TechsPlus Co., Ltd. Waseda MARCH online cram school A new function has been added to the reverse coaching, and student satisfaction has reached a record high in April

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[Waseda MARCH Specialized Online Cram School] A new function has been added to reversal coaching, and student satisfaction has reached a record high in April
State-of-the-art online cram school specializing in Waseda-Keio March
A new function was added to the cutting-edge online cram school “[Waseda MARCH specialized online cram school] Reversal coaching” for aiming for Waseda MARCH from scratch, and student satisfaction reached a record high in April
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Gyakuten Coaching currently offers four services: Seigaku Coaching for those aspiring to Seigaku, Waseda Coaching for those aspiring to Waseda, Keio Coaching for those aspiring to Keio, and Gyakuten Coaching for those aspiring to Waseda MARCH. is expanding. We have been developing a weekly coaching service by coaches who have passed the state-of-the-art reversal coaching method and the coach who passed the school of choice, but from April, in addition to that, weekly English lectures by professional instructors, a tutor system for questions in the online self-study room, unique to the school. I started a new test.
As a result, the student satisfaction level in April 2023 reached the highest level.
Below, some excerpts
Mr. A
“Not only is the person who has passed the entrance exam for the school of my choice accompany me as a coach, but I can also ask questions at any time about things that I couldn’t understand with just reference books, and I really like the fact that there are regular lectures.”
Mr. B
“I used to go to a cram school that used face-to-face study
management, but the quality of the instructors and support are better than there, and the cost is quite cheap.”
Mr. C
“In Gyakuten Coaching, you can make friends who have the same goals as you. And since many of them are aiming for MARCH or higher, the level is very high. I’ve been feeling really good lately.”
Mr. D
“I live in a rural area, so I can’t talk to teachers who have passed the exams at the schools I want to go to. We will make students in any condition pass the Waseda-Keio MARCH in reverse with our
state-of-the-art method. Four features of come-from-behind coaching 1. Specializing in reversing success A dedicated professional coach will spend a day in order to eliminate the problem that is common among examinees, “I don’t know what and how to study in order to pass the school of my choice.” Create homework for each unit. In addition, individual questions and online study rooms are available 24 hours a day. 2. All online x coaches are successful applicants of the desired school In reversal coaching, taking advantage of the strengths unique to online, no matter where you live in the country, a professional coach who has passed the desired university will be in charge. ➌Original reference book curriculum specialized for passing the school of choice In reverse coaching, we have prepared a unique reference book curriculum that specializes in passing the school of choice, and you will proceed with your studies according to it. Since you will study only with reference books without taking classes, you will be able to pass the reversal in the shortest possible time. 4.
Overwhelmingly cheap Normally, a thoroughly managed cram school costs more than 1 million yen per year. At Gyakuten Coaching, we specialize in online, and because we do everything in-house, we offer higher quality services than other cram schools at less than 1/4 the price. ◯ Free coaching in progress [Waseda MARCH online cram school] Reversal coaching offers free coaching for only 20 people every month. You can apply from the official line below. ▼ [Waseda MARCH specialized online cram school] Reversal coaching official line ▼ [Waseda MARCH specialized online cram school] Reversal coaching homepage ▼ [ Seigaku Specialized Online Cram School] Seigaku Coaching (Online Cram School Specializing in Reversing Passing to Aoyama Gakuin University) → ▼ [Waseda Specializing Online Cram School] Waseda Coaching (Reversing Passing to Waseda University online cram school specializing in learning) → ▼ [Keio specialized online cram school] Keio Coaching (an online learning cram school
specializing in reversal passing to Keio University) → https://keio ▼ TechsPlus Co., Ltd. Homepage Details about this release:

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