TIS INTEC Group The DI topic of Nexway’s “Asuyaku DI Portal” is linked to Good Cycle System’s electronic medication record “Smart Drug Record GooCo”

The DI topic of Nexway’s “Asuyaku DI Portal” is linked to the Good Cycle System’s electronic drug record “Smart drug record GooCo” Supporting the efficiency of pharmacist DI collection and enhancement of interpersonal work

TIS INTEC Group Nexway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiko Matsumori, hereinafter Nexway) is a drug information (hereinafter, DI) electronic provision service “Asuyaku DI Portal”. , Good Cycle System Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshiro Endo, hereinafter referred to as Good Cycle System)’s electronic medical record for pharmacies * 1 “Smart drug record GooCo” and “GooCoDX” (hereinafter referred to as GooCo) We are pleased to announce that it has been adopted as DI content.
The “Asuyaku DI Portal” is a portal service that specializes in the transmission of DI information between pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, timely and comprehensively aggregating the DIs of more than 100 pharmaceutical companies, and allows pharmacists to view them anytime, anywhere. By linking DI topics to “GooCo”, pharmacists who are users of “GooCo” will be able to efficiently catch up on DI while using their medication histories, and will be able to enhance their core work, interpersonal work.
*1 Abbreviation for “medication history”. A record that describes the content of the drug information provided and the drug adjustments made as a result of the pharmacist’s audit of the prescription and evaluation of the patient’s situation.
-Usage image-
“GooCo” user pharmacists can recall drugs, adjust shipments, resume shipments, revise package inserts*2 (contraindications, serious side effects Revisions, adaptation additions), etc., can be browsed especially important topics picked up by Nexway.
If you want to view all DIs posted on the “Asuyaku DI Portal” or past DIs, you can register as a member (no registration or usage fees) on the “Asuyaku DI Portal”. will be available for viewing.
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*2 Documents attached to pharmaceuticals and medical devices that describe precautions for use, usage/dosage, efficacy when taken, side effects, etc.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/11650/1360/resize/d11650-1360-168aec80c4b874a0df19-1.png&s3=11650-1360-2626246210cbadac0a068b705ba5711f-825×463.png] – DI topic display image of “GooCo” –
■ Background
Pharmacists are always required to quickly catch up on information such as drug safety and distribution information from various media provided by pharmaceutical companies, and to utilize it in their work with physical and personal matters. In addition, as the provision of information in collaboration with local communities will be required in the future, it will be essential to acquire and utilize DIs more efficiently.
For this reason, the Good Cycle System displays drug information (package insert revisions, etc.) on “GooCo”, but in response to an increasing number of requests from pharmacists, who are users, to display information related to distribution and supply, We have decided to link “Asuyaku DI Portal” to “GooCo” and display the latest and important DI topics on “GooCo” in a timely manner.
■ Reasons for adopting “Asuyaku DI Portal”
The Good Cycle System has adopted the “Asuyaku DI Portal” for the following reasons.
● Timely and comprehensive distribution of DIs from over 100 major pharmaceutical companies
Information on drug distribution and safety is comprehensively updated on a daily basis, making it possible to post DI content in a timely manner.
● Display only the most important DI topics
Among the huge number of DIs that are updated every day, there is a function that can display only important DIs that pharmacists should understand.
● Service provision results
Over the past 20 years, we have provided services to pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, such as fax delivery of emergency safety information on pharmaceuticals, and the “Pharmaceutical Information Consolidation Service,” which collects DIs from pharmaceutical companies and sends them in paper form to pharmacies and hospital pharmacies nationwide. A sense of security from our achievements in providing inter-information distribution solutions.
■ 6/1 Co-sponsored seminar “Ask 500 doctors Information provided to pharmacists” In recent years, with the issue of sharing medicines and the start of a certified pharmacy system, pharmacists are increasingly required to play a role in supporting appropriate continuation of treatment by providing information to medical institutions.
Therefore, we will conduct a survey of 500 doctors on the current state of information provision from pharmacists and their expectations and requests for the future, and will hold an online seminar based on the resulting data.
Date and time: June 1, 2023 (Thursday) 19:30-20:30
Holding format: Online delivery (Zoom)
● Application URL: https://goodcycle.net/news-list/20230601_01/ ■ Future prospects
In the future, Nexway will distribute DI content more suitable for each pharmacy, such as providing DIs edited by theme, such as newly released drugs and transitional drugs. In addition, we will actively cooperate with services such as “GooCo” so that pharmacists in pharmacies can provide information in a way that is easy to view and check. Through these activities, we support the efficiency of DI utilization at pharmacies.
■ About “Smart Medicine Record GooCo”
“From things to people” and “from objects to people” Smart drug history GooCo is a “drug treatment total management system” that can not only save labor in medication history work, but also respond to the sophistication of pharmacist work. It is used by more than 5,000 pharmacies nationwide, mainly major pharmacy chains.
●GooCo is compatible with iPad as well as personal computers. Realize the efficiency of work at home as well as in the pharmacy.
● Medication history can be drafted just by selecting it with a touch, voice input can also be used, and one minute medication history is supported.
● Powerful prescription inspection and medication guidance support function to support the sophistication of pharmacy operations. ●If you use the online medication guidance and follow-up support tool “Followcare” together, you can get comprehensive support from prescription reception to online medication guidance, payment, follow-up, and electronic medicine notebook in conjunction with your medication history.
For details, please refer to the following URL.
■ About “Asuyaku DI Portal”
The “Asuyaku DI Portal” is a portal service that collects the DIs of more than 100 pharmaceutical companies in a timely and comprehensive manner and allows pharmacists to view them anytime, anywhere. Pharmacies and pharmacists can use it free of charge simply by registering as a member of the “Asuyaku DI Portal”.
● As a topic, DIs with higher attention can be checked with priority You can check by category, such as drug distribution and supply information and new release information.
● With the “circulation box” function, you can select and circulate information that you want to check in the pharmacy.
●The search function makes it easy to search for past DIs
For details, please refer to the following URL.
About Good Cycle System Co., Ltd. (https://goodcycle.net/)
Good Cycle System Co., Ltd. is a company that provides business support systems and services for pharmacies and drugstores. The company’s main products are “GooCo”, a smart medical history system that can use an iPad as a client terminal, and “MAPs for PHARMACY DX”, a cloud-based pharmacy support system that integrates receipt computer, medical history, and inventory jointly developed with EM Systems Co., Ltd.
About Nexway Inc. (https://www.nexway.co.jp/)
Nexway is a company that provides communication services and SaaS that connect digital and analog.
Even today, when most of the information is processed on the cloud, our lives are still conducted in a real society, and it is becoming more and more important to connect digital and analog.
Through the services provided by Nexway, we aim to deliver information to every corner of Japan and realize a world where everyone can work in their own way.
About the TIS INTEC Group
The TIS INTEC Group has more than 20,000 domestic and overseas group employees under the slogan “Let’s make the wishes of society come true with IT.” We provide IT services to solve various social issues centered on “financial inclusion,” “urban concentration/rural decline,” “low carbonization/decarbonization,” and “health issues.” As a mover that makes full use of digital technology, we will create new value and contribute to the happiness of people and the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society.
* Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
* The information provided is current as of the date of announcement. Please note that it may differ from the latest information.
◆ Inquiries about “Asuyaku DI Portal”
Nexway Co., Ltd. Solution Business Headquarters Pharmaceutical Information Division
TEL: 0120-341-890 E-mail: clp@nexway.co.jp

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