Time to enjoy as a single woman, not as a “○○-chan mom”.

Tokyo Odekake Project
Time to enjoy as a single woman, not as a “○○-chan mom”.
Held a make-up event in Ginza for mothers of sick and disabled children
The Tokyo Odekake Project, which provides an outing experience to create “opportunities for the future” for people with illnesses and disabilities and their loved ones, is a makeup event in Ginza for mothers of children with illnesses and disabilities. will be held from June 25, 2023.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/115523/3/resize/d115523-3-adb62541e40b62872bf9-0.jpg&s3=115523-3-f5f757cc8197668d3660a8daddd5e03d-1564×1043.jpg] Photo by Kenta Yoshizawa
Overview of the “Going out to Ginza Project”
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/115523/3/resize/d115523-3-dca238385d380efc78cb-7.jpg&s3=115523-3-e72197f7c174e1cf16d1c90721c68034-1192×1684.jpg] Design by Chie Kakinuma
Mothers raising sick or disabled children (about 5 people)
*It doesn’t matter the age of the child or the presence or absence of a notebook/diagnosis.
June 25, 2023, September 10, December 10, February 4, 2024 (4 times in total) 12:30-15:30 Schedule
ROSE GALLERY Ginza Main Store
・Professional makeup retouch, hair arrangement, and portrait photography ・Exchange meeting at Shiseido Parlor
・Creating self-love letters using flower ink
4,000 yen (hair and makeup, cafe, souvenirs)
*Subsidies are available for those who wish to pay for childcare, etc. [Organizer]
Tokyo Odekake Project
Cooperation: ROSEGALLERY Ginza Main Store
Subsidy: FY2023 Independent Administrative Institution Welfare and Medical Service Agency Social Welfare Promotion Subsidy Project Background of the initiative
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/115523/3/resize/d115523-3-65655420767c0ced8d4a-8.jpg&s3=115523-3-af882f7c6221ea9476709c44b4f8fab6-1564×1043.jpg] Japan is the safest country for babies to be born in the world. (From the UNICEF report “Every Child ALIVE”)
However, as the number of lives that can be saved increases due to advances in medical technology, the number of children in Japan who require medical care on a daily basis, so-called “children requiring medical care,” as well as children with illnesses and disabilities, is increasing.
“If you need medical equipment such as a respiratory machine, it’s hard to go out because the alarm sounds and you’re worried about the eyes around you.”
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/115523/3/resize/d115523-3-371c6b80810d11c6bf17-9.jpg&s3=115523-3-25beba4c3efe2d9c463a5c7bfb5d57c8-1564×1043.jpg] Along with the current situation of such children, families are also busy with care at home and hospitals without rest 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unable to get enough sleep, and giving up on careers. We hear from mothers who are busy taking care of their children, “I don’t have time to take care of myself” and “I feel guilty that I shouldn’t keep things clean.”
Isn’t it necessary to have an opportunity to “refresh” more easily? With that in mind, with the cooperation of the ROSEGALLERY Ginza main store, we will hold a new Tokyo outing project, “Going out to Ginza project-Mama returns to “me”-”.
■ Reference
*UNICEF Report “Every Child ALIVE” (https://www.unicef.or.jp/news/20
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/115523/3/resize/d115523-3-4d2326ee0955a4d4fa1b-2.jpg&s3=115523-3-482720152d0438a26357f9b1199cc65f-1613×1075.jpg] Photo by Kenta Yoshizawa
Tokyo Odekake Project representative Yumiko Nakajima comment
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/115523/3/resize/d115523-3-ac1b82fa841110a64502-4.jpg&s3=115523-3-83cb046cea939277e5b8d268b229b0c3-1577×1051.jpg] Photo by Kenta Yoshizawa
When raising a child with an illness or disability, going out alone is a high hurdle, both in terms of time and mentally. I saw it and felt it.
′′ take care of yourself ′′ is very important and very difficult. However, I would be happy if this event could be an opportunity for you to have time and excitement such as “admiring flowers” and “loving yourself” in your busy everyday life.
Message from ROSE GALLERY Ginza Main Store
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/115523/3/resize/d115523-3-686e2e8e050a25c7fe86-1.jpg&s3=115523-3-58f1fb5b42e95e3712869fc2c1274216-1564×1043.jpg] Photo by Kenta Yoshizawa
Established in 1975, ROSE GALLERY is Japan’s first luxury rose specialty store. The dramatic charm of fresh roses that change their expressions every day. The meticulous charm of preserved roses that polish every corner of the petals. ROSE GALLERY pursues the beauty of roses and the emotions that roses give us in various ways, and proposes a
high-quality “living with roses”.
We hope that you will spend such a special time surrounded by the scent of roses in the store, where you will want to embrace your “beautiful self” with your five senses.
Application method
Please apply from the Tokyo Odekake Project website or Instagram. *The age of the child and the presence or absence of a
notebook/diagnosis do not matter, but please describe the reason for applying.
Homepage: https://linktr.ee/tokyoodekakeproject
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tokyo_odekake_project/
Overview of the Tokyo Odekake Project
Organization name: Tokyo Odekake Project
Representative: Yumiko Nakajima
Business description:
We are working with the aim of creating a new future for people with special needs, their families, and loved ones through their “first outing”.
With the slogan, “Let’s go out to places we want to go. Let’s change the way people see us!” We offer a “family’s first outing experience” and “a weekend where parents return to themselves”. [Contact] Yumiko Nakajima, Tokyo Odekake Project Email: tokyo.odekake.project@gmail.com Details about this release:

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