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The Cinema A special broadcast featuring Clint Eastwood, who continues to show his passion and talent for movies! Congratulations! 93 years old Iron Man of Hollywood, Eastwood Birthday Celebration

The Cinema
A special broadcast of Clint Eastwood’s starring work, which continues to show his passion and talent for movies! [Congratulations! 93 years old] Iron Man of Hollywood, Eastwood Birthday Celebration
5 works including “Gunman in the Sunset”, “The Secret Service”, and “Escape from Alcatraz”!

On May 31st (Wednesday), Clint Eastwood will be celebrating his 93rd birthday today.
[Congratulations! 93 years old] Iron Man of Hollywood, Eastwood Birthday Celebration
[Image 1:×879.jpg] Born May 31, 1930, Clint Eastwood is 93 years old this year. As an actor and director, he continues to show his passion and talent for movies.
A special broadcast of the works of “Hollywood Iron Man” Clint Eastwood! We will deliver 5 works on May 31st (Wednesday), the day of your birthday. Feature page:
《Broadcast work information》
[Image 2:×925.jpg] – [Hang them high! 』
Broadcast date: May 31 (Wednesday) 10:15-etc.
Clint Eastwood, who was successful in Italy, returns to Hollywood triumphantly! A revenge western that fully demonstrates its own charm
When Jed was crossing the river, chasing a herd of cattle, he was suspected of being a cattle thief by a group of nine men and was unilaterally hanged. A passing U.S. Marshal saved Jed’s life and sent him to Fort Grant, a town in the Oklahoma Territory. After being falsely accused by a judge, he was appointed as a sheriff in a town with many crimes, with a history of being a former sheriff. And as the first mission, he is ordered to arrest the men who hanged him.
[Image 3:×2670.jpg] – [Gunman in the setting sun]
Broadcast date: May 31 (Wednesday) 12:30-etc.
Leone & Eastwood re-appearance following “Wilderness Bouncer”. A masterpiece that built the golden age of macaroni western! -Synopsis-
Colonel Mortimer, a bounty hunter who wears a dandy outfit and uses various firearms, was chasing a bounty head. But another bounty hunter, wearing a dingy poncho and specializing in quick-firing, was chasing the same bounty. What the two are looking for is a violent escaped prisoner called “Indio” who has a huge bounty. A villain who kills people while playing a music box. Despite their rivalry, the two work together to pursue the Indians.
[Image 4:×3029.jpg] ● [Continued: Sunset Gunman / Duel in Hell]
Broadcast date: May 31 (Wednesday) 15: 15 ~ etc.
Macaroni Western’s creator Sergio Leone’s director Sergio Leone’s final work of “$ box trilogy” and macaroni’s achievement!
In the midst of the Civil War. There were three great gunslingers: a good guy, a bad guy, and a dirty guy. The bad guy is an assassin who has been hired to erase the people involved in the disappearance of the gold coin, but he starts looking for the gold coin himself. A good guy is a bounty hunter and he’s a bounty head. A fraud duo where a good guy captures a dirty guy and gets a reward, helps him escape on the verge of public execution, and divides the prize money. But they don’t trust each other. The two of them also learned about the gold coin incident and chased after it, and a three-way battle began.
[Image 5:×924.jpg] – [Escape from Alcatraz]
Broadcast date: May 31 (Wednesday) 19:00-etc.
“Zero success!”
A thrilling jailbreak drama starring Eastwood
Convict Frank being escorted to Alcatraz Prison on a boat. Surrounded by the sea and under strict surveillance, this prison was said to be impossible to escape from and housed serial escapers like Frank and thugs. Frank, who has a high IQ, is summoned by the director as soon as he enters the prison and is told to keep quiet without thinking about jailbreak. However, Frank will increase the number of reliable prisoners, work out a plan carefully, and aim for “that day” with a keen eye.
[Image 6:×923.jpg] ● “The Secret Service”
Broadcast date: May 31 (Wednesday) 21: 00-etc.
The man who failed to protect JFK burns with stubbornness. “Shooting Man” Clint Eastwood stands on the side of suspense
Secret Service Frank who protects the President of the United States. As he approached retirement age, he still felt guilty for failing to protect President John F. Kennedy from assassination. One day, in the midst of the presidential re-election campaign, a threat of
assassination of the president arrives, and Frank learns that professional killer Mitch is aiming for the president. Frank, who will join the escort of the re-election campaign, is fond of the female escort officer Lily, who is the only one who treats him kindly as a lone wolf.
“Hang them high! 』(C) 1968 Rose Freeman Revocable Trust and Leonard Freeman Trust. ) 1966 P.E.A. Films, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “Escape from Alcatraz” (C) 2022 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. “The Secret Service” (C) 1993 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.