Sugi Pharmacy Introduces “MOVO Berth” to All Distribution Centers to Reduce Wait Times for Shipments

Sugi Pharmacy Introduces “MOVO Berth” to All Distribution Centers to Reduce Wait Times for Shipments
-Introduction case article “Sugi Pharmacy Style! KPI Management Techniques to Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Logistics Center Management” Released

Hacobu Co., Ltd. (Hakobu, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Taro Sasaki, hereinafter “Hacobu”), which believes that “data-driven logistics will solve social issues”, is Sugi Pharmacy Co., Ltd. , Introduced MOVO Berth, a truck reservation reception service, managed logistics centers operated by the company and all 16 centers outsourced to external management with unified KPIs, and solved logistics issues such as reducing waiting times for shipments. We are pleased to inform you that we have published an introduction case article that worked on the improvement of .
[Image 1:×695.png] Introduction background
There was a long waiting time of more than 2 hours, but there was no way to accurately grasp the issues at all distribution centers. When a client told us that there was a long waiting period for delivery vehicles at the distribution center, Sugi Pharmacy did not have the means to accurately grasp the facts. Waiting times can only be ascertained from reports from drivers via business partners, so it is necessary to accurately grasp the facts and determine the essence of the problem, such as whether the center is making the driver wait or the vehicle arrives early. was there.
Implementation results
Consolidate information from all centers and build a system that can be managed and improved with unified KPIs
Sugi Pharmacy has set 5 KPIs from the perspectives of “quality” and “efficiency.” With the introduction of MOVO Berth, a system has been put in place to manage and improve the quality of waiting vehicles (the ratio of waiting vehicles (number) for 30 minutes or more), which is one of the KPIs. In addition, by introducing MOVO Berth to all distribution centers, operations have been standardized, making it easier to spread examples of improvements at one center to other centers.
0.34% of vehicles waiting for 30 minutes or more
Regarding the waiting status of the two logistics centers that were introduced for the first time, about 19% of the total number of vehicles were waiting for more than 2 hours at the Obu center, and about 13% at the Toyokawa center. They decreased to 2.5% and 0.4% respectively. For fiscal 2022 (March 2022 to February 2023), a KPI will be set for “waiting for at least 30 minutes.” There were 128,250 vehicles arriving at all centers, of which 440 vehicles were waiting for more than 30 minutes, or 0.34%.
Appropriate staff allocation for receiving work
Before introducing MOVO Berth, we were able to ascertain the total amount of parcels arriving that day, but not the number of vehicles. With the introduction of MOVO Berth, it became possible to grasp the number of vehicles arriving today and their entry time in the morning, making it possible to assign personnel with consideration for overtime schedules and skills.
Click here for full text and video of introduction results, case studies — Sugi pharmacy style! KPI management techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of distribution center operations Aggregate information from all distribution centers and succeed in improving logistics, such as reducing waiting times
[Image 2:×1536.jpg] Sugi Pharmacy with MOVO Berth installed at all centers
[Image 3:×1080.png] Set 5 KPIs to improve quality and efficiency
[Image 4:×1536.jpg] Succeeded in improving logistics, such as reducing waiting times, by consolidating information from 16 centers nationwide
About “MOVO Berth”, No. 1 truck reservation service share (*1) It is a service that can be used at logistics bases and factories nationwide, regardless of the size of the scale or the amount of shipments, and has 460,000 (*2) registered truck drivers. Since it is a cloud service, there is no need for system development costs, and various settings can be customized according to the business of each site. After signing the contract, we will support the introduction of the system together with the customer so that it can be used by the site in as little as two weeks.
Click here for details of MOVO Berth– About Hacobu
Trade name: Hacobu Co., Ltd.
Established: June 30, 2015
Location: Mita 3-chome MT Building 9F, 3-14-10 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073 Representative: Taro Sasaki, Representative Director, President and CEO Business description: Developing cloud logistics management solution “MOVO” series and logistics DX consulting “Hacobu Strategy”. In addition to providing cloud services such as truck reservation reception service “MOVO Berth” with the No. 1 share (* 1), movement management service “MOVO Fleet”, delivery project management service “MOVO Vista”, etc., as a logistics DX partner, inter-company logistics We support optimization of
(*1) Source: Deloitte Tohmatsu Mick Economic Research Institute, “Realities and Prospects of the Smart Logistics Solutions Market [2022 Edition]”, “Truck Reservation Acceptance share in service
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