Thinkings Co., Ltd. Decided to link data with recruitment management system sonar ATS and new graduate recruit ment support service “Mikiwame Job Hunting”

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Data linkage with recruitment management system sonar ATS and new graduate recruitment support service “Mikiwame Job Hunting” decided
Thinkings Co., Ltd. (Thinkings, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Yoshida), which develops the organization building platform “sonar HR technology”, has developed the “recruitment management system sonar ATS” and Reading Mark Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: We will start collaborating with “Mikiwame Job Hunting”, a new graduate recruitment support service provided by Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuji Iida). As a result, it will be possible to check and manage candidate information from “Mikiwame Job Hunting” in real time on “sonar ATS”.
[Image 1:×2047.jpg] Background of collaboration between “sonar ATS” and “Mikiwame Job Hunting” Mikiwame Job Hunting is a new graduate recruitment support platform that supports encounters between top companies and students who will lead future Japanese industry and society. Until now, it has been used to acquire entries from students with high affinity through navigation media functions. It is already used by sonar ATS user companies, and this API linkage was realized in order to be able to respond to various recruitment needs. In addition, “sonar ATS” is the first ATS (recruitment management system) linkage of “Mikiwame Job Hunting”. “sonar ATS Developers”, a service for developers that summarizes API information  The API linkage between “sonar ATS” and “Mikiwame Job Hunting” is a system linkage using the API for recruitment media published on “sonar ATS Developers”.
Currently, we have released APIs for recruitment media and web inspection tools, and each service can develop a function to link candidate information to “sonar ATS”. We plan to release APIs for services related to recruitment in the future.
・September 1, 2020: API released for recruitment media
・ List of “sonar ATS” linked services About Readingmark Co., Ltd.
Company name: Leading Mark Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Yuji Iida Established: January 2008 Location: Hokkai Shiba Building 6F, 2-31-15 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo URL: Contents: HR business through “Personality Tech” Mikiwame job hunting service introduction site:
About “sonar HR Technology”, a platform for building organizations
[Video 2:] “Sonar HR Technology” consists of services provided by Thinkings Inc., such as the “recruitment management system sonar ATS”, which has been introduced to more than 1,400 companies, and the marketplace “sonar store” where you can purchase and manage HR services. It is a platform that can handle everything from acquisition to utilization.
With a brand message of “Continuing to empower organization building. It starts with hiring.”
・sonar HR technology brand movie site About Thinkings Inc.
[Image 2:×341.jpg] A perspective that understands the changing trends of the times and an attitude that is close to the issues left behind. Our challenge began with carefully finding a casual “question”. Thinkings is an HR Tech company that supports organization building with the power of technology and design.
Company name: Thinkings Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takashi Yoshida, President and Representative Director Established: January 2020
Location: 4-8-16 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo KDX Shin Nihonbashi Ekimae Building 5F
Business description: HRTech business centered on recruitment management system for new graduates and mid-career hires,
And a marketplace business that comprehensively supports the purchase and introduction of HR services
[Thinkings recruitment information]
We are looking for colleagues who will redefine recruitment with the power of technology.
・ Recruitment page Details about this release:

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