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Tanka Kenkyusha Co., Ltd. Venue ticket sold-out event “Idol Utakai @ 2023 Spring Song Biyori” will be held on May 24!

Tanka Kenkyusha Co., Ltd.
Venue tickets sold out immediately event “Idol Utakai @ 2023 Spring Song Biyori” held on May 24!
Idols challenge tanka! Right in the middle of the tanka boom! Some even said it was a “divine event”!

Starts at 19:00 on Wednesday, May 24th. At Ikebukuro Mixa Live Tokyo “Theater Mixa”. Venue tickets (4400 yen including tax) are already sold out. Delivery tickets (2750 yen including tax) will be on sale from May 13th!
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the monthly magazine “Tanka Research”, we will hold a real & distribution event “Idol Utakai @ 2023 Spring Song Biyori”.
The 31 letters of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7 are enough to convey your passionate and sad feelings! It has been two years since the first event was held on Salad Memorial Day (July 6th) in 2021, and this is the 11th time. Every time it was held, it was well-received, and almost every time it was covered by major media outlets.
The performers this time are Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku’s Rika Mayama, Niji no Conquistador Ayumi Okada, female professional wrestler and idol, Mitsu Watanabe of Up Up Girls (pro-wrestling), and even though she graduated from the idol group, she’s now into tanka. We asked Manamo Miyata, who continues to have a passion for this, to
participate as a researcher. It’s getting more and more exciting!
[Image 2:×999.jpg] From the 2nd Idol Utakai (held on November 23, 2021)

Tanka is a tool of love that has been around for 1,300 years. Sometimes the 31 letters of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7 convey your feelings better than what you spend all night talking about.
It is a poetry gathering to perform tanka. Bring songs and appreciate their “preferred” songs. There is no best tanka. Good, no bad. There is which song you like, which words resonate in your heart. Which tanka do you “push”?
Part 1: Idol poetry gathering – Idols bring their own tanka poems in accordance with the etiquette of the venerable “Utae”. First of all, I will keep the name of the author a secret, and ask what aspects of the tanka that idols and fans like and that will stick in their hearts. After interpreting and appreciating the tanka, vote for the tanka that you think is good. Part 2: Thinking and Delivering! Telekinetic Phrase Contest・An old but new tanka play, “Phrase Phrase” Contest.・This is an event for fans to complete half-written tanka by idols.・Fans add the lower phrase (7, 7) to the upper phrase (5, 7, 5) made by the idol. Or, the fans add the upper phrase (5, 7, 5) to the lower phrase (7, 7) made by the idol.
・We will introduce the phrases uploaded on Twitter by the venue and the viewers of the stream in real time.
●Purpose of the project●・It was more than 30 years ago that Machi Tawara’s “Salad Kinenbi” became a bestseller with 2.8 million copies, and Japan was excited by an unprecedented tanka boom. Now, with the spread of SNS, a boom of “tanka”, which expresses feelings in short words, is about to begin.
●The best match between tanka and idols! Both are symbols of the “oshi” culture ●・When it comes to delivering love, it’s the idols, and it’s the idols and the fans who support the idols who exchange love. An encounter between an idol and a tanka. The important thing is that there is no best tanka. It means that there is no good or bad. There is which song I like and which words resonate with me.・Idols and fans listen to each other’s favorite idol songs. Expand your ideas and broaden your view of the world. Appreciation and endorsement, that’s tanka.
● In September 2022, the first songbook “Idol Utakai Official Songbook 1” (released by Kodansha, 1650 yen including tax) will be released. The song that was born at the event is recorded along with the reproduction of the talk and is a hot topic.
[Image 3:×543.jpg] “Idol Utakai Official Songbook 1” (published by Kodansha)
(Introduction of performers = alphabetical order)
[Image 4:×1920.jpg] Aymu Okada = Rainbow Conquistador
[Image 5:×1616.jpg] Rika Mayama = Private Ebisu Junior High School
[Image 6:×2700.jpg] Manamo Miyata
[Image 7:×2700.jpg] Misa Watanabe = Up Up Girls (pro-wrestling)
(Selector profile) ● Machi Tawara = Born in Osaka in 1962. Author of “Salad Kinenbi”, the best-selling collection of modern tanka with 2.8 million copies sold. Received the Contemporary Poet Association Award for the same collection. By using “colloquial language” that is used in everyday life, the range of tanka has been greatly expanded. Other anthologies include “Kaze no Tenohira”, “Chocolate Revolution”, “Pooh’s Nose” (Bokusui Wakayama Prize winner), and “I am Mario”. In addition to being a member of the Yomiuri poetry circle, he is also a judge for the high school “Bokusui Tanka Koshien” held annually in Miyazaki. In 2020, he was involved as an editor from the beginning of the planning for “Host Manyoshu” and “Host Manyoshu Volume 2”, which were hit songs by Kabukicho hosts. Won both the Shika Literature Museum Award and the Toku Award for the latest songbook “Mirai no Size” (KADOKAWA). In 2020, he won the Asahi Prize for his achievements in broadening the base of tanka. ● Kimihito Sasa: ​​Born in 1975 in Tokyo. His first collection of poems “Nekiroku Kazoku” was adapted into an NHK drama, and he is a leading figure in pursuing the entertainment value of tanka. His subsequent collections of poetry and works include “Nekiroku Encyclopedia”, “Lyric Bizarre Adventure”, “Nekiroku Roman” and “Nekiroku Restaurant”. Appeared in “Before That Day” directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi. Selector of “Future Tanka Association”. Visiting associate professor at Taisho University. Judge of “Bokusui Tanka Koshien”. A member of the Japan Writers Association. Recent work “Parallel 100 Views” (Collaboration with Minami Kitamura) “Natto-kun’s Adventure”. The latest collection of poems “Final Movement” (Tanka Kenkyusha). ● Yoshida Hisanori = Born in Tokyo in 1975. Nippon Broadcasting announcer. Winner of the 49th Galaxy Awards DJ Personality Award. In addition to radio, he is widely active in TV programs, event moderators, and book publishers. The “boss” of the virtual MC “Isshoken”. In addition, he is well versed in manga, anime, idols, and digital, and is the founder of the “Manga Awards”. continue to be active. His recent book is “Once upon a time, there was well-being in a certain place” (co-authored with Yoshiki Ishikawa). His most recent work is “Weapons of Otaku” (Kawade Shobo Shinsha). ● Shuji Kunikane = Born in 1962. Tanka researcher and editor-in-chief. Joined Kodansha in 1991. After working as Weekly Gendai editorial department, Bungei Tosho 2nd Publishing Manager, and Kodansha Bunko Publishing Manager, he became the president of Tanka Kenkyusha in 2017 and serves as editor-in-chief of Tanka Kenkyu. ● Sponsored by Tanka Kenkyusha = Publisher of Tanka Kenkyu, a general tanka magazine founded in 1932. 100% subsidiary of Kodansha since 1988. Tanka Kenkyu, the oldest tanka magazine in Japan, publishes the works of great historical poets such as Mokichi Saito, Bokusui Wakayama, and Hakushu Kitahara during the war. After the war, along with Kunio Tsukamoto and Takashi Okai, he played a leading role in the avant-garde tanka movement. Fumiko Nakajo and Shuji Terayama made their debuts during the post-editor Hideo Nakai era. Currently, he is advancing into new tanka publications and tanka events that use tanka as a starting point. In 2020, “Host Manyoshu” and “Host Manyoshu Volume 2”, which became a hot topic as a collection of Kabukicho hosts’ tanka, were hits (the best selection is being sold as “Host Manyoshu Bunko Special” from Kodansha Bunko). Published in September 2022, “Idol Utakai Official Songbook 1”, which consists of tanka and talks announced at the idol Utakai. ●Inquiries: Tanka Research, Shuji Kunikane Editorial Department:
Details about this release:

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