Stratasys Japan Co., Ltd. Stratasys and CollPlant bring together technologies to transform medicine with industrial-scale tissue and organ bioprinting

Stratasys Japan Co., Ltd.
Stratasys and CollPlant Bring Together Technologies to Transform Medicine with Industrial-Scale Tissue and Organ Bioprinting
The joint development and commercialization agreement will initially focus on developing CollPlant’s bioprinting solutions for regenerative breast implants, addressing a $2.6 billion market opportunity.
Stratasys’ DLP(P3) stereolithography-based bioprinter and CollPlant’s Rh-collagen-based bioink are also suitable for additional innovation and production of human tissues and organs in the future. Each company will cross-promote their bioprinting products.
EDEN PRIRIE, Minn. & REFOBOT, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSYS) and CollPlant Biotechnologies (Nasdaq: CLGN) today announced that Stratasys’ DLP(P3) stereolithography-based Announced a joint development and commercialization agreement to collaborate on developing solutions for biofabrication of human tissues and organs using bioprinters and CollPlant’s rh collagen-based bioinks, with the first project being CollPlant’s regenerative breast implants. The program focuses on industrial scale solution development.
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[Image:×360.jpg] Human-sized breast implants printed with Stratasys P3 3D printer technology and CollPlant bioinks
Stratasys is a leader in resin 3D printing solutions. As a pioneer in regenerative medicine and aesthetic medicine, CollPlant is a company that develops innovative technologies and products for tissue regeneration and organ manufacturing based on plant-derived collagen. This new bioprinter is based on Stratasys’ precision P3(TM) 3D printer build technology, combined with CollPlant’s leading bioink to print CollPlant’s most advanced breast implants. Designed to regenerate an individual’s natural breast tissue without triggering an immune response, the implant has the potential to be a revolutionary option for both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.
The global breast implant market is currently estimated at $2.6 billion (1), and breast reconstruction and augmentation are the second most performed plastic surgery procedures worldwide today (2). Currently, the most common breast augmentation and reconstructive surgery uses synthetic silicone breast implants, which are artificial substitutes for natural regenerative tissue and carry the risk of complications.
Under this agreement, the two companies have agreed to cross-promote each other’s bioprinting products. Stratasys bioprinters will be available to customers with CollPlant’s bioinks, as will Stratasys bioprinters to CollPlant business partners and customers.
“Through our partnership with CollPlant, we have a significant opportunity to transform medicine with bioprinting to improve the lives of patients undergoing breast augmentation and reconstructive surgery,” said Dr. Yoav Zeif, Stratasys CEO. The deal aligns well with the company’s strategy of providing complete solutions for
applications in high-growth industries through an ecosystem of partners and leverages the production scale and precision 3D printing capabilities of Stratasys’ P3 Programmable Photopolymerization technology. is particularly well suited for bioprinting applications, and we believe that collaborating with CollPlant will accelerate the industrialization of bioprinting in regenerative medicine, and we believe that CollPlant’s successful commercialization of novel regenerative breast implants and its We look forward to working together going forward.”
“Stratasys is a leader in additive manufacturing and we are delighted to be working with them on this transformational initiative,” said Yehiel Tal, CEO of CollPlant. Sculpture-enabled and combined pioneering technologies from both companies will streamline
development and production processes, providing the most efficient means of producing our regenerative breast implants and other potential tissues and organs We believe that our rh-collagen-based regenerative implants have the potential to overcome the challenges of existing breast surgeries that use silicone implants or autologous adipose tissue grafts.” doing.
In January 2023, CollPlant announced the successful completion of a large-scale animal trial of its 3D bioprinted regenerative breast implants. Preclinical studies have shown advanced stages of tissue regeneration after 3 months, with the formation of mature connective tissue and neovascular networks within the implants, with no reported adverse events. Based on these positive results, CollPlant plans to initiate a follow-up large-scale animal study with commercial-sized implants in late 2023 to support subsequent human trials and future commercialization.
1 Breast Implant Market; Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2023-2028, IMARC Group
2 ISAPS International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures, 2021 About Stratasys Stratasys is leading the global transition to additive manufacturing with innovative 3D printing solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products and healthcare. Through smart connected 3D printers, polymer materials, software ecosystems and on-demand part building services, Stratasys solutions provide competitive advantage at every stage of the product value chain. The world’s leading companies and organizations rely on Stratasys solutions to transform product design, speed manufacturing and supply chains, and improve patient care. Stratasys Japan is a Japanese subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd., which sells 3D printers and 3D printing materials manufactured by Stratasys and provides part manufacturing services (DFP). The head office is in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, and there is a branch in Osaka. For more information on Stratasys, please visit, Stratasys blog
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About CollPlant
CollPlant is a regenerative and aesthetic medicine company
specializing in 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs, and medical cosmetology. CollPlant’s products are based on recombinant human collagen produced with a proprietary plant-based genetic engineering technology. These products correspond to indications in various fields such as tissue repair, beauty care, and organ manufacturing, opening up a new era of regenerative medicine and aesthetic medicine. In 2021, CollPlant signed a development and global commercialization agreement for derma fillers and soft tissue fillers with Allergan, a global leader in the derma filler market, AbbVie.
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