StylingLife Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company A tie-up video of popular beauty influencer Hiyon with the parts care brand “F Beaute” that polishes your own beauty has been released!

Styling Life Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company
A tie-up video of the parts care brand “F Beaute” that polishes your own beauty and popular beauty influencer Mr. Hiyon has been released!
StylingLife Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company (head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) commemorates the brand debut of the new skincare brand “F.BEAUTE”, and is very popular among women of the same generation with over 1.5 million SNS followers. Appointed influencer Hiyon and released a tie-up video.
[Image 1:×1000.jpg] Tie-up video with Mr. Hiyon
A tie-up video with Mr. Hiyon, who is active as an influencer, has been released since May 26, 2023.
[Video 2:] 【profile】
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Hiyon
Over 1.5 million SNS total followers.
Character-like “cute”
In addition to its visual appeal,
“Familiarity” especially from women of the same generation
A popular influencer.
Hiyon’s appointment background
F.BEAUTE’s brand message of wanting you to refine your charm points and obtain your own beauty, and Hiyon’s style of positively pursuing beauty, thinking that “cute” is something you create yourself. matches, and this tie-up video is realized.
Introduces the importance of eye care and beauty tips to make you look young and cute forever, for Hiyon, who is popular among women of the same generation with a sense of affinity, and for people who are thinking of starting eye care from now on. I plan to have it. About F.BEAUTE
F.BEAUTE is a special parts care brand that polishes charm points to bring out the overall beauty.
Based on the concept of “Enhance your charm.”, we propose special parts care that enhances your charm and make your own beauty come true.
“Hear Touch Eye Cream” appears as the first product
An intensive eye care cream that brightens and moisturizes the eyes every time you apply it will be released on May 26, 2023 at 10:00 am at the BCL official online shop. To eyes full of moisture and confidence as you continue to use.
[Image 3:×1947.jpg] ≪Online shop only≫
F.BEAUTE Hear Touch Eye Cream
20g ¥5,940 (tax included)/BCL
Formulated with carefully selected ingredients for the eyes
◯ Niacinamide*1
Firmly moisturizing and clear eyes.

◯ Double Retinol*2
Two types of retinol give your eyes a lively glow.

◯ 4 types of hyaluronic acid *3
Four types of hyaluronic acid with different particle sizes moisturize the skin from the surface to the inside of the stratum corneum. Each time you apply it, it brightens the eyes and wipes out the impression of fatigue.
Bright up powder*4
Covers dullness from the moment you apply it, giving your eyes a bright impression. *Five
Free prescription considering the eyes
Paraben / Mineral oil / Synthetic coloring / Synthetic fragrance / UV absorber all free
*1 Moisturizing
*2 Retinol, retinol palmitate (all moisturizing)
*3 Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, sodium acetylhyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate, hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate (all moisturizing) *4 Titanium oxide, iron oxide (colorant)
*5 Depends on makeup effect.
Release information
Online shop limited sale from 10:00 am on May 26, 2023.
●BCL online shop
-Sold at Rakuten, Amazon, and BCL official shop in Qoo10 mall F-beaute Official HP
F Beaute Official Instagram
Inquiries about the product
Styling Life Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company BCL Customer Service Office: 0120-303-820
[Image 4:×1951.jpg]

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