The Orchard Japan tacica released the second digital single “Naniyue” in 2023. Singer-songwriter Kumiko Morita participates

The Orchard Japan
tacica 2023 2nd digital single “Naniyue” released. Singer-songwriter Kumiko Morita participates

[Image 1:×2438.jpg] tacica will release “Naniyue” following “Kinshijaku”. It was announced by Vo. Igari no Kuchi at today’s tour final.
In this work, Kumiko Morita participates in chorus and piano. Morita and tacica, who had a wonderful collaboration on last year’s Billboard Live Tour, teamed up again. It is a song that you can enjoy this exquisite ensemble.
Morita’s chorus work fuses with Igari’s vocals, but it also sounds like a twin vocal approach. It’s a new arrangement that tacica has never had before. Also, the piano on top of tacica’s heavy sound is very comfortable.
Support musicians Dr. Daiki Nakahata and Cho+Pf. Kumiko Morita have decided to participate in the previously announced Billboard performance.
Tickets for the Billboard show are on sale.
[Image 2:×3900.jpg] [Digital release information]
On sale May 7, 2023 (Sunday) 0:00
Publisher/Distributor: SEMELPAROUS (FOOL’S GOLD Inc.)
[Lyric video information]
Along with the release, the lyric video is released on tacica official YouTube channel.
It is a digital animation that has never been seen before.
[LIVE information]
tacica Billboard Live “Naked Singularity 2023”
June 30 (Friday) Billboard Live YOKOHAMA
1st stage OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
2nd stage OPEN 20:00 / START 21:00
Club BBL member pre-sale from 12:00 on Tuesday, May 9
General sales from 12:00 on Tuesday, May 16th
Start, details on tacica official site.
tacica profile
A rock band formed in Sapporo in 2005. Debut Mini AL released in 2007 won the top of the indies chart across the board, and moved to major in 2008. After that, both singles and albums entered the Oricon Top 10 with almost no media exposure. The world view of their philosophical lyrics will be loved by fans as a guideline for life. In recent years, he has also held planned one-man tours such as album reproduction live performances and acoustic tours. There are many songs with the motif of Hokkaido, which is his hometown.
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