Survey on the actual recruitment of digital marketing personnel in the corona crisis 53.6% of company executiv es answered that there are issues in “recruiting digital marketing personnel”

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[Survey on the actual recruitment of digital marketing personnel in the corona crisis] 53.6% of company executives answered that there are issues in “recruiting digital marketing personnel”
Part of the reason is the specialized knowledge and operational effort required for “digital marketing”.

Neutral Works Co., Ltd. (Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Satsuki Miki, hereinafter “Neutral Works”), which supports digital marketing, hires 194 managers and company officers of companies that are recruiting digital marketing human resources. We conducted a fact-finding survey on “recruitment of digital marketing personnel”.
[Image 1:×720.jpg] This survey is a survey of the current situation of the demand for “recruiting digital marketing human resources” in the field of “digital marketing”, which has been rapidly growing in demand due to the impact of the corona disaster in recent years.
From the survey results, it turned out that there are many people who feel “challenges” in “recruiting digital marketing personnel”. The most common reason for “struggling to recruit human resources” is “lack of human resources with advanced skills”. can be mentioned. In addition, the survey results also highlighted the demand for “measures that we would like to work on but have not been working on”. Summary of survey results
▶ More than half of respondents answered that “digital marketing efforts” were “important” ▶ “Difficulties in recruiting digital marketing personnel (53.6%)” Lack of human resources with specialized skills” ▶ “1st place: Web advertising” of “Measures that we would like to work on but have not been able to work on”
Survey outline
Survey target: Managers or executives of companies that hire digital marketing personnel Survey method: Internet survey Survey period: February 14-15, 2023 Number of samples: 194
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Survey details
Q. About the importance of digital marketing
[Image 2:×720.jpg] First, we asked people whose companies are hiring digital marketing personnel about their thoughts on the importance of working on digital marketing. As a result, 25.3% answered “very important” and 45.9% answered “relatively important”. In total, more than 70% of
respondents place importance on digital marketing, and it was found that they are working to secure human resources for that purpose. Since the corona crisis, attracting customers online has become mainstream, and the results show that the importance of digital marketing is increasing in many industries.
Q.About the status of hiring digital marketing personnel
[Image 3:×720.jpg] We found that the percentage of companies that feel the importance of digital marketing is high, but when it comes to recruiting human resources, 16.0% said they were “very hard” and 37.6 said they were “relatively struggling.” Answer %. In total, more than half (53.6%) answered that they were “struggling”, indicating that there are barriers to promoting recruitment as desired.
Q. Why is it difficult to recruit digital marketing personnel? (multiple answers)
[Image 4:×720.jpg] What are the reasons why recruitment is not successful?
When asked about “the reason why it is difficult to recruit digital marketing personnel” with multiple answers, the most common answer was “lack of highly skilled personnel (51.9%).”Human resources in the entire market. Insufficient” (23.1%) remained in 4th place, indicating that there are many companies that “have human resources but cannot meet the people they want to hire.”
In addition, “Insufficient recruitment budget” (39.4%) ranked second. The need for special routes to create contact points and the difficulty of conducting efficient recruitment activities are one of the factors that increase the cost of hiring digital marketing personnel with specialized knowledge. It seems that it is considered. Q. What digital marketing measures do you want to work on but haven’t been able to do?
[Image 5:×720.jpg] Finally, we surveyed those who answered that there are digital marketing measures that they would like to work on but have not been working on, specifically what measures they are not working on. As a result, “Web advertisement” was the most common, accounting for about 40% (38.3%).
“Web advertising” is widely used from recognition to acquisition, but it is thought that many companies are not working on it because of the high hurdles such as the required expertise and the time and effort of operation. For companies that are struggling to secure excellent digital marketing personnel, it seems necessary to consider how to make ends meet in terms of resources, such as outsourcing work in such specialized areas.
*For details of the survey results, please refer to the following. URL: [Points for recruiting digital marketing personnel]
Neutral Works Co., Ltd. Director and CMO Tetsuya Ishida With the demand for digital marketing increasing in recent years, more and more companies want to secure excellent human resources in-house. However, even if you say “digital marketing” in one word, the scope is very wide, such as advertising management, SEO, SNS, site consulting, etc., so the required skills and areas of expertise are different. Therefore, before starting to recruit digital marketing personnel, it is important to first clarify the digital marketing area that you want to implement in your company, and to embody the image of the person you are looking for.
In addition, when training digital marketing human resources in-house, it is necessary to have a certain amount of cost and an understanding of marketing, so it is essential for the hiring company to prepare an environment. For companies that want to produce results in digital marketing immediately, we recommend that you first outsource to a specialized company, build an environment while deepening your understanding of digital marketing, and proceed with recruitment in stages. To do.
● “Advantages and disadvantages” of having digima human resources in your company -Advantages-・ Increased speed of decision making and implementation ・ Ability to accumulate business know-how in-house – Disadvantages-・ Human resources cannot be fully utilized depending on the internal environment Sometimes ・Late to catch up with the latest knowledge and information
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