TEAMZ Co., Ltd. Over 2,500 participants The first day of the TEAMZ Web3 Summit has ended successfully!

TEAMZ Co., Ltd.
[Over 2500 participants] TEAMZ Web3 Summit Day 1 has ended successfully! TEAMZ Web3 Summit held at Toranomon Hills, Tokyo on May 17th and 18th was a great success with 2500 visitors, and the first day has ended!
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] 10:00~ TEAMZ Web3 Summit Opening
“WEB3, from here.” – This summit, hosted by TEAMZ CEO Tianyu Yang, has started. In this event, we will make use of the Japanese identity and position it as a presence that shines in the world. Over 4,000 visitors and over 100 speakers are expected to attend over the two days. Our goal is to act as an accelerator for WEB3, not just an event company. We are consistently in charge of everything from requirements definition to UIUX design, development, maintenance and operation for WEB3 products. In the future, we plan to expand the TEAMZ ecosystem around the world while utilizing overseas resources in order to further boost the WEB3 industry “from Japan”.
You can check the agenda from the link below:
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] 10:15~ On the future of the digital economy
Tim Draper, American venture capital investor and founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Draper University, Draper Venture Network, Draper Associates, Draper Draper Goren Holm, will give a lecture on “The Future of the Digital Economy” Thank you. Mr Draper said: When thinking about the future of the digital economy, digitization from WEB1 to WEB3 is having a major impact on enterprises such as finance, government, and banks. The rapid growth of Bitcoin and smart contracts has driven industry transformation, increasing the importance of considering the benefits and risks of technology before investing. While entrepreneurs can harness technology to bring about change themselves, the potential of Bitcoin to transform the banking industry and the role of regulators are also important factors. Japan is a pioneering country that accepts Bitcoin, and other industries have more room for change. The development of Chat GPT and AI services has brought about major changes, and the evolution of games and robot technology is also affecting labor and healthcare. Acceptance and execution are key, as the WEB3 transformation tends to be resisted by large corporations, banks and governments.
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] In addition, lectures and panel discussions by splendid speakers 10:30~ Working on Web3
Speaker: Yoshiaki Ueno / Executive Officer, Group CDO and General Manager of Corporate Planning Department
Regarding DeFi, it is important to incorporate finance into some business activities and realize safe and secure transactions. We are working on this initiative as a financial institution with a long history. In the future, through collaboration with MUFG, Animoca Brands Co., Ltd., and UPBOND Co., Ltd., we will provide various use cases to our customers.
[Image 4:×2925.jpg] 10:45~ The trend of web3 and the future that Astar Network aims for Speaker: Sota Watanabe / Founder Astar Network
Astar Network, Japan’s first public blockchain, aims to implement multi-chain smart contracts in collaboration with various companies such as Hakuhodo and Sony.
[Image 5:×2925.jpg] 11:00~ Web3 Market Growth and Future
Speaker: Ciara Sun / Founder C2 Ventures
Akio Tanaka / Founding Partner IVC
Kobby Chen / Investment Director Fenbushi CapitalJames Wo / Founder DFG The Web3 market is an opportunity for growth and needs to address reliability and scalability issues. It is important to improve UIUX and clarify the legal framework. Investors and entrepreneurs are patient and hopeful for future growth.
11:25~ The role of major companies in building the Web3 ecosystem Speaker: Jason Sai / Corporate Planning Dept. New Business Development Office Professional NTT Docomo
Yuya Higuchi / Digital Platform Business Unit Director Masatoshi Hirayama NEC / web3 Marketing Unit / Business Producer Toppan Printing Jack Jia / Blockchain Analyst Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC Takeshi Hirayama / Principal Engineering Manager, General Manager of New Business Promotion Division IBM Japan, Ltd.
Docomo: Large companies need to create small organizations to keep up with the speed and take on challenges without fear of failure. NEC: We will transform departments and visualize roles in preparation for WEB3, and discuss differences in the digital market through cooperation with the community.
TOPPAN: Large companies are the ones who repeat trial and error, have the attitude of sharing failures and contributing, actively carry out business on the premise of failure, and aim for the WEB3 system through collaboration.
IBM: It is necessary for large companies and startups to cooperate, form an ecosystem, and jointly develop products.
Deloitte: In order to fill the gap between Japan’s WEB3 and overseas WEB3, it is important to provide it to customers while working on it yourself, and it is necessary to lead efforts such as DAO.
[Image 6:×2925.jpg] 11:50~ People’s lives created by Web3
Chia Wei Tang / CEO Ubox
Ran Yi / Co-Founder / CEO Orderly Network
Lorenzo / Business Development Lead Zebec & Nautilus Chain
Yuanjie / Founder Conflux
Sumit Ghosh / Founder & CEO Chingari App
13:00~ Kumamon Performance
Cast: Kumamon
Popular nationwide Kumamon participates in TEAMZ WEB3 SUMMIT! It is expected to be active in the WEB3 industry in the future, such as NFT that Kumamon is working on.
[Image 7:×2925.jpg] 13:10~ Alibaba Cloud Blockchain x Game Hackathon
Unique Song / Country Manager Alibaba Cloud Japan
Blockchain node service announcement by Alibaba Cloud. Anyone can access it on the public chain, and the man-hours required for infrastructure will be reduced to 1/4 in the future.
The awards ceremony for the Game Hackathon, which lasted for two months, was also held. ▪️Award Ceremony
Grand Prize: Climbers
Excellence Award: Team Compulsory Admission
Special Prize: C4D (CYBERDIVER)
Special Jury Prize: GoLifeHackers
[Image 8:×2925.jpg] 13:40~ PITCH EVENT
Cast: Hiroshi Harada / CFO Jasmy
Koji Sato / CEO PassPay
Andy Lee / Co-founder and CEO Mugen Interactive
Yuma Tanimoto / Co-Founder / CSO CROSSTECH
Y.Kitano / Japan Lead TUSIMA
Gleb Doykhen / Founder Game Trade Market
Wehming Tan / Product managerCoinsDo
Hiroshi Harada: Aiming for the democratization of data, we are working on data collection and utilization that takes privacy into
consideration. Provide use cases for call centers and travel agencies. Chiba CTO: PassPay develops stablecoins, wallet asset management, and payment infrastructure as a bridge for digital life. Focus on marketing measures and expansion.
Andy Lee: Mugen Interactive innovates the Web3 gaming market, working on game development and global expansion. Aiming for growth through governance tokens.
Du Ma: Developing no-code tools for smart contracts and strengthening Web3 security. We are promoting cooperation and fundraising with the NFT community.
Yuma Tanimoto: Developed CROSSTECH, the next-generation L1 blockchain. We are focusing on growing asset tokenization and expanding use cases. Y.Kitano: Provides privacy solutions and enhanced security protection from competitors and malicious third parties. Enable encrypted transactions.
Gleb Doykhen: Enabling the decentralized economy and improving the gaming industry for Web3 through G AVETRADE. Focus on plugin development and token utilization.
Wehming Tan: Proposing CoinWalete, aiming to improve the convenience of blockchain using multiple private keys. We are also looking to expand into the Japanese market.
14:40~ Changes and possibilities of exchanges due to the development of Web3 Speaker: Yuzo Kano / CEO bitFlyer Holdings Inc.
Kensuke Amaha / Managing Executive Officer
Coincheck Co., Ltd.
Hirohisa Kunimitsu / CEO Financier Co., Ltd.
Yasuhiro Sasaki / CIO Rakuten Wallet
So Saito / Representative Attorney So & Sato Law Office
Japan’s cryptocurrency industry has opportunities for growth, and each member is working with their own interests. CEX’s business model has been established, and new areas such as NFT, AI, and Web3 are also attracting attention. The importance of security and legal regulations is emphasized, and product development and community formation are also emphasized. Overall, it can be said that activities toward the revival and growth of the Japanese cryptocurrency industry are progressing.
[Image 9:×2925.jpg] 15:05~ Investor perspectives and issues in the Web3 field
Speaker: Tone Vays / Analyst, Derivatives Trader, Event Producer Kevin Ren / Asia Partner Cryptogram Venture
Jack Hole / Founder Nano Labs
Yuan Xiaohang / Venture Partner Skyland Ventures
15:30~ Zaif panel discussion 16:30~ Blockchain mass adoption in Japan through SBT
Speaker: Masahiro Yoshida / CEO HashPort Inc.
The Web3 platform will enable user participation and provide incentives through tokens. As the spread of tokenized services progresses, we aim to collaborate toward the realization of a decentralized society that utilizes SBT.
16:45~ The value of accelerators in building the Web3 ecosystem speaker:
Earnest Carr / Chief Traning Officer Coinhouse Accelerator
17:00~ Fast-Growing Validator Class: Validator Responsibilities and Self-Regulation
Speaker: Daniel Hwang / Co-founder Kintsugi Tech
Exhibit booth area
[Image 10:×2600.jpg]
[Image 11:×2600.jpg] ■ About TEAMZ Co., Ltd.
TEAMZ Co., Ltd. is a digital creative group that provides business strategies and solutions to Web3-related companies exploring new possibilities. A team of internationally experienced members uses state-of-the-art technologies and tools gathered from around the world to provide consistent support for Web3 services such as NFT, DAO, GameFi, Wallet, and Metaverse. It offers.
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