Surfvote results announced “Should elementary school students wear yellow hats to school?”

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Surfvote results announced “Should elementary school students wear yellow hats to school?”
A yellow hat that can be said to be a symbol of a first grader. 39.2% of respondents answered that they “do nothing”.

Polimill Co., Ltd. (Polymill, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Eri Yokota, hereinafter referred to as Polimill), an ICT startup that supports the discovery and resolution of social issues with SNS and technology, will launch Surfvote, an SNS operated by our company, in 2023. During the period from March 4th to April 30th, 2023, we solicited opinions on the theme of “Should elementary school students wear yellow hats to school?” This issue was raised by Nobuo Komiya, a professor of sociology at Rissho University. Here are the details of the voting results and examples of user comments.
[Image 1:×1280.png] ■ Voting details/results
Issue: “Should elementary school students wear yellow hats to school?”
Voting period: March 4, 2023 to April 30, 2023
Number of valid votes: 51 votes
Options:・You don’t have to do anything as it is
    ・If you recommend wearing a yellow hat, you should also recommend it to older children.
    · For traffic safety, wearing a yellow hat should be compulsory     ・You should stop wearing yellow hats to prevent crime damage ·others
·don’t know
■ Comment introduction (excerpts, options without comments are not listed) 39.2%
If many children have worn hats so far and have not caused that much harm, then it is a splendid commonwealth, or the wisdom of our predecessors, or one of the common good that society has accumulated. I think. On top of that, I think it would be good to arrange in each region. (46 likes)
29.4% “For traffic safety, wearing a yellow hat should be compulsory.” Wearing a yellow hat will make you stand out, so I think it’s good for traffic safety for small children who have just started school or children who are restless. (24 likes)
“Other” 27.8%
Depending on the traffic conditions in the school district, I think that the recommended degree of wearing or maintaining the same throughout the year will change. We believe that it has the effect of avoiding accidents due to visibility. However, there are strong concerns, and it is not possible to draw a conclusion that this is the case in all regions, so it is classified as other. I have two major concerns. I think the yellow hat could be the background for peer pressure. Secondly, I think that the risk of a serious accident increases by concentrating on the yellow hat when making a mistake. (45 likes)
■ Mr. Nobuo Komiya, the author who raised the issue this time Professor at Rissho University. Doctor of Sociology. He was the first Japanese to complete the Graduate School of Criminology, University of Cambridge. After working at the United Nations Asia and Far East Crime Prevention Institute and the Ministry of Justice, he assumed his current position. Creator of the “Regional Safety Map”. He has held positions such as chairman of the National Police Agency’s Research Committee on Safe and Secure Community Development, and chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Delinquency Prevention and Damage Prevention Education Committee. His representative work is “Crime Prevention in the World through Photographs: Ruins, Design, and Community Development” (Shogakukan). Appeared on TV programs such as NHK “Close-up Gendai” and Nippon Television “The Best Class in the World”, interviewed newspapers (more than 1700 articles so far), and gave many lectures all over the country. The official website and YouTube channel are “Nobuo Komiya’s Room of Criminology”.
[Image 2:×2607.jpg] ■What is Surfvote?
The SNS “Surfvote” provided by our company is a service that raises various issues in society and allows anyone to easily vote on their opinions. Surfvote allows you to vote for your opinion from multiple options for each theme (issue) called “issue”. You can also read and rate (like) other users’ comments. Issues are published not only by our editorial department, but also with the cooperation of university professors and experts in various fields. Voting results are submitted and reported to relevant ministries and agencies and politicians according to the content of the issue.
[Image 3:×1280.png] ■ Polimill Co., Ltd.
Polimill Co., Ltd. is an ITC startup company that operates and provides a purpose-specific SNS [Surfvote].
Surfvote is a social issue-focused service that allows users to not only vote for themselves on any topic, but also listen to the opinions of others. The local government version of Surfvote is also being expanded to collaborate with local governments to promote the creation of livable cities by residents. We will use SNS and technology to create a society in which everyone can participate in rule-making and reform systems flexibly and speedily in line with changes in values ​​and the evolution of technology.
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