Subscribing and HOTPOINT partner with the introduction of the first “LINE e-ticket”! Feel free to enjoy beach sports events at the beach closest to Nagoya Sunday, May 28

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Subscribing and HOTPOINT partner with the introduction of the first “LINE e-ticket”! Feel free to enjoy beach sports events at the beach closest to Nagoya [Sunday, May 28]
First landing in the Tokai region! A complex beach sports event will be held at Shinmaiko Marine Park in Chita City, Aichi Prefecture! You can easily enjoy a beach sports event where more than 300 men and women gather with electronic tickets that can be purchased on LINE.
Subline Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryota Uno) provides HOTPOINT (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative: Masanori Tanaka) with the LINE subscription management system “Subscribe” and introduces electronic tickets for events. supported.
[Image 1:×1005.png] About “Shinmaiko Adult Beach Sports Festival-2023 Spring Summer-”
[Image 2:×1023.png] [On Sunday, May 28, 2023, members of society from Aichi Prefecture will participate in the beach sports event “Shinmaiko Adult Beach Sports Festival-2023 Spring Summer-” held at the beach “Shinmaiko Marine Park”, which is the closest beach to Nagoya. About 300 men and women gathered around! ]
A beach sports event with over 300 men and women will be held at Shinmaiko Marine Park, which is popular as the closest beach to Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Sports events held on the beach (Blue Sun Beach) in Shinmaiko Marine Park include “beach volleyball”, “beach tennis”, “beach flags”, “beach soccer”, “beach slackline”, “beach spikeball”, “beach yoga”, and “beach A total of 10 events: Tsunahiki, Beach Mork, and Beach Flying Disc. This is a beach sporting event where ticket purchasers can participate in any sport during the event. (Admission, support, and tours are free.)
[Image 3:×480.png] The main premise is to have fun! Support amateur beach sports players and staff so that even beginners can enjoy it!
Volunteer staff of HOTPOINT, which conducts activities to spread beach sports such as beach volleyball as fan sports in Aichi Prefecture, will support participants. Next to each sports experience area, set up a place to explain the rules and wait. It is an event that specializes in allowing participants to “enjoy” beach sports, such as allocating handicaps based on the opponent’s ability and the combination of men and women.
[Image 4:×480.png] Let’s enjoy Shinmaiko as soon as possible to make memories in the summer of 2023!
On the day of the event, a kitchen car will be open only for the event, and limited drinks and food will be sold at the permanent shop. Not only sports, but also those who want to enjoy summer as soon as possible gather!
[Image 5:×1070.png] [Event overview]
◆ Event type
・Beach volleyball
・Beach tennis
・Beach Flags
・Beach soccer
・Beach Slackline
・Beach spike ball
・Beach yoga
・Beach ties
・Beach Mork
・ Beach flying disc All 10 events
[Image 6:×974.png] ◆Simultaneous event
・HOTPOINT CUP 2023 May Beach Volleyball Tournament for 4 men and women 5/28 (Sun.) in Shinmaiko
(Amateur Beach Volleyball Tournament)
* Free to observe and support
・Kitchen car store opening
・Influencer gathering 1 day beach house OPEN! in New Maiko
◆ date and time
Sunday, May 28, 2023 10:00-15:30
◆ Location
Blue Sun Beach in Shinmaiko Marine Park, 2 Midorihamacho, Chita City, Aichi Prefecture
◆ Fee
《Advance sale》3,000yen
《On the day》4,000yen
* Free to enter, observe, and support Blue Sun Beach
*Sports participants must check-in with purchased LINE tickets before participating
◆ Ticket purchase method
Please purchase a LINE ticket from the HOTPOINT official LINE account. *Since it is determined by your LINE account, you cannot purchase on behalf of someone else.
▶ Click here for LINE friend registration ( ◆ Capacity
500 people *Parking available (500 yen/day)
◆ Event page
Beach Sports Festival for Adults-2023 Spring/Summer-
・Shinmaiko Marine Park Regional Revitalization Project
・Nissei Co., Ltd., designated manager of Shinmaiko Marine Park ◆ Sponsorship (planned)
・Chita City
・(No company) Chita City Tourism Association
About “LINE complete electronic ticket” that can be provided by subscribing In addition to the provision and payment management of
subscription-type services that make regular payments, the
subscription line also supports single-payment services such as pre-payment and same-day payment for event participation fees. Customers can easily make payments from the LINE official account and purchase electronic tickets. By reading the QR code at the event venue when presenting the ticket, it is also possible to authenticate, confirm attendance, and record the date and time of attendance.
[Image 7:×1000.png] Service providers can also start selling services with a simple operation of registering the price and service details.
It is also possible to set the number of times you can use the service for one payment, like a coupon ticket.
[Image 8:×1000.png] By providing services through the LINE official account, it is possible to effectively gather friends of the LINE official account, and promote advance announcements and guidance, guidance and guidance on the day, and subsequent flow of events and services. It is suitable for maintaining contact with customers who have participated and purchased once and building long-term relationships.
What is a subscription
“Subscribe” is an all-in-one SaaS that specializes in payments from LINE. It is a system that allows you to easily provide and centrally manage functions such as your store’s original subscription service (monthly service), single payment service, mobile order, online store, etc. on LINE.
Through this service, users can easily and smoothly make payments within LINE.
[Image 9:×759.png] [Benefits of introducing a subscription]- Users can add the store’s official LINE account as a friend and immediately purchase and use the service. No app download required.・You can easily start using the service without registering online or sending an email.・In addition to regular payment functions, customer management functions and individual message functions for customers are also available.・For a limited time, the initial cost is 0 yen, and it can be installed in as little as two days, so you can start the service without any hassle with just a simple hearing.・You can respond quickly to inquiries about products and services by using ChatGPT API to respond to messages naturally. This will improve customer satisfaction and make
communication with customers smoother.
[Image 10:×1058.png ]
It can be introduced to services in all industries and business categories, including ticket sales for events and exhibitions, payment of seminar participation fees, restaurants, beauty salons, beauty salons, medical services, fitness, schools, and accommodation facilities. It flexibly fits services that do not have physical stores and services that are completed online. If you would like to request materials or consult on the introduction of LINE x Payment x ChatGPT’s all-in-one SaaS “Subscription”, please contact us from the following. MAIL: pr@subscline.comTEL: 03-6555-4234 URL:
Company Profile
Company name: Subcline Co., Ltd. Location: 1-4-1 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011 Shoho Building 7F Established: March 24, 2022 Representative: Director Ryota Uno Business description: “Subcline” system development , Subscline product planning and development, menu creation and sales promotion support, public relations and
advertising, consulting company site for know-how to attract customers:
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