Survey results What do you want your child to experience when you take off the corona and remove the mask? 1st place is “domestic travel”

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[Survey results] What do you want your child to experience when you take off the corona and remove the mask? 1st place is “domestic travel”
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The educational media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori”
( for parents of infants and elementary school students operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. We conducted a
questionnaire survey targeting Mr. We will publish the results.
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Survey method: Internet survey Number of people surveyed: 200 (teens: 0, 20s: 28, 30s: 83, 40s: 74, 50s: 11, 60s and over: 4) Survey subjects : ARINA Co., Ltd. Survey period: May 1, 2023 Survey report: Please use
Investigation result
As a result of a questionnaire survey asking, “What do you want your child to experience after taking off the corona and removing the mask?”, the first place was “domestic travel.”
1st place: domestic travel
・I want to show you the beautiful scenery of Japan. ・I have been going on day trips, but I haven’t been able to go on a trip with an overnight stay, so I would like to go soon. Because I want to give it to you ・I haven’t traveled even once because of the corona epidemic, so I want to give him the experience of riding a Shinkansen or an airplane. I want you to experience the fun of staying at a ryokan, eating foods you don’t usually eat, and enjoying sightseeing. I want to take a lot of pictures of them enjoying themselves with their masks off.
2nd place: Contact with people
・I didn’t have a chance to interact with people I didn’t know, so I want to teach the importance of interacting with people. Because I feel like I have less communication with Taiza ・Because I couldn’t go out to places where many people gathered due to the coronavirus, I wanted to experience interacting with many people (not only people of the same age but also people of various generations). Because I wanted it ・I want to keep my distance as much as possible and let him play alone, so I want him to play with everyone Because I think it will be.・I want people to interact with people without hesitation. ・I want people to see a lot of smiling faces. From now on, I want you to interact with more people and acquire social skills.
3rd place: Participation in events
・Since local festivals and fireworks displays were not held or refrained from participating, I wanted to go to a place with a lot of people and enjoy events together and make memories after the coronavirus era. ・Nursery school / school Events have been canceled due to such things as youth memories, so I want to let you experience it ・I want to take you to places where various people gather, such as festivals. Since I was only able to go on excursions to parks and hillsides (uncomfortable tourist spots), I want to let him experience things that he can only do now, such as events.・For the past three years, school events have been canceled. I think that there are places where it was not possible to enjoy it enough due to restrictions. In particular, the 3 years of a child is large compared to the 3 years of an adult. You may think that events and events are like this. I would like people to enjoy the original fun and real pleasure of the event by removing the corona and masks. Because I want to give them various experiences ・The school trip was a day trip, and the sports day and recitals were quite dispersed, so I want them to experience concerts, sports games, festivals, fireworks displays, etc.
4th place: Overseas travel
・Because I want to take them to various environments. ・There are many things that can only be experienced overseas, and I think it is important for children to have such experiences. ・I want them to come into contact with various things such as different cultures.・Because it is stimulating to come into contact with people and cultures from various countries ・You can go domestically at any time, but overseas you need to make a solid schedule. Because I want you to experience an environment that you can’t experience
5th place: Sports
・I want them to take off their masks as much as they want. ・Because I think that physical activity, including children, is essential for a healthy body and mind. ・I want them to exercise in close proximity. I think there were many things that moved me while major sports competitions were being held with a sense of self-restraint due to the tai-corona whirlpool. I want to let the child who wanted to do it but was put up with it to do sports as much as possible. In particular, exercising outside when you are young has a great impact later on, so I want you to move firmly and build a solid foundation for your body. 6th place: Song
・I didn’t have an environment where I could sing with all my might, such as karaoke, so I would like to take this opportunity to be able to sing. On that point, it’s fun to sing songs with everyone, such as karaoke. Last year’s sports day (2022) was the first time in two years that it was OK to speak out, but I was shocked that the children’s voices were low. It looked like she wasn’t used to speaking loudly. Therefore, I would like to give them the experience of actively singing out loud, such as singing. ・I want to teach them the joy of singing out loud.
7th place: lessons
・I want her to learn dance, which is done indoors and is a strenuous exercise. I’ve been avoiding it because it’s hard to breathe, so I want to let you do various lessons
8th place: Other
・”I want you to take off the mask and live with a real face. Children who have been wearing masks for many years because of the corona virus are having a hard time removing them, but after all they can’t see their friends’ faces or read their expressions. I want my children to live a normal life ・”I want to have local events, nursery schools and school events, especially experiences that I could not do before, accommodation, food education, etc. to interact with people. Because there are many children who don’t know that we were able to experience it for granted. Baked sweet potatoes, making rice cakes, eating lunch together on excursions, carrying portable shrines and tug-of-war, children in the corona crisis don’t know.
[Summary] What do you want children to experience in this survey after taking off the corona and removing the mask? The first place was “domestic travel”.
I think I had many regrets because I felt that I wanted to experience things with my children and that I wanted to do things like this through my life with the coronavirus. The opinions of the third place and below are also filled with the thought of “I want to give you as much as I want.”
Among them, there were many opinions such as wanting children to experience a lot of fun and excitement during their childhood, and wanting them to interact with people without restraint or
restrictions. I hope that a life where we adults can experience as many of the fun and experiences that we take for granted as much as possible, and that the children will grow up to be more fulfilling as much as they have endured until now.
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