The number of members of mog Co., Ltd., which operates a career support service for high-career working mothers, has exceeded 10,000! “Mamalibra”, a career change service for working mothers, and “Mamavolan”, a volunteer ser vice for mothers on childc

mog Inc.
The number of members of mog Co., Ltd., which operates a career support service for high-career working mothers, has exceeded 10,000! “Mamalibra”, a career change service for working mothers, and “Mamavolan”, a volunteer service for mothers on childcare leave
Mog Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Akie Inada, hereinafter mog) operates “Mama Libra,” a career change service for high-career working moms, and “Mama Nova,” a place where working moms can expand their career possibilities. The total number of members has reached 10,000 today, May 23, 2023.
Business content
1. Professional mom’s career change agent “Mamalibra”- Based on the concept of “easy and rewarding work,” Mamalibra is a job change support service for full-time working moms who want to enjoy work as well as work. We support job changes for moms who want to continue working while having a sense of purpose, such as “I want to grow at work” and “I want to increase my annual income.”
The jobs we introduce are all projects that require professional experience and skills, such as managers, leaders, business managers, and planning specialists. Not only is it easy to work, such as remote work and short-time work, but it also supports changing jobs to rewarding jobs.
[Image 1:×359.png] 2. “Mamanova” – where working moms can expand their career possibilities
Mama Nova is a service that can be used by working mothers in various career stages, such as volunteer activities at other companies, career counseling, training, and job change support. These days, continuing to work after childbirth has become the norm, and careers and worries are diversifying. By developing the three steps of “broadening your horizons,” “knowing yourself,” and “challenging a new career,” you will be close to the career of working moms over the long term. Since the service started on October 24, 2022, we have provided various services such as events to think about careers and volunteer activities at other companies (mamavolan).
[Image 2:×320.png] Features of each service
1. Features of “Mama Libra”, a career change agent for professional moms Mamalibra does not scout from other media at all, and attracts job seekers only with SNS advertisements and word of mouth. Furthermore, in addition to introducing job offers to users, we aim to provide high-quality career change support by providing career counseling, training, volunteer support, and other accompanying career programs. Therefore, it is possible to reliably match with the human resources that companies are looking for. In the four years since the service started, MamaLibra has achieved a high standard in the industry, with an acceptance rate of 80% and an early retirement rate of less than 1% after joining the company.
2. Characteristics of “Mamanova”, a place where working moms can expand their career possibilities
・Mama Volunteers who can experience volunteer activities at other companies Focusing on remote work, working mothers who are on childcare leave are active in their spare time between childcare and main work. Activities are in principle three months, five to ten hours a week. Business content that is often used includes “development support for new businesses”, “sales support”, “creative creation”, and “planning and operation of SNS”. In addition to being particularly easy to match with services for mothers and women and children, we support operations with the ability to communicate because we are mothers who sympathize with our business.
・ Abundant events, article content, and communities where working moms can broaden their career horizons
As a place to learn about new careers and life possibilities, we provide information about working moms’ careers through events, articles, and communities. As a working mom who works hard at both work and childcare, it is used as a place to talk about the truth, exchange opinions, and share information.
・ Online training to understand strengths and market value and think about future careers
Mamanova provides online training specialized in careers and work styles. The three main themes of the training are one’s strengths (CAN), the future (WILL), and tips on how to work. It is used as a place to think about one’s own strengths and how to live and work in the future.
・Career counseling by professional counselors with national qualifications There are two types of career counseling provided by Mama Nova: “career counseling” that supports careers from a medium- to long-term perspective, and “career counseling advice” to increase market value and prospects. All counselors are professional counselors with national qualifications and child-rearing experience. We provide career counseling from the viewpoint of working mothers.
Voice of service users
1. Mama Libra, a career change agent for professional moms
-Voices of job changers
・ I was able to find a new job where I don’t have to give up on career advancement while valuing time with my children: Madoka Hirayama (mother of a 5th grade boy and a 2nd grade girl)
Changed to inside sales (full remote, full time, come to work once every 3 months)
I believe that working with customers is my vocation. Now I can work fully remotely, and as soon as I finish work, it’s time for my family. I try not to bring work home with me as much as possible. When I was at my previous job, even on Saturdays and Sundays, I was constantly thinking, “I have to do this, I have to do this,” but now I can turn it on and off.
―Voices of accepting companies
・ Forward Co., Ltd.: Mr. Tatsuya Kurakawa
I have the impression that Mama Libra has a strong ability to build trusting relationships with job seekers. I have been involved in the recruiting field for a long time, and I feel that Mama Libra is very attentive to each and every job seeker, so there are very few mismatches at the time of application.
2. Mamavolan, a service that allows you to experience volunteer activities at other companies
―Voices of Volunteer Experiences
・My career complex was resolved, and when I look back decades later, I’ve come to think that if I can think “I’ve done this much”, that’s fine.”: K.N (mother of a 2-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy) At Mamabolan, I was involved in general personnel affairs other than recruitment. I had a vague idea that I wanted to experience HR from now on, but after being involved in a wide range of tasks, I realized that what I wanted to do was not the job of HR, but a job related to how people work. . The options have expanded to choose a job that you can do, regardless of your occupation.
―Voices of accepting companies
・ Hikari Terrace Co., Ltd.: Misako Okawara
I thought it was wonderful that they took the initiative to pick up work that I couldn’t handle, and I was really grateful. Also, the new business has just been launched, and there are still few customers. The voices of our customers, who are our product targets, were very helpful, and we were able to speedily improve our services.
■About mog Co., Ltd.-
mog is named after taking the initials of “m (mom) o (work) g (do your best!)”. Many working moms are still struggling with work-family balance, self-fulfillment and reality. I want you to say this to your partner and children and send off the shining back of your mother. “Mom, do your best at work!” This company was born to realize such a society.
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