
Company name: Orange moon Co., Ltd.
Location: 2nd floor, Aoyama Center Building, 3-8-40 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Sachin Chowdhury/Yoshiyuki Masuyama
Email address:

Details about this release:

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