The education industry’s first business format “Learning Consultation Desk” opens a 1-minute walk from Inagi Naganuma Station on the JR Nambu Line! (May 4, 2023)

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The education industry’s first business format “Learning Consultation Desk” opens a 1-minute walk from Inagi Naganuma Station on the JR Nambu Line! (May 4, 2023)
I wanted a service like this! A window where you can always consult for free about your concerns about “learning” and “education”! (Newly opened in one corner of SHARE DEPARTMENT)

On May 4, 2023 (Thursday), Manabi Navi LLC (Inagi City, Tokyo) opened a new business format, the “Manabi Consultation Desk.” The location is a 1-minute walk from JR Nambu Line “Inagi Naganuma Station”, part of SHARE DEPARTMENT. Received the highest award at the 19th Mitaka Business Plan Contest (held in 2022). In addition to its own service (Manabi Navi), it collaborates with private education providers, NPOs, and local learning support groups to propose the best “educational solutions” for each child. We aim to solve the problems of
“educational and learning inequalities” due to lack of educational information, and “school refusal”, which has been increasing rapidly in recent years.
●What is the “Learning Consultation Desk”?
At the “Learn Consultation Desk” operated by Manabi Navi LLC, anyone can consult about “learning” and “education” for free. Depending on the content of your consultation, we will introduce private learning services (cram schools, online teaching materials, etc.), support for NPOs (free schools), support for local organizations, etc.
Consultation is conducted by a “learning expert (learning navigator)” who assesses (analyzes) the characteristics and issues of each child and proposes appropriate support.
Currently, we have partnerships with six corporations, including private cram schools, tutoring services, and free schools, and we will continue to expand the number of partner corporations. By the end of 2023, we expect to collaborate with 20 companies. By expanding our affiliated services, we will build a system that allows us to propose the most suitable services to our customers.
[Official HP_Learn Consultation Desk]
[Image 1:×850.png] (1 minute walk from JR Nambu Line “Inagi Naganuma Station”)
[Image 2:×775.png] (whole store)
[Image 3:×939.png] (window display)
[Image 4:×957.png] (Professional navigator)
In addition, Manabi Navi provides “online learning support” as its own service, and is actively working on the digitization (online) of children’s learning. Children can use Manabi Navi’s original teaching materials to advance their learning online.
Due to the corona crisis, online classes have expanded at schools, but the analysis shows that the number of children who are able to use online learning is small. In particular, we are working on service development so that online learning support can be effective in “lower grades,” “basic learning,” and “study habit formation.” The service started in June 2022 and currently has about 30 users. We aim to have 80 members by March 2024.
[Image 5:×967.png] [Official HP_Manabi Navi]
●Background for opening the store: “Increasing number of school refusal children” (social issue)
The number of school refusal children nationwide continues to increase, and as of November 2022, it will be “approximately 250,000.” The number is also increasing in Inagi City, where a consultation desk for learning has been set up. On the other hand, support for children who do not attend school is weak, and the number of families that can use educational support centers (adaptation guidance classes) is limited. Inagi City’s “Adaptation Guidance Classroom” is located in Hirao, and many families are unable to use it due to access problems. School refusal support using tablet terminals is not widespread, and in 2022, only about 20% of children in the city will participate in online classes.
A “school refusal visit support counselor (qualified)” is stationed at the learning consultation desk to provide appropriate educational support and various services to children who are refusal to attend school. Specifically, online learning support, provision of
information such as free schools in neighboring areas, counseling services, etc. We will deliver detailed support to families who are in trouble because public support is not available.
[Image 6:×924.png] (School refusal visit support counselor is stationed)
●Future plans
Manabi Navi LLC plans to open 30 stores over the next 10 years. Centered on the Kanto area, we plan to open stores in various forms, such as “free schools” and “private schoolchildren,” in addition to “learning consultation desks.” We aim to create a society where local children can use “online” and “real” and each person can open up their lives through “learning”.
● Manabi Navi LLC
Founded in June 2022. We provide various learning support services based on the concept of “study design.” 1st Fuchu City Social Business Contest Grand Prize (January 2022). 19th Mitaka Business Plan Contest Grand Prize (December 2022).
[Image 7:×322.png]

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