thestory Co., Ltd. Joint development of nurse job matching app “N / thestory” Decided to hold an online ev ent “Life and career for all nurses” for nurses with the nurse community thestar

thestory Co., Ltd.
Joint development of nurse job matching app “N / thestory” Decided to hold an online event “Life and career for all nurses” for nurses with the nurse community thestar
Scheduled for Saturday, July 23, 2023 Let’s “self-discover” yourself as a nurse
Nurse recruitment matching app “N/thestory” (hereinafter “N/thestory”) operated by thestory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representatives: Kyoko Kawa / Ryotaro Yamamoto) will open in 2023. We are pleased to announce that we have decided to hold an online event for nurses, “Life and Career for All Nurses” on Saturday, July 22, 2020. This event is being planned together with the co-developed nurse community thestar.
The theme is “Let’s ‘self-discover’ yourself as a nurse” and will be held for all people who work as nurses. Online distribution format, participation is pre-registration system, free of charge.
[Image:×670.jpg] What is the joint development nurse community thestar?
A nurse community consisting of about 30 active nurses who sympathize with the concept of N/thestory. We have cooperated in various fields, such as development cooperation based on feedback on the N/thestory app function, and planning and running a career development meetup for nurses, “Nurse’s Night Career Talk”.
Message from the organizer for holding the event
・Nurse Izumi Omori (
I’m Izumi Omori, a nurse who cooperates with thestory as thestar. This time, we planned an event that will create an opportunity for all qualified nurses to think about their lives and careers.
I, myself, have been, and am now struggling with my career and career choices… I would like to think about my own work-life balance and prepare for it, thinking that it would be an opportunity to create such an opportunity to live in my own way.
・Nurse Kanako (
I am currently working as a nurse and working as a customer support for thestory! This time, thestory and thestar are planning an event about life and career.
I have made it this far while worrying about my career.
“What kind of nurses are there around me? What kind of path can I choose?” I think it also leads to self-analysis.
I would like to prepare so that everyone who participated in the event will be able to say, “It was good!”
・Nurse Terurin (
Career seems to be somewhat difficult, I’m so busy that I don’t have time to think about the future.
But I’m worried about the future, so I get confused at random moments. Even though I’m on the management side, I’ve always felt that way (laughs)
I think that I can do a plan that is close to everyone. I hope that by learning about the different ways nurses live and work, it will be an opportunity to think about what to do in the future, how to work, and how to live!
・ Akiko Ueda (
This is Ueda from thestory!
We, the organizers, are also lost in the same career as you! I think this is an eternal theme about what to do with the given life and how to live. It doesn’t matter if it’s something small and unreliable, so I’d like to spend some time together thinking that I might be able to come up with my own answers and live a little more like myself than I am now. .
It’s an online event, so please feel free to come and have a look. ! Overview of the online event “Life and career for all nurses for me” (planned) Date and time: Saturday, July 22, 2023, 14:00-16:00
Venue: Online (Zoom webinar)
Theme: “Self-Discovery ~ Knowing, Realizing, Deepening Me ~” program:
1. Know, notice, and deepen me Part 1 “Career Encyclopedia ~People who work in their own way~”
2. Know, notice, and deepen me Part 2 “Open Dialogue Session” 3. Know, notice, and deepen me Part 3 “Program for nurse learning and life career/career fit (provisional)”
Participation target:
・Those who are working as nurses and nursing school students ・ Those who want to become a nurse in the future
・ Those who are interested in career design for medical professionals Organizer: thestory / joint development nurse community thestar way to participate :
Please apply from this application form. ttps:// *Application deadline 7/15 (Sat)
About nurse scout-type recruitment matching app “N/thestory”
Over 2,500 registered nurse app installs and over 950 registered nurses! We aim to realize a skill matching job change that supports “want to do and learn” by direct recruitment using scout mail, which is the first career change service specializing in nurses.
Service features for nurses
・Comprehensive career support such as career counseling and interview support upon request
・No phone calls or unreasonable solicitations
・Personal information such as real name is not disclosed until matching ・Resume can be easily registered in 5 minutes
・Free to use all services
Kanto, Fukuoka, Keihanshin, Aichi area center. We plan to expand the area and medical institutions in the future.
* Click here for the news release that updated the app’s resume function to reflect the opinions of nurses
*Click here for news release on angel seed round funding
* Click here for the news release about the average reply rate of 55% or more for scout messages sent from medical institutions to nurses
[Service website]
[App download URL]
Android: Matching with motivated nurses! Accepting applications for medical institutions that want to post job information
This is an inquiry page for medical institutions that are interested in hiring nurses using “N/thestory”. If you are a corporation or medical institution that wants to directly approach nurses by sending a scout message, want to meet someone who matches your company, or is interested in an online recruitment briefing, Please contact us from the website below.
Features of services for medical institutions, etc.
・ It is possible to scout nurses who match the skills and nursing you want to do, and nurses who are ready to fight.
・Efficient and high-quality recruitment activities are possible by utilizing smartphone apps, chats, casual interviews, etc.
■ Actively recruiting colleagues to work with
If you are interested in “N/thestory”, please contact us from here.
■ Company profile
Company name: thestory Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Kyoko Kawa / Ryotaro Yamamoto
Location: Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture 819-1601
Business description: Internet business planning, development and management, recruitment business (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare license number 40-Yu-301262)
Service website:
Podcast (Anchor):
Career Formation Meetup “Nurse’s Nightly Career Discussion”:

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